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Trump Fuels His Fools: The White House Strategy

JFK wanted to exit from Vietnam and never attempted to say that we won in 1963. His plan was to bring the troops home, because he knew the war was unwinnable.

American soldiers coming home -Youtube 3

Here are the numbers to reflect on.

Eisenhower and Kennedy years 78 U.S. servicemen killed in Vietnam (16,300 advisors).

First year of LBJ (225 killed of 23,300 advisors).

A year later 1,600 killed (185,000 U.S. troops engaged in combat).

Two years later almost 16,000 killed (485,000 troops engaged in combat).

Four American soldiers were just killed (2,000 engaged in peace in Syria as Trump says that we have won the war). Listen to Mike Pence talk about the situation and the great things that Donald Trump has said about bringing our boys home. I guess the war is not over in Syria.

Now we see four Americans killed in Nairobi, Kenya by a Somali terrorist organization and the declared reason is Trump and his Jerusalem embassy move. Jason Spindler, a 9-11 survivor, was one of the victims as more blood is spilled. The reason for so many deaths in Vietnam was Johnson.

I warned about that many months ago and it is time for more peace efforts. I would like to see Jared and Ivanka Kushner, David Friedman who is US Ambassador to Israel, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, and a few others to be named special envoys to engage the terrorist organization responsible in peace talks (live peace talks). I wouldn’t mind being there, but I do not travel much anymore.

It has been corroborated by multiple sources around JFK that he wanted to exit from Vietnam and never attempted to say that we won in 1963. His plan was to bring the troops home, because he knew the war was unwinnable.

American soldiers coming home -Youtube

But we have to look more closely at 1963 to get a full picture since many of us were young or occupied with instead of learning more.

There were lots of warnings about the Danger in Dallas and JFK himself thought about it as well. Kennedy among other things selected the wrong plan of security for himself and the others in his limo.

An American Legion post had hired a skywriting plane to spell out Cuba to remind people about Castro. There were signs “You’re a traitor” “Help JFK Stamp Out Democracy” and on one large placard he was held in contempt for his “surrender to communism.” People were getting a “rush” long before Rush. And signs of “Kennedy Go Home” in many places. Maybe Rush was there after all?

Then there was the Dallas Morning News framing Kennedy with a one-page ad paid for the American Fact-Finding Committee which was a right-wing group. The obituary like ad contained questions about JFK being constantly praised by the head of the U.S. Communist Party, entertaining communist leader Tito, and favoring the “Spirit of Moscow” instead of the Monroe Doctrine. Where are the criticisms in Texas now of Trump and Russia? Do tell me!

Keep in mind that the secret service has improved protocols for protecting the president since 1963, but at that moment security was very lax on the street, in the buildings and rooftops, and even as people approached the president of the United States and the motorcade.

In JFK’s Last Hundred Days by Thurston Clarke, several things are mentioned about the loose protection of JFK, but there had to be much more that he could have written about. Consider that in 1960 at least one woman fell onto the president’s lap in his car as JFK campaigned and that could have resulted in an American crisis.

Trump’s rhetoric has been seriously problematic since the beginning. Whether we talk about the past or the recent past, it harms our nation. And this is no moment to select something nice that he has spoken. Lives are at stake. Trump is alarmed, by the way, of the terrorist attacks taking place around the world and guess what. Four American soldiers died in a terrorist attack. Did they have to die? Did they have to die?

American soldiers coming home -Youtube

John F. Kennedy gave US a pathway to fifty-five years of no nuclear proliferation and there were huge numbers of people who opposed him (Democrats and Republicans). Was he really that sellout to the Russians and the communists that people claimed? Or did he end up protecting everyone? I know that there were generals, the hawks, and others who wanted to bomb the Soviet Union, China, and other countries to oblivion. And various atomic attacks could easily have led to repeated retaliation, destroying much of the world.

On the other-hand JFK helped shape the world the way it is right now. Now instead of talking about communism, the Republicans are talking about socialism (and they always point to the worsts of socialism where I would not go).

JFK said, “They equate the Democratic part with the welfare state, the welfare state with socialism, socialism with communism.” Well communism is one down, but now we have Russia and Putin, not communism and Stalin or Khrushchev. We have aspects of socialism (since FDR) and the media is painting Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez like she is going to take over the minds of people to let socialists take over, permissible speech but a repeat of the mistakes made in the past.

The recent, very devastating shut down of the government is just one part of a bigger problem. Trump fuels fools. Take it or leave it! After hurting government workers be prepared that you will be next. That is how power corrupts. That is how Hitler advanced his goals in Germany, Austria, and beyond. Hitler fueled fools.

Cuba! Cuba! Florida was a dangerous place for JFK to visit, because of Cubans who were threatening. It was already known to the police and F.B.I. through a report that Kennedy could be taken out from the roof of a building.

But today after two years of trying to destroy Cuba, Trump has failed at that. Cubans are not threatening Trump at all. So what is his problem? Kennedy wanted Cuba to give up subversion and the influence of the Soviet Union. Trump’s task is much smaller and he doesn’t know what to do. Could it be that the Mueller Investigation has clouded his mind? Or is the problem his mind?

There is a joke about a man on trial for the murder of his parents and he pleads leniency to the judge for being an orphan. What Trump has been doing to fuel the flames has been no joke.

I think that Mueller is going to win, but we should know this. I would like Republicans who have said that Trump is doing a good job to unite in a national telephone conference call to listen and learn. The White House is going to tell you very little that is true. It was that way sometimes under Kennedy and much worse under Johnson and now we see what is going on under Trump.

If you watched the debates in 2016, I am sure that you could learn a lot more from this type of call than you could have learned from any of the

candidates. And no foreign interference in the Election of 2020. Let’s unite or sink!

Breaking news!

My late uncle served in the U.S. Army in El Paso in Fort Bliss and El Paso is in the news for having a low crime rate, even before a wall was put up. Trump is pounding out the idea that his wall contributed to the lessening of drug trafficking and greatly reducing crime. See what I mean and see who the drug smugglers really are.

And Just One More Thing. Tucker Carlson should make that trip to talk to the terrorists too. I have one more question. He has lost lots of sponsors and people cannot understand why those sponsors do not support his news/opinion program. Why should those sponsors be forced to tolerate his opinions in the name of a free press?

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