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Macron and Magaron: Political Climate Horrible

Magaron TowerThe Magaron Tower

M.A.G.A.R-O-N. C’est lui de la Tour Trump.

At this moment both Macron and Magaron are in deep trouble, one is trying to weather a storm in Paris and the other is totally indescribable in Washington, D.C. The word RON in the military is Remaining Overnight. For the purpose of this article, the name will be revealed later.

We have seen Trump’s twitter which surely must have captured the imagination of at least fifty million Americans who are nodding their heads in agreement with Trump who writes invoking one of his ten commandments against climate control.

I wrote a long time ago that Trump should wear a body camera at all times so we can get at the truth. This protest could have been over, but what is at the root of it is power over the poor which generates from the wealthy and their friends (including Macron and Magaron). Trump should get praise for tipping an illegal immigrant employee in New Jersey and permitting her to work, but let’s look at the entire picture.


There have been reports about Trump that we have noticed. Two months ago or so there was the report of Trump’s long-time chauffeur who did get a pay raise, but he lost his health coverage which was very expensive. Whether Trump really is a multi-billionaire or just someone with about a half a billion does not matter. He has the moolah to pay more. In fact just this weekend people were reading about the illegal immigrant who irons his shirts and Melania’s and gets ten dollars an hour. Here is the New York Post exposing much of that.

What is the market rate among the wealthy for that kind of labor? We could ask people in the garment business, Hollywood moguls, wealthy athletes, corporate giants and hedge fund billionaires if ten dollars is what they pay. And others as well! I say that no business should exist that makes its money off the backs of the employees. All people deserve decent wages that help them pay for their needs.

While I was in Poland last year, I had about half an hour to walk around alone and I chose to look at the cars. This was in the town of Czestachova and there was a large parking lot to observe the cars. Just about every single car was small. In contrast Long Island, New York is loaded with large vehicles. So there are two price tags, small and large.

Affordability has to be one of the biggest problems in small town, cities, and rural areas and that is due to low pay. True the living costs have to low as well, but what can the illegal immigrants working for Trump and those low paid workers afford to do in life? This applies as well to our nation’s poor in Alabama, Oklahoma, and New York as well.

Michael Tanner provided a long article called “Free the Poor” which appeared in the National Review (a conservative periodical) and one of Trump’s Bible newspapers, the New York Post. Buried near the end is this “We also need to eliminate barriers such as occupational licensing rules, occupational zoning and the minimum wage (which I have shared powerful information about before).” Now if I had the most tweeted and recognized article of its time called Eliminate the Minimum Wage, there would be a political earthquake in America.

Trump really has done very little work as president in getting things accomplished, but his party would love to inject the elimination of the minimum wage in the near future. The Republicans cannot force it on US because the economy is doing okay (for now) and some jobs are experiencing pay increases generated by years of protests and the signs calling for associates on well known businesses read that employees are needed and those jobs pay more than minimum wage. Trump and Macron should have focused on raising the wages of people much more.

Paris has been this way before, many times before. We have had so many protests of our own, including violence, looting, and massive police action. Things are the same in both countries. And there are predictions of more to come, even Trump has indicted that there would be violence with no Trump. Here is Roger Stone putting the word out. Yes impeachment could be dangerous.

Macron and Trump are both in great danger. The loss of confidence in Macron will require forming a new government. Trump has four years or so it seems. Republicans, we are told, are very concerned about the new revelations. See the recent New York Times article.

This was all predictable a year or more ago. Trump and the Party are in danger. I believe that we have not seen any presidential pardons until now, because everyone around the president knows that pardons are just as dangerous if not more dangerous and I am not ruling out a pardon. Flynn, Manafort, and Cohen are down and that was big news, but there may be more to come. Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Jared seem extremely vulnerable as well. Pardon me, but that may push Trump over the edge.

There are options. There always are options. I thought that we should give Trump a billion dollars to make the deal of deals. To get him out of the White House House. My first article in Jewish Business News almost a year ago spelled out that Trump does not belong with US.

Donald Trump Belongs in Hebron, Not in America

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Think of the dictators and presidents that are living the rest of their lives in another country after being ousted or who will not return to face charges in their own country. Mauricio Funes of El Salvador is in Nicaragua and it was his own party brought that brought him up on charges. Duvalier of Haiti and Ferdinand Marcos, Kaiser Wilhelm, the Shah of Iran, Idi Amin, among others.

A google search came up with Ritz-Carlton and the Four Seasons Hotels in Moscow, but there are others. The Izmailovo Hotel is a green hotel, perhaps not suitable for the Trumps. The Leningradskaya Hotel is now a Hilton Hotel so fuhgeddaboutit. The Moscow Hotel is near the Kremlin. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Netanyahu is another great friend and Trump should be close to him. Trump should attempt to become the King of Hebron (maybe for a day….king for a day).

And finally back to M-A-G-A-R-O-N. The M-A-G-A part you probably got by now. If it were ron which in Spanish means rum, I could be alluding to a man drunk with power, but rum is my own preferred drink and I would not waste it on Trump. The R-O-N is Trump Ready Or Not, but mostly Not.
His tax plan resulted in about a trillion dollars in debt to the government. His plan to repatriate corporate money from overseas was about half of what he expected. He claims to be building a wall with billions of dollars when that barrier is not even his own creation, he inherited vast sums of wealth, has gone bankrupt and he inherited a pretty healthy economy that seems to be going south right now (against the best advise of his own economic advisors except one Peter Navarro), and job creation has slowed down now and the Christmas selling season has only begun.

Breaking news is that Congressman Adam Schiff (D-California) reveals what millions of people must have been thinking for some time and that is Lock Him Up may be coming (not necessarily today or tomorrow, but check it out). I don’t see Trump running off to Haiti or Nicaragua. Ah! Saudi Arabia! That’s what friends are for.

And finally, at this pretty late hour in the Mueller Investigation, let us go back to those critical days when Trump tweeeeeeted without evidence that Obama had him wiretapped. I think that King Trump was saying that his castle had been invaded. We know that Russians were being looked at, don’t we? And that listening in, as police and other law enforcement listen in to many cases and turn up incredible finds, incredible. Here is one minute where James Comey pretty much reveals that he was not into supporting Trumpism and other isms in his leadership role. My guess is that Trump knew at the time of that tweeeeeet that he was fried.

I was enjoying latkas at home as I thought about Trump and Comey. I imagined Trump tweeting that he needed a sharp knife for his latkas and fifty million of his followers running to get him a knife. I winked as I ate the last latka thinking about Comey, smiling and winking. Happy Chanukah!



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