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Huckabee Huckabee: Two Peas in A Pod

Sarah Huckabee Sanders grew up with politics, serious politics. You would think that Miss communication (miscommunication) would know fact from fiction!

US senator Mike Huckabee by Gage Skidmore and doughter White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Sarah Huckabee Sanders grew up with politics, serious politics and by the time she was only 20 things were up and running for her. At ten years of age she was stuffing envelopes, knocking on doors, and putting up lawn signs for a Republican candidate for U.S. Senator, her father. A very nice thing to do. And her education in politics went further than that as she seemed to have an atypical childhood. Oh her father is Mike Huckabee.

She went from her father’s campaign to the George W. Bush campaign to the Trump campaign. In August 2017 she said that Trump did not dictate the letter for his son Donald Trump, Jr. regarding the Trump-Russian Tower meeting, but Trump’s lawyers wrote to the special counsel investigation in January 2018 that Trump had indeed dictated the letter

Sanders also spoke that Trump had never encouraged violence. There were at least seven times when Trump encouraged or tolerated violence that have written about by Politifact.

There was much more as we all know. And when there has been discussion of White House leaks by Huckabee Sanders, I say bring on the leaks. Why? Since the Dreyfus Affair, we should have distinguished good leaks from bad leaks. Nobody likes a traitor to the country, but Donald Trump is not the country. We have a Higher Loyalty than that.

Huckabee got his church to accept African-Americans in the 1980s. And by his own statement about the desperation of people who we know so well, he knew that too early on, teen pregnancy, domestic violence, people in debt, and loss of a home among other things. These are obviously things that he discussed with his daughter, Sarah. When Huckabee ran for governor of Arkansas, CNN revealed that he received 48 % of the African-American vote (1998).

Now prior to that, Huckabee opposed a plan to improve the highways of Arkansas which would involve raising taxes. Including sales tax and gasoline tax increases (87 % voted against the highway improvement plan).

When Huckabee was governor, he increased taxes by $505 million. And, of course, some or much of the money went to pay to improve roads. And we are waiting still for the infrastructure bill of the current administration in Washington, D.C.

The Wayne Dumond pardon was big news in the nation, Huckabee secured Dumond’s parole and the issue was raised in 2008. Dumond had been involved in murder and rape. He was not charged in the murder case, because he gave testimony against two other men. Michael Cohen should be reading this.

Then there was the clemency of Maurice Clemmons who was found guilty of burglary at the age of 16 (no weapon used) and sentenced to 60 years in jail. Huckabee reduced that to 47 years. Clemmons became eligible for parole and things did not stop there. There were assaults and child molestation. Then Clemmons killed four police officers in Washington. Huckabee had failed to read the heavy documentation of Clemmons behind bars, full of violence and lacking rehabilitation. Compare that to the rhetoric of Donald Trump for the decisions of others, judges, politicians, immigrant organizations, and humanitarians. Obviously Trump can ignore the Huckabee shortcomings in his scheme of being tough on law and order.

Huckabee did support criminal justice reform when it was not so popular for Republicans to do that.

On January 21, 2008 Huckabee received the endorsement of 50 African-Americans in Arkansas due to his record on minorities, the prison system, and immigration. NBC said that the number was 36 and not 50. Something we would expect only of Trump? No Trump would have 150. And NBC reported that most of those African-Americans were connected to the conservative religious organizations. Now that figures. Maybe Trump learned much of that from the two peas in the pod. He has not received an award from the N.A.A.C.P. which is a secular organization.

On the Steve Malzberg Show Huckabee objected to the way that Barack Obama grew up in Kenya. Obama had never lived in Kenya. Malzberg told a radio audience once (I was listening) that he and his children walked out of a restaurant when either a transvestite or transsexual waiter/waitress walked to his table. Tell me how are people to earn a living if everyone does that?

Huckabee in his presidential campaign wanted to build a border fence and get the undocumented immigrants to return home in 120 days. Danny Danon of Israel has strongly defended Huckabee against criticism by Jewish organizations including the A.D.L. or Anti-Defamation League. Huckabee compared the national debt with the Holocaust. And even today (two years after Obama has left office), the Huckabee criticism of the Iran Nuclear Deal shows us that Iran is in compliance instead of creating nuclear missiles. Watch Why Didn’t Somebody Do Something.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders got her evangelical sounding president. When she was asked about Trump’s groping when that came out, she asked if Hillary Clinton had apologized about the four lives that were lost in Libya. I can imagine Hillary apologizing about things (she did apologize about the Trump “deplorables” comment), but Trump apologize. Are you kidding me?

I have been asking for years “Where have all the racists gone?” Keep in mind that I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s. Actually I am always growing up. Sanders-Huckabee probably knew that she was incorrectly influencing and persuading African-Americans when she spoke about unemployment, citing that Trump had created three times more jobs than Obama had created in eight years. The pace of job growth was actually about the same, but remember there was a huge recession to deal with in 2009.

