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Michael Cohen, Little Moscow and Mueller: All Connected to Trump

Michael Cohen was called “Tom” which was a designation out of movie history tied to the Mafia. Tom Hagen who worked for Don Vito Corleone.

Michael Cohen, Little Moscow and Mueller: All Connected to Trump

Derek Jeter, Harrison Ford, Kellyanne Conway, and Sofia Loren (Trump World Tower) residing next to Michael Cohen and the Russian Mafiya. Sotheby’s International was there to help him sell.

East Side West Side around the town, Donald Trump was selling to Russians. Prices were from $1 million to $30 million with property taxes that could be as high as $15,000 per month. Russians that attended a presentation would not admit that they were there to buy. At that time, there were few Russians who had the means to purchase.

I can remember the time when Japanese were buying apartments in New York City and the marketing continued to include references to Japanese buying like crazy even when they did not. We have to distinguish always between buying a good investment and laundering money. The F.B.I. can tell you what is going on and what took place just by their investigations. In other words, it was safe for Russians to keep the money in New York.

Michael Cohen joined the Trump Organization as Trump’s personal lawyer which had once been held by Roy Cohn of the Senator Joseph McCarthy fame dating back to the “Red Scare” in American politics. Michael Cohen was called “Tom” which was a designation out of movie history tied to the Mafia. Tom Hagen who worked for Don Vito Corleone.

The trail left by Cohen included family and contacts, including Morton Levine (his uncle), Evsei Agron, Marat Baragula, and Boris Baragula. They socialized at the El Caribe Country Club in Brighton Beach where Cohen was a part owner. Seth Hettena, author of Trump/Russia, points out the reference for the information which was an article called The Organizatsiya in the New York Times in 1994.`There is an anti-Semitic diatribe under the same name that can be located on the internet as well.

With environmental issues off the table in the Trump Administration, the atmosphere around Trump was very toxic. Fima Shusterman is mentioned in the book as being a possible partner of Trump (which the author stated that Michael Cohen told him that something about all of this was “untrue”). Shusterman had previously been found guilty of money laundering and he is Michael Cohen’s father-in-law.

The financial impact in Sunny Isles of Trump’s “Little Moscow” was big as businesses sprung up to appeal to the Russians, including a nightclub similar to the Rasputin in Brighton Beach. The sales in Sunny Isles brought in at least $98.4 million and about one-third of the apartments were purchased by limited liability companies that could conceal the names of the real owners. This was another great Trump economic miracle. Or was it the work of Russian operatives to build up business for nefarious reasons?

Critical Lesson for All Americans

Among the illegal enterprises at Trump New York and Trump Florida were organized crime running a sports betting ring and defrauding insurance companies with phony auto claims. And that Baronoff Realty’s Elena Baronoff was a “suspected organized crime figure.” She had accompanied the Trump children to Russia in 2007-2008. And in one photo taken at that time, they appeared with Michael Babel who later fled to Russia to escape fraud charges. Possibly through Baronoff, a meeting was organized through Dino Papale of Sicily between Trump and Russians.

The relationships extended and extended into Russia. Dmitry Rybolovlev purchased a mansion from Trump full of mold and the price was more than double what Trump had paid for it ($41.35 million for years before became $95 million). The property was razed. People involved at a high level with FIFA in soccer. Chuck Blazer would become close to Putin and advocated for the World Cup 2018 for Russia. Blazer was later indicted on bribery charges.

I can imagine all the people connected somehow with everything mentioned in this article wondering if the ax is going to fall on them now that Michael Cohen has flipped completely on Trump. I also wonder how many Americans believe what Trump has said about Cohen in the last week, calling him weak person and a liar who was hoping to reduce his sentence.

Here is an article and video about Michael Cohen, Trump, and Comey revealing are US that Trump’s lying is coming to end. It makes me laugh by its title alone, but Congressman Jerry Nadler does a credible job of talking about things related to the Mueller Investigation, Putin, and more. I think trust in America has been weakened and the gulf of political differences described as our disunity may get wider soon, but Trump has to go. Jewish Business News just published my article about the need for Trump to announce that he will seek a second term. Senator Mark Warren (D-VA) spoke on Face the Nation and said that there will be more referrals coming now to the Mueller Investigation about lying. I found this after writing the article.



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