Published On: Mon, Feb 11th, 2019

Israeli Breakthrough Technology Analyzing Cannabis Potency at Home

For medical cannabis users, GemmaCert takes the guessing out of dosing giving patients the confidence they are getting the THC and CBD levels they need

The small business proceedings of a local marijuana dispensary in Portland, Oregon.

GemmaCert, an Israeli biotech startup, developed a patented technology that enables growers, and users to test cannabis potency at home without having to depend on expensive and time-consuming laboratories. The portable solution provides real-time results, requires no technical or analytical expertise to operate, and does not destroy or harm the flower in any way.

The breakthrough technology measures for THC levels – the compound responsible for cannabis’s psychoactive effect, as well as CBD levels – the analgesic, non-psychoactive, ingredient in every cannabis flower.

Founded in 2015 by Dr. Guy Setton, Professor Oded Shoseyov and Dr. Dana Yarden, GemmaCert has raised $5.25 million to date from private investors and professional funds.

With the number of countries to legalize cannabis steadily rise, ongoing concerns surrounding laboratory results and the accuracy of product labeling has brought the need for cannabis quality control front and center.

For medical cannabis users, GemmaCert takes the guessing out of dosing giving patients the confidence they are getting what they need.

GemmaCert is operated via a mobile application and takes no longer than a few minutes to receive results. Unlike other potency testers that are currently on the market, GemmaCert is the only tester that combines mobility (the gadget is small and can be operated and charged in the field), is simple to operate and can test every bud individually without damage to the flower. GemmaCert also incorporates advanced optics, image analysis, and data analytics.

“Consumers and medical cannabis patients do not have access to an affordable, easy-to-use, cannabis testing solution which delivers reliable results. The professional labs are only testing a small sample from the product going to market”, says Dr. Guy Setton, GemmaCet’s CEO and co-Founder, “This is not enough when it comes to flower potency since no two flowers are the same, even when they come from the same plant. We hope that GemmaCert will set the global standard for cannabis quality assurance, starting with potency, for the benefit of consumers and patients everywhere”.



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