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Individual 1 or Agent Orange Hair: Immigrants, Ladders, and Our Economic Progress

As you probably know Agent Orange Hair is toxic, very toxic. Agent Orange Hair is not a Native-American name like Ron His Horse Is Thunder.

jews immigrants in new york: BENJAMIN SCHAFLER AND HIS STORE / Wikipedia. photo by CHAFLER Family

Jews immigrants in new york

Ladders are being funded to permit the scaling Trump’s wall right now. Stocks and Trump are losers.

Trump would have you believe that he built an empire on his own and that he schlept (Yiddish meaning to carry heavy construction materials) this and he schlept that. Schlept is not slept and he did a lot of that which he is now paying for.

People really cannot tell fake news, but some can. Agent Orange Hair is not a Native-American name like Ron His Horse Is Thunder.
As a very well-known educator whose work has been seen by tens of thousands of people or more over the years, I can tell you that people have a difficult time applying knowledge in a new situation which is part of the critical thinking that has been promoted for decades, knowledge to prepare people better. The American people and people in nations around the world were unprepared for Donald Trump. He was prepared. Oh my how he was prepared!

We are just learning something new about Client 9 according to the New York Post and that is that Eliot Spitzer brought his Russian prostitute into his apartment in a suitcase that he did not want the people in the building to know about. If true, it shows you that we learn things many years later, just as we are learning about Catholic priests and Donald Trump.

Here is a video of Tim Conway that makes me think of Donald Trump (the great builder that he says he is and the amazing world leader that he says he is). Agent Orange Hair is toxic, very toxic. These two years have been very painful to say the least and it comes at a time when the Stock Market has had its 2018 gains wiped out which is going to hurt even more people. I would hope that all of the Make America Great Again people would take a two-year vacation to Moscow and let us try to Make America Great (which has never been easy to do) in their absence.

Then there is the veteran that has just raised over $10 million to help Trump build his wall, even as most Americans do not want the wall. I firmly believe that our leaders have to lead and not follow the desires of the electorate (at times), but I have no problem with private money paying for the wall. It just happens that we need a wall right now around the White House. Trump has always needed walls of security in his life and he should have built a moat around Trump Tower and his other properties. Start building that wall around the White House now!

Now we learn about the Miracle Mile and not about high-end shopping centers. And there is a Go Fund Me that has raised $60,000 for ladders to help immigrants get over the wall. Evangelicals are about to lose power as the donations come in that will make the United States a Christian Nation Again where Love Thy Neighbor rules. And if Mexicans are paying for the wall ladders, it makes up for Trump’s dumping the problem on Tijuana temporarily. Trump cannot win, win, win! He can lose, lose, lose! He should call Netanyahu to find out if his wall ever had a “ladder problem.” Hundreds of miracle miles are about to outflank the Trump wall.

The city of immigrants/ New York 1890

The city of immigrants/ New York 1890

Trump’s playground will cost close to $25 billion and the Democratic leadership has failed to mention that even as they confront Trump. The Republican-controlled senate, it appears, will not support the wall at this time even as Trump threatens a shutdown, but the House is another matter. Democrats across the country have to tell constituents that the money will be wasted.

Getting back to the record economy under Trump, let us look at the press release of the President of Da Bronx in March of 2017 or just two months after Trump took office.

“NYSDOL stats indicate that 115,500 more Bronxites have jobs today than when Borough President Diaz first took office in May 2009. Additionally, The Bronx now has a lower unemployment rate than 22 other counties in New York State, following decades of having the highest unemployment rate in the entire state.”

I have been telling my readers that the cities prosper and that other areas of states and countries lag behind. And let’s see who Ruben Diaz, Jr. credits for the success in da Bronx.

“I want to thank all of our elected officials, community boards, business community, non-profits, neighborhood leaders and our more than 1.4 million residents for their collective efforts to make The Bronx an even greater place to live, to raise a family, and especially to work. These new statistics are worthy of celebration, and we can all be proud of our success.”

Then there is the Trump version. I bought up lots of real estate at a low price (that’s what great businessmen do) and I financed all of the properties without going to a single bank. I love Russia and Russians love me so I got them to invest in Trump Da Bronx Bomber. Even Ivana told me that I was schlepping too much.

So don’t even try reading again what Ruben Diaz, Jr. wrote. It’s fake news! And the stock market news is fake news as well. And if you do not support me, you are fake. Putin supports me and he is not fake! But Trump did it all by himself, schlepping here and schlepping there.

Then there is Tucker Carlson and his comments about those immigrants in Tijuana. Alan Dershowitz quickly criticized Carlson during a Fox News interview by mentioning that back in the old days all immigrants were talked about in those very same negative terms. But the problem is that it is too little too late. Great damage has been done by Fox News and there is no way to grade Dershowitz’s argument for its persuasiveness. See the video about Mike Flynn. Carlson ran away from the topic to talk about abortion instead of elaborating.

I would never appear on Fox News even though I feel that we are free to debate the important issues. I wish that some or many of my articles in Jewish Business News would be read by more religious leaders in Catholic churches and Jewish synagogues. It’s really about how we apply the facts in new situations and mistakes are being made.

Let’s look at one great life-saving initiative that could be undertaken instead of Trump’s wall. From the Parkland community we have a reasonable request for hundreds of millions of Americans now. Demanding action by congressmen is essential.

Jeffrey Goldstein has been updating me on information related to action taken after the Parkland Massacre. Here he writes “The Federal Government should take a lesson from New Jersey and Florida. Both states have introduced bills (NJ A764 and FL SB 174) that would require In New Jersey all Public Elementary and Secondary Schools and in Florida all Public Elementary, Middle or High School Campuses be equipped with a “PANIC” alarm for use in a School Security Emergency, including but not limited to a non-Fire Evacuation, Lockdown, or Active Shooter Situation.”

In addition, Goldstein writes that “The new Congress can get a national bill passed to put a “PANIC” Alarm in every school in the country and all of its territories for the safety of all persons within the school system.”

Alyssa’s Law is named after Alyssa Alhadeff who was shot and killed February 14, 2018 at Stoneman Douglas High School while attending class (16 others lost their lives during this senseless event).

One loss of life is one too many. And that is consistent with what Trump is telling the country about the loss of life due to undocumented immigrants. You decide what America needs now.

Breaking news right now is that the Supreme Court will not permit Trump’s asylum ban.


Photo source: BENJAMIN SCHAFLER AND HIS STORE / Wikipedia. photo by CHAFLER Family

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