Sheldon Adelson suffers from cancer



Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and has not worked since December.

Adelson, the founder of Las Vegas Sands and the owner of Israel Today, suffers from side effects of the drug he gets to treat the disease, said Ron Rees, spokesman for Las Vegas Sands.

“These side effects limited his ability to travel or come to the office during regular hours,” Rees said in a statement to Bloomberg. “However, they did not limit him from fulfilling his position as chairman and CEO.” The company expects Edelson not to resume working on its normal schedule as long as he receives the treatment, Reese said.

Adelson’s health received attention this week when his lawyer said he was ill and therefore could not testify in court.

Adelson was to testify in another round of the 15-year battle he is waging against Richard Zven, an adviser who helped the company obtain a license to operate casinos in Macau. His lawyer James Jimerson told Judge Rob Bare in a court in Nevada that Adelson was too ill.

Zven’s lawyers put pressure on Edelson to testify, but Barק said he would be exempted from court appearances if his doctor gave evidence by Thursday night that he could not come because he was ill. Adelson has long suffered from peripheral neuropathy, a disease that causes damage to the peripheral nervous system and makes it difficult to walk.

Adelson, who regularly participates in Las Vegas Sands conference calls, was absent from the company’s fourth-quarter results on January 23.

Las Vegas Sands is the world’s largest casino company, and Adelson’s fortune is estimated at $33.9 billion, according to Bloomberg’s billionaire index. He was the biggest contributor to outside charities in the last US presidential election, and the $ 122.3 million he donated to the Republicans, according to, is his 55-percent stake in Las Vegas Sands. , Which has been in the company since 1995, last year renewed its contract until 2024. Miriam’s son-in-law, Patrick Dumont, is the company’s CFO.



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