Published On: Thu, Dec 6th, 2018

4 Effective Marketing Alternatives to Blogging

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At this point, blogging has become entrenched within nearly every business’s online marketing strategy. And for good reason. Blogs are an easy way to spread a company’s message, promote products and services, and increase online visibility. Yet, there are many exciting alternatives to the standard blog post that many professionals tend to ignore. If you’ve begun experiencing diminishing returns from your blog posts –– or if you’re looking for a creative way to supplement your blog content –– then make sure to check out these four effective alternatives here:


Podcasts are hugely popular these days, and it’s easy to see why. People enjoy listening to podcasts while they exercise, drive through traffic, or work. Creating a compelling podcast is a great way to establish yourself as an authority in your industry. Plus, you can always invite experts in your field to join you and expand your listerniship.


Tired of writing about the same old topics week after week, month after month? Then consider switching over to a new medium like video. Not only are videos typically more engaging than blog posts, but they can –– literally –– provide a firsthand view that mere words cannot. In addition, hosting a livestream of an event or conference connected to your company is a fun way to engage with digital audiences.

Digital Advertising

There’s no two ways around it –– blogs and other “organic” marketing efforts can take a long time to deliver results. Indeed, it could take months or years before any given blog post generates a lead, let alone a single sale. On the other hand, businesses looking for quicker returns can adopt a more aggressive tactic and start advertising online. Placing ads on search engines and social-media platforms will certainly increase your presence on the web, but that exposure will come at a cost. If you’re serious about upping your digital ad spend first to learn how to optimize your investment.

Viral Content

When businesses create content, they do so with the intention of generating sales. That age-old precept is true, but only partially so. The reality is, modern companies create content for a number of reasons such as: to inform, educate, sway, alert, and even entertain their consumer base. Though it may not work for every business, striking gold with an amusing viral Tweet or Instagram post can work wonders for your brand’s awareness and reputation. Note that a number of factors have to fall in place first before a post can go viral. However, the potential pay-off could prove well worth your time and energy.

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