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An Eye For An Eye: Trump’s New Year’s Greeting

There is a battle going on between Jewish Republicans and Jewish Democrats. If Robert Mueller declares that Trump was involved with the Russians affairs or anything else, it will not be because Trump is a racist.

From the Pale of Settlement to 2019, we learn new things, but we are divided. Jews are more divided politically than in Germany before Hitler. Jews were divided, fighting on both sides during the Civil War. So we have our traditions and divisions.

And talking about tradition that takes the world back to watching a wonderful motion picture by Norman Jewison. It doesn’t take long for a call for “An Eye For An Eye” and its rebuke by Tevye. I brought the matter up to a rabbi on East Broadway in New York City about Donald Trump and his campaign, his critical message or message of all messages. The rabbi said be careful how you apply it, because it can get you into a lot of trouble.

Which cheek is Trump turning? and the word was out in January 2016. Bill O’Reilly vs. Donald Trump.

Want to learn more? I watched this video of Hasidim watching Fiddler on the Roof for the first time. What would you expect?
Observe their point of view, but consider this, too.

There is a battle going on between four yeshivas in Brooklyn and the Department of Education of New York City. Information leaked out that secular education was deficient in yeshivas, not all. After years of trying, city personnel cannot get an appointment with the heads of schools. Where is this heading? If the schools get decertified, no diplomas will be issued by the state education department.

The video of the young Hasidic men is not what I expected to watch, but I was not the producer of the video and that matters. The Jews that I knew at the time had no deep knowledge of Hasidic Jews, but Fiddler on the Roof was “our story, with all its imperfections.

There are eight videos and 60 photographs that tell a story. Please take the time to watch them. Anti-Semitism was rampant and I have devoted an entire year to writing about anti-Semitism and other key subjects, including the mistreatment of humans at our southern border.

There is a battle going on between Jews who are Republicans and Jews who are Democrats. I can assure you that if Robert Mueller declares that Trump was involved with the Russians, was laundering money, was fixing the Election Campaign of 2016, or anything similar, it will not be because Trump is a racist.

Much has been written about that. Trump’s policies are hurting minorities and there has been a big increase in anti-Semitism in 2018. I was concerned about that in 2016 and again I thank Jewish Business News for allowing me to be published this year.
Is there a New Year’s greeting for Donald Trump in 2019? There certainly is as there was for the Czar of Russia. We go back one more time to Fiddler on the Roof (Blessing).

But before we wrap things up we must take a moment to reflect on the people around Trump in 2018. Here is an article about Stephen Miller and his role in the White House. And people say that Trump is doing a good job.

Then we learn about what John Kelly is now saying. Trump abandoned the wall months ago, but he is using that wall again to justify his shutdown and he has now blamed both Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer naturally). And people say that Trump is doing a good job.

When did it become a tradition for Jews to accept so many lies? When did it become a tradition for Jews to form part of a base (Trump’s)that we have never tolerated?

I know from reading about the Jews in Germany before Hitler that they were better off then. They had access to power which fell apart even as they did not realize what was going on and finding out too late. True that the Pittsburgh Massacre cannot compare to even the Kristallnacht, but one life lost is one too many.

Look at one of Trump’s main supporters in New York who compares the deaths of two children crossing Central America into the United States to two deaths in city housing projects. King was apologetic and ICE may not be the problem. I called for “triage” units weeks ago to help everyone fast at the border. Taking children to a hospital was not needed when better things could have been done by Trump.

Trump is the problem. I have decided to forget about posting Peter King’s comments here and posted this video which expresses my entire view from A to Z. Trump has made suckers of the American people that support him. I know that people in Massapequa support King, perhaps more than they support Trump, but those two deaths at the border, in a city housing project, or even in a home without heat in the cold of winter in Massapequa are two deaths too many.

Happy New Year!

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