It’s hard to tell racism these days as it could be disguised and remember that by taking a look at Hitler’s playbook for anti-Semitism, Jews were not so threatened in the beginning years of the Hitler Administration. And even now you can see how Trump has played the race card between his N.F.L. taking the knee position and his comment that he gave prison or criminal justice reform. That has racial implications. And even there we know that White people stand to benefit more. Miss communication (miscommunication) or not, you would think that Huckabee Sanders would know fact from fiction!

I know the impact of things that are improperly portrayed. Friend or foe cannot tell me that Nancy Pelosi’s campaign committee consists of these Hispanics in the Mike Huckabee post. Check out this gang. I guess Hillary Clinton was talking about the pod. The Huckapea!

As far as “illegal” immigrants, Governor Huckabee was willing to grant scholarships to some immigrants and in-state tuition. With his support of Donald Trump, he isn’t advocating for that and supports far worse. People may call his behavior stupid, but the Huckapeas know what they are doing.
Why Didn’t Somebody Do Something was asked by Sarah Huckabee at the time that Bill Clinton had left being the governor of Arkansas to being president. Why didn’t the evangelicals do something? Why didn’t the United States do something (much more)? Muslims were risking their lives to save Jews, history shows us. People took up arms to save Jews, even Jews did that. What did Mike Huckabee’s family do?

Even after the Holocaust things were horrible for Jews including in 1949 in Israel. It was largely about politics. There were lots of socialist and some communists in Israel. Israel needed trade partners and the door was open slightly in the Eastern Bloc (behind the iron curtain as the Cold War began). There are records of donations and archives of things that had not been told to the public. What role did evangelicals play in all of that I ask the Sarah and Mike Huckabees. Israel was even buying arms from Czechoslovakia. And later it was France, not the United States.

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It was an evolutionary process of politics that matched Israel and the United States as allies (did I write evolutionary). When nobody took the Jews at the Evian Conference, where were the evangelicals and ask yourself why people like Danny Danon and Michael Oren cannot say these things as easily as I have. Politics? Half-truths? Support of Sarah Huckabee in the White House?

The Republicans and Democrats voted in 1876 for what was to become Jim Crow as Reconstruction ended. And we speed up to 2015 to see a report of the State of the Huckabees in relation to hate groups. You will see that the Nation of Islam was the group mentioned in the news broadcast (Farrakhan’s group). The state of our nation before Trump was near record hate groups. Are there videos of Mike Huckabee talking about the suffering of African-Americans and Hispanics? All people who are oppressed need that, especially here in America where there is racism. Check this out about Mike Huckabee.

And in the New York Post today, Ivanka Trump says that is not her “job” to speak out against the current administration. Don’t we all know that? But there are things that Jews are speaking out about.

Mike Huckabee could have been United States Ambassador to Israel at a moment when Michael Oren, the former ambassador of Israel to the United States said that Israel had to reach out to African-Americans and Hispanics. The Huckabees really have a lot of explaining to do. Why didn’t they help?

In fairness to the Huckabees, I also post this exchange on Fox News with Geraldo Rivera for the reader.

And here is breaking news for the Huckabees. Illegal immigrants MTG or illegal immigrants Made Trump Great (whatever that means…I just made it up). They worked hard for Trump and now they have been fired. And this is the real story all over America where businesses, not labor unions, hired those people.

Breaking old news! Much more important than the black face controversy that Donald Trump is trying to take advantage of right now was Alabama’s past and its governor George Wallace. And then there was George Wallace, Jr. Before I get on with the Wallace’s and their possibly being two peas in the pod, I would suggest that African-Americans and their supporters go to the governor of Virginia and find out more about his future plans.

The N.A.A. C. P. went to Senator Jeff Sessions before the hearing for Attorney General and those people got arrested. Find out what Governor Northam will be doing as long as he continues to stay in office.

The Wallaces may not really be two peas in the pod, but in 1968 George, the governor, opposed those candidates who would radically desegregate his state.

George, Jr. had been a guest speaker at the national convention of the Council of Conservative Citizens in 2005 which is considered by the Southern Poverty Law Center a hate group after giving speeches there in 1998 and 1999 (two that year). And in 1998 after George, Jr. had lost different elections as a Democrat, he switched to the Republican Party. Roy Moore spoke at the convention when Wallace did.

After 1992 George, Sr. was ready to switch parties claiming that Bill Clinton was too liberal. Like father like son became reality, except Jr. didn’t make it to be governor.

George Wallace. Sr. won reelection in 1982 with African-American support. But you can see what was right and what was wrong by someone who was there with George Wallace, Sr.

Where do we go from here in Virginia and how slow or fast is it going to take people? Let’s find out! Work things out so that the governor will give people more than Trump is doing. Keep in mind that Trump is not telling the people that African-American unemployment went up last month.



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