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Trump’s Insane Asylum Ending Soon: MAGA Almost Defeated

Gandhi India Image used courtesy of, under a Creative Commons Attribution only licence.

Big news right now is Roger Stone. Trump is probably singing Let’s Go Get Stoned as his term in office is going to pot.

Some lyrics are
When you work so hard all day long
And everything you do seems to go wrong
Just drop by my place on your way home
Let’s go get stoned

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With the shutdown over and hardships facing our land because of Trumpism, we have to remember that Trump used immigration to cause that shutdown. And people now have to learn more and unite. Trump really got nuked over the shutdown, but if we follow the history of Trump, we will see that he will find another way to bankrupt US.

M.A.G.A. was doomed to fail. Why? Trump and lies. What Trump has done was undemocratic (70 percent against the wall), un-American, dictatorial, and was made possible by the four-year term and the electoral system which were given to us by the Floundering Fathers. We don’t need another Taj Mahal with its wall. Do we? MAGA is almost defeated and even Lindsay Graham pointed that out before.

And speaking of the Taj Mahal we turn to the British in India before, during, and after World War II to get some insight about so-called “Great” administrations. It was M.E.G.A. time in Great Britain with England calling the shots. It was Churchill without Propecia taking hold of the world stage. The British Raj or Rule of almost a hundred years was at great risk due to World War II and the nationalist forces of India. This was the Brexit of its time, keeping in mind that Trump admires Brexit.

The Hindu forces under Gandhi and others fought against British control through non-violence. The Muslim forces did not join in as their leaders expected the British control to be dissolved by the effects of World War II, meaning that England was weakened by the war and by being much poorer.
Those religious groups did not have religious tolerance in mind as party partisans campaigned in elections held up the Koran in one hand and Hindu images in the other as they asked people to decide how to vote. Our Judeo-Christian communities are now trying to heal after Trump’s very own attack on Muslims.

Then there was Churchill and learning about his role in much of this. The chapter from 1946 by Victor Sebestyen is called Sunset on the Raj and right now the chapter that we see in America reflecting on the shutdown and the last two years could be called Sunset on the Bayou and the Trump Swamp.
To Churchill the Indian Exit was “criminal mischievous” thought and the campaign leaders were considered traitors. Churchill ordered his own form of national security emergency as 60,000 people were arrested and 350 were killed.

Churchill’s hate included hate for Gandhi who was under house arrest and Gandhi fought back with a hunger strike. Churchill and his advisers did not say “Let him eat cake” but Churchill making something up for the public to think about said that he thought that Gandhi had added glucose to his water and

Churchill made up names for Gandhi instead or releasing him as Gandhi repeatedly went into unconsciousness. Here you have a quotation as Churchill wrote to the South African Prime Minister, “I do not think that Gandhi has the slightest intention of dying and imagine he has been eating better meals than I have for the last week. What fools we should have been to flinch before all this bluff and sob stuff.” Sounds like Trump and his secretary of commerce?

People knew that Churchill was not normal as there were talks on India. “I hate Indians. They are beastly people with a beastly religion,” Churchill spoke to his cabinet. Trump’s own comments has landed him in trouble as well. And during the war when between one and a half and two million Indians were starving, this same man wanted to continue to use Indian land as a base for military operations. That was colonial rule!
An English politician spoke out in 1946. He felt that the Brits did not care a “tuppence” about what goes on in India as long as their citizens were well protected and he felt that the average British citizen cared more about the price of food after World War II and its shortages and high prices. And here in the United States, there are about 30 percent who would grant Trump a Caesar’s Triumph with a wall across our Southern border which will be a multi-billion dollars Trump bankruptcy.

Make no mistake about it. Make England Great Again was the real theme of Churchill’s campaign in power and that could not be achieved as the United States grew rich during the war. And the discrimination against India was clear to those who knew just how Churchill had been dealing with Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa. Keep in mind Trump’s comment about having immigrants from countries like Norway.
All of this happened when India wanted much more from England. Nehru who was anti-fascist and certainly more anti-fascist than lots of English, considered the English occupation of India in trying to decide if Indians should fight for occupied Poland in 1940. Even Jews in Palestine had to decide to support the British or not.

The other side of all this is the immigration issue and asylum for people of all nations. And the wall issue has been pushed to the fore ground by Trump. Romney, remember. decided that he wanted immigrants to self deport, which for some or many would mean self-destruct.
The immigration-refugee crisis of the post-World War II Era was so immense and the United States did not call for a national security emergency at the border. Trump’s border crisis is minor by comparison, but still important.

