Published On: Wed, Mar 20th, 2019

Israeli Company Seedo to Grow Medical Cannabis Within Containers

Seedo aims to reach a production volume of 14 tons of dry flowers worth NIS 86 million within three years. The plant's growth will be managed by an algorithm that decodes the plant's needs

Israeli Company Seedo and Kibbutz Dan have signed an agreement to establish a breeding plant for medical cannabis within containers.

Container gardening method has an advantage as it is a closed system isolates the plant from the environment and provides optimal climatic conditions for its development, detached from the external climate. In addition, the plants isolated from pests and toxic substances that may be found in nature.

“The project is expected to reach 14 million tons of dry flowers worth NIS 86 million within three years,” said Zohar Levy, CEO of Seedo, “The controlled growth through advanced systems makes it possible to produce high-quality products without the bacteria and molds present in greenhouse crops, and produce to the strictest requirements in medicine.”

Seedo’s automatic system manages the growth from the seed stage to the harvesting and dry stage. The process is managed by an algorithm that decodes the state and needs of the plant using image analysis technologies while significantly saving the growth costs.

Another machine learning technology enables the robot to improve growth performance by drawing understanding from past growth cycles. The farmer can remotely control the growth by using software that allows to get information about plants in the greenhouse and even watch them in real-time video.

Seedo intends to set up similar projects in other parts of the world. The increase in the containers will allow for the first time to grow cannabis or vegetables where the climate is not suitable for the type of growth and thus generate new sources of income for farmers in developing countries in Africa, South America and other regions.

SodaStream’s CEO, Daniel Birnbaum, recently joined the Board of Directors of Seedo.

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