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Camelot’s Unethical Plot: The Last Days of John F. Kennedy

Gustave Doré's illustration of Camelot from Idylls of the King (1867) corpped

Gustave Doré’s illustration of Camelot from Idylls of the King (1867)

Kennedy and Camelot. His administration was called Camelot by some. Jackie Kennedy coined the phrase and JFK loved listening to the music as did I. What kind of Camelot do we wish to show the children? To teach them? Be careful what you teach.

Is there really love and joy in America right now or just, just, just partisanship where truth does not matter? Is there a song for Mar-A-Lago? I think so! Click and find out!

Here we are in a critical moment of the Trump Administration thinking about Nixon, but there is supporting evidence about John F. Kennedy and the lack of ethics. Kennedy lost his life in Dallas, Nixon lost his job in Washington, D.C., and now Trump has to pass the Mueller test in order to stay in office.

This was a moment for deplorables to defend the actions of Kennedy that has been revealed in JFK’s Last Hundred Days by Thurston Clarke. There were both Democratic and Republican deplorables involved. So let’s take a look.

The White House was bugged at that time and Senator Everett Dirksen walked Kennedy outside into the Rose Garden to talk. Just as Trump demanded loyalty from Jeff Sessions and James Comey in relation to Russia and more, here were Dirksen and Kennedy talking about putting a friend of Eisenhower into the “deep freeze.” This wasn’t the morgue. It was about getting rid of a case that would lead to unethical conduct, criminal conduct. Even Mamie Eisenhower knew certain things.

Sherman Adams, former governor of New Hampshire was about to be indicted for tax fraud. Mamie Eisenhower was concerned that the former governor would commit suicide. We should try to help people that are suicidal, but not by breaking the law. President Kennedy got his brother involved (reluctantly on the part of Bobby) and the case was put in the “deep freeze.” Bobby was reminded by his brother who the president was in front of Dirksen and that meant the president would ask for his brother’s resignation if his orders were not followed.

There was another request in those days from a Kennedy family member and the president turned his back on it. Why was this different?
These were the days of Russians, of course, making life miserable for American presidents. Kennedy had been through the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Bay of Pigs where hundreds of American trained Cubans in exile were killed on the beach attempting to overthrow Castro.

portrait of camelot - Kennedy

We seldom think about the imbalances created in government by our Constitution and that problem has not really gone away even fifty-five years later. The names mentioned were William Fulbright, Barry Goldwater, Strom Thurmond, and Henry Stennis. Barry Goldwater and Donald Trump have been declared unfit to be president and it was and is a must to keep their fingers away from the red button bringing about nuclear disaster.

Here were the most influential men in Congress who could make things happen for Kennedy. They held power in their committees and pretty much acted as dictators. They held power over treaties that could be negotiated and they effective in preventing the African-American population and their supporters who wanted civil rights and freedom at last to achieve it.

Eisenhower-Dirksen owed Kennedy a favor and Kennedy decided to take action asking for their support with congressional members related to the nuclear test ban treaty (instead of civil rights). Kennedy had already impressed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and others who listened to his speeches to the nation. While strolling with Dr. King in the Rose Garden, Kennedy told Dr. King to get rid of communists near the top in his movement.

There were “four safeguards” at that time that could make us think of current situations involving Iran and North Korea. Our right to do underground testing, the maintenance of modern nuclear labs and programs, immediate testing upon finding out that the Soviets were cheating or withdrawing, and of course the important capacity to detect Soviet violations.

I wish that I could write about what James Comey would have to say about all of this, taking into account that “only” $150,000, an oriental rug, and a fur coat were given to Sherman Adams by a Boston businessman. Trump does things in a big way. Would he ever offer a penthouse apartment to Putin that was only worth $1 million? Of course not!

We had no way of knowing what the future would bring in relation to the Kennedy decision. He got his nuclear weapons ban.
There was also a case of a Kennedy friend of 30 years that he turned his back on and Bobby Kennedy recused himself. The man had not filed his income taxes for years.

Kennedy had to find sixty-seven senators to ratify his nuclear ban treaty. Trump needs to find Democrats right now for his wall, fence, or slat and there are no pesos in the U.S. Treasury and no I.O.U. from Mexican government officials.

There were fifteen members who would vote against anything Kennedy supported. And the generals who opposed him urged “dropping the big bombs.” After Kennedy was gone, constant bombing of North Vietnam could not bring the Communists to their knees. So much for what generals know or do.

Camelot's court - Inside the Kennedy White House

So there was dirt on the hands of Everett Dirksen, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and John F. Kennedy. How this is interpreted today may or may not matter. Mark’s friends in Florida will say see the Dems have done it, just as they are pointing to the “perfect” wall of Donald Trump that he wants his name placed on. Perfect? I like Ike less now, of course. That is what I think.

An eight-year-old just climbed that wall and died before obtaining freedom here. He is second child to die seeking asylum. The wall can be easily climbed and does not protect well, that expensive wall.

We have had 55 years of the absence of nuclear warfare. Maybe we were not going to have any nuclear wars? With all of the so-called nuts, our nuts and their nuts, not even one nuclear attack. Could Kennedy have known that history was going to work out that way? I doubt it. We were just told that people around Trump kept him away from doing what he says he will do as we recall his “fire and fury” statement. We thank Bob Woodward for his reporting in FEAR.

On the other hand, Kennedy’s second fulfillment wish item has not turned out as well as people expected. Civil rights critics just like Holocaust deniers abound in America. African-Americans still need the kind of communication that we Jews had as Zionists met and finally started a homeland for Jews that was approved by the United Nations. In addition, African-Americans need voting protections in states and to feel much more confident in America, confidence that has not happened in One Nation Under Trump.

What if Kennedy had chosen window number 2 and Civil Rights? It could have led to nothing, to civil war instead of Civil Rights, and to who knows what else? We are again on the verge of something truly “historic” under Trump and it may or not be the violence that he and his henchman have indicated as they convey the message to the people if Trump is impeached.

Kennedy, somehow, took the easy road. Yes, there are and there have been lots of wars that we have created and wars created by others. We have been lied to a lot over these 55 years. Let the truth ring out right now in America as people open their minds.

But there has been an amazing difference between Camelot and Mar-A-Lago. Camelot dissolved and Mar-A-Lago will probably be foreclosed.
Just as I took the time to portray something new about John F. Kennedy that you will not hear or learn from his family and his greatest supporters, I ask that people look more critically at Donald J. Trump.

His administration has termites that where there during the construction and America is paying for his mistakes. He is hurting federal workers right now which will trickle down and hurt businesses as people reduce their spending. Even Israelis are wondering what he is doing as he runs from Syria and Afghanistan.

In other words, the honeymoon with Trump is almost over. And at this rate, the only way he will be able to create 25 million jobs that he promised in 2016 is by cutting everyone’s salary.

I can explain to conservatives and Republicans where things have gone wrong since the days of Kennedy and Johnson. Trump does not have a clue!

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