Herbert Lehman was put in charge of UNRRA or the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration but was replaced by Fiorello LaGuardia (former mayor of New York City and a Republican). About 7.7 million people needed help. The Displacement Camps included Jews, slave laborers, soldiers, and refugees. There were people from the Soviet Union, Poland, others from Eastern Europe, France, Norway, Holland, and Belgium. Relief cost tens of billions of dollars.

Isolationists in Congress were opposed to paying the costs upon hearing about the waste and corruption, but human lives were in big trouble as soldiers and relief workers were at each other’s throats. There was no return to normalcy for a long time and people found themselves in conditions that were often worse than they experienced before the war ended.

Sex among the displaced persons were more than common. It has been explained as “an act of defiance against extinction.”

750 babies a month were born in the camps
1/3 of the Jewish women were either pregnant or had given birth
And most of those Jews were not survivors of the concentration camps
Reports went back to Truman that the camps were failing the people.

The de-Nazification of Germans did not go well after the war. German judges were used in cases.

Certificates were bought certifying the innocence of people who were not innocent. Ninety percent of Germany’s lawyers had been members of the Nazi Party as well.

This was the beginning of the computer age for the Central Registry of War Criminals, but things were not as fast and as effective as was hoped.

Machines that were not that effective and unreliable electricity were frustrating. And at least eight million Germans had to be processed, members of the Nazi Party.

Reality set in and people in power learned that they could not seek retribution against everyone.
102 out of 112 doctors in Bonn, Germany were Nazi Party members
18 out of 21 specialists in waste management were Nazi Party members
80 of 100 musicians in the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra were Nazi Party members
Most secondary school teachers were required to be Nazi Party members

General Lucius Clay wrote about the importance of properly feeding the Germans to rehabilitate and bring them toward democracy. “There is no contest between Communism on 1,500 calories a day, and the Western way on 1,000,” he stated.

And the Americans had two years of work ahead of them to make things work and that could not happen. And Germans were being turned off to the whole process. The joke of the time was this. A man goes into a police station telling the police he is a Nazi. The period for turning oneself in had expired and the police officer inquired why the man had not turned himself in on time. The man replied that back then he was not a Nazi but he is a Nazi now.

The attempts to de-Nazify were so bad that a Gallup Poll showed that 49 percent of Germans thought that Nazism was a good idea, but badly implemented. And two-thirds of Germans rejected the blame for what happened. This was at a time that the Allies were intent on educating the Germans about their collective guilt. Re-Nazification was a great worry!

Weeks after the International Military Tribunal trials started, about ten percent of Germans thought it unfair that the top Nazis like Goring, von Ribbentrop, and those close to Hitler should be put on trial, but by the summer of 1946 as the trials progressed there were forty percent of Germans who thought the trials were unfair. Re-Nazification was a great worry!

Americans wonder what the other side thinks in relation to the wall and the shutdown, but regardless of the numbers it was really about Trump and his promises and decisions. Here is what so many opponents share in common as we revisit Germany during the war. “We did not go out in the streets when our Jewish friends were led away, nor did we cry out until they destroyed us as well,” Karl Jaspers declared in a lecture in Heidelberg in 1946.
“Is one supposed to commit perjury because one has a bad memory” was written in a diary and today that rings true in the White House as Trump has answered Mueller’s questions. Those of us who read Bob Woodward’s book knew about what was going to happen in relation to those questions. Trump, the genius of all geniuses with a great memory, suddenly cannot recall critical things that took place.

Germans did not wish to face up to truths about the Holocaust and Americans today would deny asylum to people crossing our border. Even Jews will not have the protections to enter if things turn universally more violent in Europe and in other countries as Trump’s policies hurt everyone. That should be an eye opener, but we have allowed Trump to fuel his fools for two years and that has been dangerous.

Right now law students are rushing to the border to help those people suffering in Tijuana, Mexico. These young people are not traitors. Others from Cornell University have joined to help these desperate people have faith in a system that has provided justice to people until now.

And here is a nice report by Fox News, real news and not fake opinions from Fox staff followed up by an amazing minute with Huckabee-Sanders and it was legal for the Nazis to do the things they did to Jews and others. Mitchell Hamline Law students have been helping for years during Christmas. Great humanitarian efforts, not divisive tactics, are needed. And no deal should ever be made for the wall.



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