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Spike Lee’s Racial Remark: Trump’s Racist Comment

Spike Lee is not one of the Lees of Virginia who helped form this nation and who were slave owners.  Spike Lee wants us to focus on the Election of 2020 and we shall do that.  Donald Trump has accused Spike Lee of making a “racist” comment about “our” president.  I just said that we are looking forward to the 2020 Election and Never Again!

A reader of mine in South Carolina who I have met has told me that he wants Trump in power in 2019 (if you follow my thoughts) about the possibilities in 2019.  So African-Americans are divided and not over the accomplishments of Trump that includes the lowest unemployment in history.  If he had reduced the unemployment from almost 16 percent to about 6 percent in two years, African-Americans would have been flocking to support Trump.  That person in South Carolina is a Republican and African-American.

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Trump used the word racist in reference to Spike Lee and his lawyer Rudi Giuliani thought that Black Lives Matter sounded racist when he heard it.  These “brilliant” men may have misused the word, perhaps intending to use racial which is not racist.  We do have our racial differences, don’t we?  There may be some conspiracy right there between Giuliani and Trump.  I can imagine Giuliani telling Trump that he purposely misused the word to appeal to the right-wing base.

And Jews are divided just as African-Americans are divided.  Benjamin Netanyahu is calling upon the right wing in Israel to support him in the upcoming elections.  Trump achieved the same thing in 2016 and some Jewish groups have not apologized for supporting Trump and for making an equivalent claim that anti-Semitism on the left is as dangerous as anything we have seen.  That has to be discussed more in the coming months.  Here you can read how AIPAC has rejected Netanyahu’s move to the right.  But if you read Israel’s history, you will see that things were similar long before Meir Kahane, because of decisions that were made.

The attack on Spike Lee puts him into the same kind of group as Linda Sarsour of Brooklyn.  Both are Trump’s adversaries, but there are differences, obviously.

Trump has been made King of Israel as he has moved the United States Embassy to Jerusalem. The capital of Israel was moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in Israel’s first year and there were objections.  Here is a fairly recent article showing that the Guatemala and the United States have moved their embassies to Jerusalem in the last year.  I thought it was more countries that had moved their embassies.  With all the talk about US speaking up for Israel at the United Nations and all the praise being given by the Zionist Organization of America, Netanyahu, and leading Republicans, what are the key benefits right now?  Or is all of this just a work in progress?

By 1977 I knew that there was a major problem in Israel.  An Israeli told me that the only Jewish woman that would have romantic relations with an Arab was a “whore.”  And I walked with an Orthodox Jew on the Lower East Side a few years ago who told me that all Arabs should be killed.  All of this goes back to what took place in Palestine and the decisions made by Israeli leaders long before 1977.

I read things published by the Zionist Organization of America, but I hope that its president will not accuse Spike Lee of being a racist and an anti-Semite (unless it is true).  I read about this person being with Minister Farrakhan and that person being with the leader of the Nation of Islam.  Does Morton Klein know that David Ben-Gurion appeared at an event with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem?  The Grand Mufti was the leader who wanted to kill all Jews (throw us into the sea and worse).

The Soviet Union is not listed as moving its embassy to Jerusalem and we often see Putin and Netanyahu together, appearing on very friendly terms.  I think that I have to do a deeper search of the great benefits that Trump has brought Israel in the last two years

Has Trump seen the movie The Black Klansman?  Does he know the screenwriters?  Is David Rabinowitz a racist as well?  See the video of team work to make a dream work and now we move forward to Do the Right Thing in 2020.   And the screenwriters (including Lee) chose to make one of the main characters a Jew.  We Jews stand alongside African-Americans and yes we advocate for love and not hate, but we are divided.

The lie is that Trump is doing an amazing job.  I know how to create 25,000 jobs in Alabama tomorrow, a state that is considered a third world country because of the poverty and living conditions (and the pollution that has affected mostly African-Americans).  America First is a figment of Trump’s imagination and he really doesn’t know what to do.  He should be nominated for an Academy Award for best actor of the past two years.  He has also told the public that Ivanka has created about 6.5 million jobs,  which isn’t true.

Michael Cohen is about to reveal things (crimes, etc. we are told) about Donald Trump and here is the latest about a $35,000 payment (alleged of course of course of course).  I still wonder about the settling of a case in court after an African-American had been punched at one of Trump’s rallies in 2016.  Was that African-American paid off to make nice with his assailant in court? Watch the court action and decide if the fix was in?  Perhaps Michael Cohen knows about a payoff by check for that?

Michael Cohen just gave testimony in the Congress of the United States.  Our country cannot heal unless Trump supporters come to their senses.  This Is not about liberal or conservative anymore and about Trump doing a good job.  This is about evidence provided to the Congress and the American people.  I look forward to seeing Trump’s ratings in polls tomorrow.  I look forward to Trump’s resignation.  Client 9 resigned as governor of New York and now with 9 Exhibits provided Client 1 or Donald Trump should resign.

Listen to the questioning of the Republicans as they cannot concentrate on the evidence at all. Whether you wish to believe Cohen or not, that is up to you.  The evidence is not what Cohen is saying or opining.  The checks, the paper work filled out by the Trump Corporation, the signing of checks by both Donalds are the evidence presented.  Deflection of evidence harms our democracy.

And for those of you who have read my articles about The Dreyfus Affair, those Republicans (in the French military) did more than try to discredit Colonel George Picquart who had the evidence to free Dreyfus from Devil’s Island.  They sent him to North Africa (far from Paris) where he could not testify, make trouble, and might end up dead in another land.

Republicans are desperate and more desperate than before the 2018 Elections, but this is the kind of desperation that is unacceptable.  Republicans who spent their time just denouncing Cohen add their names to the short list in this article that includes Trump and Giuliani.  Why can’t they just say that Trump should resign?  The French military had resignations and suicides after what they had caused France in the 1890s.

Even I had heard about Trump and Forbes and that can be proven by those people that took the phone calls and shared the information among Forbes employees in the 1970s.  Trump was complaining about his published net worth then.  Evidence doesn’t die easily.





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