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I Didn’t Need to Do This: National Wall Summit in 50 States Needed

National Emergency

Nancy Pelosi just told the world that shootings like the Parkland Massacre (February 14, 2018) are our national emergency. National safety has to trump national security a la Trump. It is the one year anniversary of that shooting. Our nation is crying out and fighting for new laws and Trump is in Rome fiddling for a wall.

A hero Trump is not, but maybe he is a Nero. Trump, like Nero in Rome, proved that he doesn’t know how to put out fires in California. Fake news then and Trump’s fake news now. Read about what happened with Nero at that time. He was Trump-like! Nero could blame innocent people and Trump has a history of doing that.

Nancy Pelosi must come up with a plan of action for national safety that includes panic buttons for our nation’s schools. Here we see that heroin addiction has been killing people in West Virginia so fast that the state cannot keep up. And no report yet from the Trump White House which was promised in December 2018. We should be fighting together! And we find out today that El Chapo has been paying off Americans to look the other way as drugs enter our nation.

And we see Fox News and Stephen Miller arguing about the National Emergency that has been declared. The emergency has been incorrectly linked with the building of a wall when we know that close to 90 percent of the transgressions or drug crossings come through ports and open borders. Why not demonstrate that 90 percent of those problem areas could be improved now. The wall has nothing to do with that. I know that border agents have been bribed, but to what extent I do not know. Trump does not talk to the people like that at all. He is known for hiding things and waiting for the reaction.

Trump has been off target for two years and now he has declared the emergency. When police learned back in the 1920s that a police officer had been killed with his own gun by a person who was arrested, the police prohibited one officer from making an arrest like that and removing the person arrested. That was the wall. Manpower. How effective is that manpower really? And how corrupt are those border agents?

This is not a liberal-progressive fight for life. This is the substance of what a nation should be doing and I found out about the drug problems in the mountains of Virginia back in 2009 and heard about the drug problems of Colorado’s mountain region before that. Trump is failing us with his wall.
We need answers from really smart people, not from people following the party line. How will drug dealers deal with a wall across our southern border? Give up? Seventy feet of rope will be needed to hoist drugs over the wall. Airplanes could drop drugs over the wall. Tunnels could be built. And it seems to me that the decoys that are talked about could be used as well as people scale the wall and cause the drug dealers to be triumphant. But I do not claim to be an expert.

Let’s turn to critical news to analyze before moving forward into the National Wall Summit to be held in every state and Puerto Rico (other territories as well). But we are going to hold Democrats and Republicans responsible as well as the American people. You have just seen African-Americans and Hispanics promoting national wellness instead of bigotry.

national emergency

Doing the right thing often begins with news coverage. In the old days it was limited to newspapers, but in the last century other media have been added, making it both easier and more difficult to get the truth out. Fox News is making news for not permitting an ad about an important part of United States history. It was Madison Square Garden in 1939 and there was violence at a gathering of National Socialists who were dividing our nation and denouncing the Jewish people.

And they were doing this after Kristallnacht and other horrendous things that affect democracy and civilization. And consider that these people were not put into internment-detention camps. Any Jew would have kneeled at the playing of the National Anthem during that meeting thinking of the hate being processed by those supporters of Hitler. Maybe not all Jews would have, especially considering their pledge of allegiance to Trump.

There was a great support for Hitler back in those days, political, economic, and more. World War II may have helped the US avoid death camps in the United States and lead the world to recognize the existence of the State of Israel. And Jim Crow would have gone out of existence as well at the hands of National Socialists in power here. National Socialism would have made it unnecessary to fight for the White Race today and I would not be writing this.

And today we learn that in Portland, Oregon that police have had friendly email exchanges with the alt-right. I have warned people about the police in my articles. Violent clashes have taken place in Portland and an investigation will be made to determine just how deeply the police were involved. Vestiges of the past?

