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The Republican Party Dying: And Trump Presidency Ending in 2019?

Trump must go and he must go now. Even now, we find out that tax refunds probably will not be paid by the IRS due to Trump’s shutdown of the US government.

Mitt Romney and Lindsay Graham are both under the political microscope as people ascertain their toxicity. Why Romney? His support of Trump’s wall. And Graham for that and much more. But it’s amazing how Graham can go on television with a straight face and suggest that Trump has to fulfill his promise about the wall after two years. And all the lies that went with that promise?

Hannity, too, is dying on the air with all the comments that he has made. If they were involved in a war (such as Vietnam) talking that way for years, people would be able to see the truth (with certain exceptions, of course) and come to the conclusion that these men cannot be trusted and must go.
Here is a point about Trump’s wall that needs to be understood. Sure it can work a few times out of a hundred, but it is not as Trump wants you to believe, a “perfect” solution. I have talked about people using ladders to climb the wall and we have seen action on that, including ladders against a wall. Even if the wall is 35 feet, there are painters’ ladders that can be purchased. Pelosi and Schumer have not told the public that and the should. Let’s put an end to the Trump Circus, the greatest show on earth.

And the support that Trump does get (people who say the wall works), has to taken with a grain of salt. When there are no longer any more open spaces to run across, those immigrants will scale the wall.

Now let’s take another extreme look at keeping out the people from caravans. Mark in Florida points out that a Holocaust style operation with gun turrets would fit Trump and his sense of justice. America First (think about the 1930s).

I am more creative, much more. I want to see change now and not in Eighty Days. Think of a 10 mile-wide third rail to electrify people at our southern border, but let’s also think about the movie Around the World in Eighty Days. Take a look and see that even that immoral thought put into action will not work. People can fly over the wall.

Trump must go and he must go now, no need to wait any longer. Even now, we find out that tax refunds probably will not be paid by the IRS due to Trump’s shutdown of the US government.

I am not going to run for president against Beto O’Rourke, Joe Biden, Corey Booker, or Kamala Harris, but I think that here is Democratic ticket to think about if only for a second. Obama-Obama in 2020.

Donald Trump thinks that he has been the greatest president ever.

Arthur Schlesinger, Sr. outlined the eight critical things that make a great president. Point number seven is that those men (or women in the future) are more deeply loved than hated. This easily disqualifies Trump and his two years in office. Number six is that those presidents “offended…long standing popular prejudices.”

Dwight Eisenhower had a clear sense of and he preceded John F. Kennedy. Kennedy fit all eight categories. And Eisenhower placed well below Truman and even Herbert Hoover in 22nd place out of 34 presidents. Trump ain’t going nowhere! Kennedy expected to gain access to the greatest category, but he needed to be reelected in order to achieve that and as you know his assassination prevented his reelection.

John F. Kennedy had a rich sense of history, which is something that Trump lacks, except for his rich sense of bankruptcies and reinventing himself. His two years yes count as history, but he is unqualified and acts more like Nero of Rome who allegedly fiddled while Rome was burning.

We can turn to 1963 and John F. Kennedy. He was either handed a good economy by Eisenhower and/or he made contributions that led to that.

Unemployment was 5.9 percent and Kennedy felt that a tax cut would help. Sound familiar? That doesn’t mean that African-American unemployment was around 5.9 percent. It was around twice that. And Truman, a leading Democrat was critical of the tax cut because it would increase the national debt. Which Trump’s tax cut just did!

The people around Dr. King wanted to end discrimination in hiring and Kennedy was not ready for that. He spoke to the organizers of the March on Washington about how the Jews had escaped discrimination through education (something that started in Europe back in the 1800s). Education was important, of course, since only 25 percent of African-Americans were graduating from high school in 1963. And there are people that think that things have worsened since those days.

The rich combination of jobs and education was the key, but the United States has failed. I would have been of no help to John F. Kennedy or Dr. King, but by 2002 I knew where they and Republicans had gone wrong. The G.E.D. to lift greater numbers up each year. I learned after 2000 that there were 40 million affected people in America and things were getting worse. And continue to be worse.

Dr. King told Kennedy about his plan of action and A. Philip Randolph told Kennedy that young Black youth were “running out of hope.” And keep in mind that although Eisenhower had acted sometimes, there was a mentality based on the conditioning taking place all over America and that Kennedy for two years was not the Kennedy of 1963. King made this comparison. Kennedy should not “substitute an inadequate approach for a miserable one.”
Kennedy sensed that Black violence could present a national security problem. Today Trump has made the immigrants the national security problem when someone like Romney only asked for the immigrants to self-deport themselves. The wall is not really Trump’s security blanket, as we have been told by Lindsay Graham. It is his last chance, according to Graham. There is a report now that Nikki Haley may run for president. I would assume as a Republican candidate? Why? Could it be that Trump is extremely vulnerable?

We see today even in universal pre-k for all children that the family is being sucked into a condition that hurts that family, even as the children benefit. And the promoters of only that are considered geniuses, even though families may remain poor where the adults have a lack of education. And we see people in control, even in New York, making the wrong decisions (race does not matter when these types of decisions are made). No person should be left behind.

And current African-American and Hispanic members of government are to blame as much as anyone. They have made the decisions in their states and in the Congress that have led us to where we are.

Obama-Obama in 2020. Win with the Obamas? Tell this to Trump and he will tell you that he can easily defeat them and that he could be a better general than Michelle. And Trump would have knocked out Muhammad Ali (the greatest of all time)? And he’ll do it with a straight face.

I wanted to give the article the title Obama-Obama in 2020, but I found a link that said that a president elected for two terms was not eligible. Then I found lots of other information that said it was possible, including what appeared to be a Bill Clinton statement on the David Letterman Show.
I have to take a leave of absence on this matter.

Instead of resolving crises, Trump has created one crisis after another for our nation. Does he have time to be a great president? Do I know what Robert Mueller knows?

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