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Does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Stand With Parkland? And Better Bartending


Her questioning skills come from bartending, but doing great things for our nation requires more than that.  I would rather be right than be president and I would rather be right than be congressman.

All progressives must watch this video wherein 2010 I talked about gang violence in Brentwoodand nobody really did anything.  Trump did nothing about it in those days and he probably had to learn about it from people like Congressman Pete King (R-Long Island).  Congressman Charles Rangel long before that said that we should have a conference of local, state, and congressional officials, but Charlie did not produce and he was a well-known G.E.D. recipient himself as we spoke about that G.E.D. Conference.

And there is more.  And take a look at this youth who asked to speak on camera back then.  I hope that he achieved his goals and went on to better things than joining a gang.  Trump made much of what I was saying big news, but without the real prevention.  Calling in the police and the Feds after the crime is not prevention.  That’s an investigation that may lead to some prevention.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has to do much more for her district and our nation.  There is positive already, but time matters in helping people.  In other words where’s the beef?  In other words, we need a moratorium on government by Twitter and popularity lacking substance.  Everyone in Congress can learn that our national safety is that important and what is going on at the border is minor in comparison, important but minor.

Alexandria Ocasio-Castro could become a front runner for vice-president either in 2020 or in 2024.  She does remind me slightly of Sarah Palin whose political career tanked out in Alaska, but she was propelled to be John Mc Cain’s V.P. choice in 2008 (which we later read that he regretted).  Ocasio is not only like Palin as she has the star power of a Lady Gaga or Madonna. She may not have the talent, but we shall see about that.  She also has taken a page out of Donald Trump’s book as uses Twitter a lot.  And at the time she is much more show than substance.

Ocasio -Cortez did a good job of using her cortex in questioning Michael Cohen and that may produce results in charging Donald Trump with some crimes.  Robert Mueller may be announcing that soon, but you never know.  If she changes her politics soon, she could run with Trump and they can tweet all they want.  She could help Trump get the vote of women, Hispanics, and millennials where Pence cannot deliver much.

She also wants to make sure that Democrats who go against her views around the country will be taken out instead of having the chance to be reelected  I know about the levels of enmity among people in the same party who run against each other and there is legitimacy in her stance, but the illegitimate part is that no candidate should take that lying down and it could easily contribute to three opponents engaged in contests all over our nation.  And that might make compromise even much tougher, especially if it opens the door to conservatives, tea party opponents, fascists, or others.

Ocasio-Cortez told us that she owes her questioning skills to having been a bartender.  Trump has a conservative around him who was a bartender too.  I hear that on one of his television programs years ago.  Or was it a radio interview?  That should be an additional feather in Ocasio-Cortez’s cap if Trump’s friend will remember how he talked about being from the working class.

Then we turn to the New York Post that covered the story about the bill that the Ocasio Campaign for Congress had for taxi rides instead of subway rides, particularly since Ocasio-Cortez wants to bring our nation to other forms of energy within the next ten years.  This appeared to be a critical attack by the NY Post in declaring the hypocrisy of the congresswoman.  See the gas guzzling article in the New York Post here.

When Michael Bloomberg said he would take the subway and not ride.  I saw him get into a limo one day at City Hall and he moved quite well for his age.  Bloomberg also said that one of his favorite foods was hot dogs.  I never saw him eat a hot dog.  Does that mean that he does not eat hot dogs?  I believe that Trump could find a way to convince millions of voters that it does mean that he does not eat hot dogs.  There is some kind of collusion involved in it.

The New York Post must have tons of voters citing that Ocasio-Cortez is a hypocrite today for taking Uber.  Now do they think that if the congresswoman had something life threatening to do or something of supreme importance that she should take the subway?  Who is the NY Post fooling? I have known people who believe in progressive, natural herbs instead of medications and one such person had to take antibiotics because he had life threatening pneumonia and this goes on all the time.  The article should never have been written, but that’s the NY Post for you.

I think that Ocasio-Lopez really does not know her district well enough to make a great difference. Sure her office will provide the best service that it knows how, but even that is not enough.  She has to learn much more.  Here is an an article about one of the “Lions” of the Latino community that I met before Obama defeated Clinton in 2008.  Read and learn about Gilberto Gerena Valentin.

As people walked across the famous Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama and I assume without Jeff Bridges, we are looking at one of the poorest cities in America with 40 percent Black unemployment under Trump.  In Wisconsin, in the last year seven and a half percent of the farms have gone under and we expect much more.  In Puerto Rico, we saw disaster strike in the form of Hurricane Maria and a Republican that I exchanged emails with lamented the destructions of farms in her beloved Puerto Rico.

Also under Trump.  Trump gave a stimulus package to soy farmers who normally would have made a substantial profit.  Why didn’t they?  Because he screwed up in the tariff war with China.

The United States economy has been slowing down, but the tick in Trump’s rating rise probably reveals a lack of knowledge of that.  A lack of knowledge that in the last three quarters the growth has been 4.2, 3.4. and 2.6 percent in the last three quarters (the expectation was 2.2 percent). The slowdown will be made worse in states where people who fill out their taxes will did not have enough money taken out during 2018.  But the slowdown is already taking place as I predicted it would last year.  Do you think that Trump and Ocasio-Cortez can find the words to talk about that?

Ocasio-Cortez was a bartender and I was not.  I am known as “El Quijote (which is Spanish Quixote) and I make a better sangria.  Of course ,I have never tasted the congresswoman’s sangria, but I have an international reputation.  I wonder if Ocasio-Cortez knows what drink is derived from mixing Russian vodka with Kentucky and Tennessee whiskeys?  You get Russian collusion followed by an immense national headache.


Martin Danenberg has been the teacher of the Consulate of El Salvador where word of his work reached the cabinet level in El Salvador. He has actively promoted education among the people of Guatemala and Honduras, two nations that support the idea of the United States embassy in Jerusalem. 


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