At this time, the Supreme Court allowed a Muslim to be put to death in Alabama without his being given his last rites by an Imam. Chris Mancini gives us a report from Florida. But we can imagine all of the Jews and non-Jews that were killed without ever having a moment to pray to a Supreme being. What kind of court do we have now? I certainly hope that the court’s (no capital here to show my deep concern) decision in this capital punishment case does not become a cause célèbre for Muslims around the world to take action. And it does seem to me that the justices violated the spirit of the Founding Fathers of this country which human prejudice in America cannot overlook in this matter. It is dangerous!

Here are Chris Mancini’s important comments. “The Supreme Court’s recent decision to deny the request of an about-to-be-executed Muslim in Alabama to have his last rites administered by an Imam and instead uphold the internal policies of the Alabama Department of Corrections shouldn’t come as a shock to those who follow the court. Justice Clarence Thomas, after all, wrote the court’s decision in

Dunn v. Rae and in doing so, he didn’t address any of the troubling substantive issues like freedom of religion in the U.S. Constitution that the case presented. Instead, Justice Thomas hung the divided court majority’s decision on a procedural ground in allowing Rae’s execution to go forward, i.e., Rae’s delay in filing his petition. Recently, President Trump has predicted a big win in the Supreme Court for his upcoming “national border wall emergency” fight following the certainty of his losing in the lower courts.

Mr. Trump knows the lower courts will consider all the issues carefully and on the merits of the case, he will therefore lose in the lower courts, but he believes he has now stacked the Supreme Court politically in his favor and that they will rule for him on the basis of the politics that put them on the bench and not on the merits of the issues presented, Mr. Trump can count on justices like Clarence Thomas to do his bidding if there’s a procedural way to decide a case in his favor and to ignore the impact of their decisions on noble American traditions like freedom of religion like they just did in Dunn v. Rae.

But soon, there’ll be a vastly greater constitutional crisis coming our way in the border wall case and the real question is where will Chief Justice John Roberts stand in all of this? Will Justice Roberts prove to be just another tool in fulfilling the President’s campaign promise to build the border wall or will he continue the trend he recently started toward asserting the independence of the judiciary from the executive branch when he rebuked Mr. Trump by stating that there are no “Obama judges, Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges…” there are only “dedicated judges “who “serve one nation.”

Mr. Trump clearly does not serve one nation, he serves only his base. Generation after generation of Americans have had to face decisions like these and have had to keep getting it right each time because we only have to get it wrong once for the grand experiment that is this, democracy to end in failure.

So next time, when the border wall comes up for a vote in the Supreme Court, please, Mr. Chief Justice, please remember our history and bend the arc of justice toward our traditional values like freedom of religion and the separation of powers between the Congress and executive branch that should’ve mattered far more than the internal policies of the State of Alabama’s Department of Corrections in

Dunn v. Rae and must matter far more in the upcoming border wall case than the campaign promises of a deeply troubled president.” Chris’ comments end right here.

In New York City Reverend Ruben Diaz has taken a page out of the book of Donald Trump. He now says that he will not use the word homosexual which he compares to the “N” word instead of recognizing that what he said is that homosexuals control the government of New York City and his supporters cheer him, of course. Substituting the word “Jew” would be equally offensive and that has not been taken into account as he was cheered
Diaz’s comments were a form of discrimination that he should not have undertaken.

This incident compares to the Stormy Daniels affair when Trump denied knowing about that woman and the money paid to her by Michael Cohen. It compares to the Trump “shithole countries” comment when Trump denied using the word “shithole.” Deflections may work in sports very well, but this kind of politics is toxic. It is as toxic as T-R-U-M-P.

I have been with Diaz in the Bronx, in Albany, New York, and even in Boca Chica in the Dominican Republic. I would like to know what Diaz’s position was about the appointment of a gay U.S. ambassador to the Dominican Republic.

Cory Johnson and others got on the City Council with the support of everyone). Have we ever read that Ruben Diaz endorses a gay candidate? Surely he can lend political intercourse to other councilmen and help constituents who are homosexual as it should be, but he has not handled this crisis well. It is his right not to resign from office and now he just has to continue to weather the storm, Trumplike.

