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Trump’s Very Bad Week:  And Two Very Bad Years

MS-13 killing on Long Island and Trump Surrenders to ISIL and Taliban; It was a bad week for Trump. Americans accept his failures and they use tiny soundbites to support his actions. 

Trump’s Very Bad Week

This has been a bad week for Trump and there is fear growing that ISIL will easily regroup and become a bigger threat due to the pullout.  The Taliban have celebrated and it is surprising for the man who claimed that Muslims celebrated on the roofs of New York after the 9-11 disaster and he has not made a statement about the Taliban celebration that the world has witnessed.

Trump, you may recall, said that he is from Long Island when in fact he is from Jamaica, Queens, but Long Island as a geographical entity does include parts of the city including Brooklyn.  We do not think of Long Island as being one with Queens where Trump is from.

Since there was just a murder by the MS-13 who live in Far Rockaway and that murder took place during Trump’s term in office, what happened to the great work of the feds in eradicating MS-13?

It was a bad week for Trump.

The Stock Market lost, for now, all the gains made in 2018, falling thousands of points.  Trump, naturally, targeted the Fed which he does not control (thank goodness).  This was the worst Christmas eve ever for the Stock Market. Could it be that Trump’s handling of the economy has not been good (at all)?

It was a bad week for Trump.

General Jim Mattis (secretary of defense) wrote a letter for the world to read that the Trump Administration is bad for world peace because it requires the full cooperation of our allies.

It was a bad week for Trump.

The shutdown that he took ownership of is probably going to last for more than several days and there is news that he is losing support across our nation.

The point man for Syria who Trump didn’t even know about resigned.

It was a bad week for Trump.

Americans accept his failures and they use tiny soundbites to support his actions.  There are those in Florida who point out that the Democrats under Obama supported the building of the wall.  Well where is the wall?  Democrats have learned that the wall has not worked so what is the real problem of Trump supporters?

Israel has been the subject of much speculation since Trump’s announcement to withdraw from Syria.  American military presence in the region has been important to Israel.  If we think hard enough about all of this, there may be reversal of Trump’s decision that will straighten out the situation.

Jewish leaders in the United States are now very concerned about Trump’s embrace of President Erdogan of Turkey

But at this time and with less than two years away from another presidential election, things are getting tougher for Trump. Depression is probably setting in caused by the Mueller Investigation.

It has been a bad two years for Trump, regardless of how big the turnouts have been for him on the campaign trail.  Keep in mind that there have been counties that went for Trump by fifty percent and in the recent election where a Democrat lost in West Virginia the margin of difference was only ten percent.
It has been a bad two years for Trump.

It has been reported now that China did not purchase a single soy bean from farmers in the United in the month of November.  China bought 5.07 million metric tons of soy bean from Brazil instead.
It was a bad week for Trump.

Republicans are growing up or waking up.  I have thought for some time that Trump is purposely bringing down the country and the Republican Party at the same time.  Here people on MSNBC is talking about  Trump ad how he distracts people which is true always, but his investigation is not finished and that has taken lots of time.

We have known for a long time where all of this is going and our nation can come together.  January will be very telling.  The Democrats have to do much more than expose Trump and fight for impeachment.  If Trump goes, Pence will be stepping up to the plate and Pence has stood by Trump and will not be trusted.

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