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I’m A Meshuganah (Yiddish for Crazed Idiot): Tearing Down Trump’s Wall

The Berlin Wall fell and that is a lesson. Ich bin ein Berliner! Those key words uttered for all to remember. And the right words have to be uttered, the best explanation must be given to the American people. Americans, people will climb over Trump’s wall when there is no open border. And the right to unite families must be upheld. Dreamers and their parents need adequate protections and it is not about making a corporate deal a la Trump.

Did I say that Donald Trump a Green Beret who was an amazing military decorated with all the medals that make greatness, including leadership?

Did I say that Donald Trump was a hero who has rushed into a burning building to save people?

Did I say that Donald Trump tells the truth almost always?

Did I say that Donald Trump’s corporation has a great credit score?

Did I say that Donald Trump’s wall is the greatest wall that has ever been known to man?

Did I say that Donald Trump is a racist?

Did I say that Donald Trump is related by blood to Adolf Hitler?

Did I say that Donald Trump is the greatest president of all time?

Trump called his news media opponents Crazed Lunatics.

He has said some of those things and failed to mention at least one, but I have not said any of those things because I am not a meshuganah (Crazed Idiot) who happens to write about him.

I have taken lots of action, but we have to hold our elected officials accountable in both parties. And nobody can accuse me after reading my work that I am a faking the history or the news. Mistakes can be made, especially and prodigiously in the White House, but those lies are worse.

It was Cory Booker who raced into a burning building in Newark, New Jersey to help save a life. He had no bone spurs, painful bone spurs, to keep away from harm’s way. I do not know about any lies by Cory Booker to write about here, but he is not the president either to watch 24-7. Actually Trump wants the attention 24-7, but he can’t take the heat.

I can imagine Trump talking in West Berlin, repeating himself twice or more and saying very little and causing us to believe very little at best. That and talking about himself a lot and Germans shaking their heads and Trump telling us that the huge crowd agreed with him. And that’s what makes great diplomacy?

I have just proposed to the offices of two congressmen that we should put Trump and his idea to the test, especially since Trump is planning to bring “his man” from border security to talk about the successful impact of the wall that currently exists. That would be another deception. My plan is to have a Billie Jean King- Bobby Riggs event for international television, but there will be no net separating the players. In fact the player will not be separated at all, but there will be a wall.

The wall will be the best piece of wall that Trump could pick out, possibly a wall or fence, of course. It can be made of US Steel as Trump orders, of course. Remember that.

All contestants will be on the same side of the wall and those contestants will be selected from different countries. The purpose of the contest is to see which team is able to climb over the wall fastest, using skills that they have acquired in past training.

Mexico will send a team to compete, but no pesos to build the wall. Cuba could be invited to prove the point that even Cubans can get over the wall, instead of taking a boat to an American shore. And there will be room for several other contestants, but no country on a terrorist watch list. This is about immigration and not terrorism.

Trump can officiate as did Hitler at the Olympic Games in 1936 in Berlin, saluting the contestants with a salute that often appears to be the Nazi salute. Under his watchful eye, the Americans will compete.

What bothers me about the event is that our marines will be competing against the marines of other countries, but why would Trump expect our men to have the fastest time getting over the wall when he calls that wall the “perfect” wall to insure our national security. If our men watching the
commander-in-chief decide to tank the contest and fail to scale the wall completely, that would prove the superiority of other countries.

I can picture the humiliation as (perhaps) Mexicans triumph as one great African-American triumphed in 1936. Forget about The Apprentice and the Miss Universe Contests, this is the greatest event of all time. Trump is destined to fail for one reason or another, but the United States will triumph. Of course there were Americans, as well, who were forced to eat crow (Jim Crow crow) as Jesse Owens triumphed. America was still a great winner even though it was divided and Trump will be a great whiner. There should be no wall and there will be no wall.

And a follow up event can be a great debate about the wall such as Lincoln-Douglas Debate of 1858. Watch that video! And today the immigration debate is not really a debate at all. Most people probably just support Trump to support Trump, but I think that there are Democrats and Republicans that support him on the wall, but it has to be low percentage of those who voted. Immigration reform is needed and the wall is there to try to make a deal. I repeat to try. The Great Deal Maker has to fail on this issue. He is bankrupt.

I also pick the two Democrat congressmen (one Hispanic and one Jewish) to climb over the wall ahead of Trump. Do you remember when “Old Bone Spurs” said he would have rushed into the school if he had heard gunshots (into Parkland or some other school) to save lives. He cannot even save himself right now. And the recent report from the State of Florida shows that Trump was wrong. The people needed more training to be able to handle that situation. Better people than Trump failed and some were killed.

Forget Trump’s Wall: Fund Alyssa’s Law?

We are in competition with each other, but we should take concrete steps to make America safer. Did I say concrete? Americans are turning their backs on all of the murders taking place, turning their backs on our nation’s children in schools, and supporting the wall takes money away from where it really should be placed including our nation’s opioid addiction. Trump is a failure and he has learned very little about politics in the last two years.

Even in Parkland the parents of children who were killed are divided and Trump has done his part to divide them. Trump’s strength? Division!

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