Published On: Sun, Apr 28th, 2019

Mark Zuckerberg’s new invention made out of love to his wife

The founder of Facebook unveiled a device he built for his wife: a small wooden box from which a weak light emerges between 6 and 7 am - which helps her sleep better

Mark Zuckerberg revealed a new invention on Facebook and Instagram. page. It is not a new product that will change the world like the social network he established a decade ago, but a product built with love – a wooden “sleep box” that helps his wife  Priscilla sleep better.

Zuckerberg wrote in a post last night that since he and his wife Priscilla Chan have become parents, she has trouble sleeping. “She wakes up and checks her phone for the time to see if the girls may wake up soon, and then because she knows what time she is having trouble falling asleep again.”


So Zuckerberg built a small wooden made “sleeping box” standing on her dresser, that faintly glows for an hour each morning, between 6 – 7  a.m, spreading a weak light but still “visible enough that if she sees it she’ll know it’s an okay time for one of us to get the kids, but faint enough that the light won’t wake her up if she’s still sleeping..”

“If she wakes up in the middle of the night,” Zuckerberg wrote, “she knows she can go back to sleep without worrying about the time, so far it worked better than I expected and now she can sleep all night.”

The founder of Facebook added that “as an engineer, building a device to help my partner sleep better is one of the best ways I can think of to express my love and gratitude.

Zuckerberg, if you wondered, does not plan on mass production of such devices. “A bunch of my friends have told me they’d want something like this, so I’m putting this out there in case another entrepreneur wants to run with this and build sleep boxes for more people!”

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