I have contacted dozens of people on both sides of the aisle in the House of Representatives and the Senate. I have published my letter to Congressman Pete King and still have not received a reply from him. Both parties are certainly part of the problem and they have to be part of the solution. Even Jorge Ramos, the journalist, has not contacted me. Remember Jorge and Trump going at it?

Trump went from Make America Great to Keep America Great, but he forgot to keep his promise to build a wall. Mexico did not pay for it. Congress did not pay for it, but he is trying very hard to save his presidency (if that is possible).

He tries hard and he has taken everyone involved into the largest shutdown in American history and he has failed. His shutdown could have been a week, but he did not read things right. This is similar to taking the police the wrong way to investigate a major crime. There was a prime minister taken to the wrong hospital after he was shot in Israel and he died. This is a large part of Trumpism, deception and wrong moves. His four bankruptcies were a warning. And Trump has to live with his political bankruptcies.

Donald Trump is the grandson of Friedrich Trumpf of Germany (his father was born Frederick Trumpf). The f must have been removed from the name in anticipation of the expectation of his great failures. Just like that mattress company where it was an s short and the last s was for savings. Trumpf is a very symbolic name and the f is for failure.

Two men in Mississippi who are considered to be dangerous just breached a fence at the Forrest County Jail and no national emergency has been proclaimed by Trump. People are in danger right now in that community. And remember that Trump planned his wall long before the so-called Great Invasion of 2018. And there have been other escapes in Mississippi and other states. Build walls in Mississippi now instead of fences?

Let’s start the National Wall Summit’s now in small towns, in cities, and in states (including Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and more). Millions of people should express themselves, listen, and learn.

Why should the American people grant this power to a so-called leader who has just said that he could go fast or slow with the wall as he has declared a national emergency? Our national emergency has just shot himself in the foot again.

The United States survived a Cold War without a wall. The Nuclear Ban Treaty of JFK has certainly been an important part of preventing nuclear attacks around the world and that initiative has survived the test of time. Iran caused the Cold War to begin and now what do we see? Russia (not the Soviet Union) is back in business in Iran with its own support of Iran which is a Trump enemy. Oh yeah! I forgot that Trump gets along great with all powerful rulers around the world.

We can accomplish great things in America without Trump’s Wall. Trump’s Wailing is another thing. Once Americans tell Trump that he cannot get his way (I mean wall), he will find something much better to sell you. Just you wait and see!

With this imaginary emergency taking place at the border one can only imagine what the best solution would be. Trump sitting at the border wall watching immigrants (his invaders) climbing the wall and taking photos of the different ways that people can climb the wall. I am referring to a permanent position at the wall with his own putting green (he has provided us with a Puttsocracy in Yiddish Putzocracy).

Did you know that Trump has his own line of water which is sold at hotels that bear his name? He could sell the water to supplement his income and take into consideration free market conditions (he could raise or lower the price depending on the demand for his water). The free trade zone near El Paso will be his zone. Can you imagine how the emergency would be defused and Trump could make money? And his supporters could support him by being with him at the water bar. And Lindsey Graham crackers will be free during Happy Hour.

Lindsay Graham is telling our nation that Trump’s Wall in more important than a school on a military base. But is that wall more important than helping to save lives in schools all over his state, Kentucky, and other states as it is being done in New Jersey. I would like to see Republicans send out a letter of support to Lindsey Graham with all of this information included in the support. Republican support for the National Wall Summit is imperative. Checkmate!

Some of the Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam were even under rivers. Those tunnels were devastating for Americans and played an important role in the success of the Viet Cong. And I hardly write about tunnels being successful at our border, concentrating on the wall.

You decide if the Hannitys of the world are right about the future success of Trump’s Wall, particularly to keep drugs out. There are drug tunnels leading to higher drug costs in America in the crystal ball (crystal meth ball). And here is a Fox News report where a tunnel was right under everyone’s nose in El Paso. Found by the border agents? No! It was discovered by a construction crew in 2018. Let’s tell the truth to the American people, not partial truths. And Fox News seized on that situation to give the credit to border agents. Tell that to Trump to talk about.

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