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Lucky Trump Equals Lucky Lindbergh and Lucky Luciano?

Much of what has been going on does appear to be a combination of Lucky Luciano and Lucky Lindbergh (the German-American who gave us America First first and the German-American who gave us America First second)

The Mueller investigation team includes the best experts in money laundering. And perhaps a bit of Al Capone (income tax evasion)? Could it be that someone in the White House is practicing a paraphrased version of “I am not a crook” and we will soon find out what Mueller has come up with?

Back in 1976 three key issues were inflation, unemployment, and Watergate as Jimmy Carter won the White House. We have only slight, but still significant unemployment in the United States which has to be defined with low wages from the federal minimum wage, state minimum wage, and continued lack of full-time jobs that pay well.

Inflation is not double-digit, but the people that Trump has attacked publicly and in ads ending his campaign in 2016 kept inflation down. Much of the increase in pay for most people is being wiped out by gasoline and other prices and it has experts concerned.

We have no Watergate, but we have the long, important Mueller investigation which could be wrapped up soon. There have been various guilty pleas already among men in the White House who were deeply vetted by Trump and declared excellent people who could help run our nation. Watergate was small by comparison. The income tax records of the Donald may soon be public record, even though it was ignored by his base.

There may be more indictments coming, even as things seem to be normal just hours before the mid-term elections. Much of what has been going on does appear to be a combination of Lucky Luciano and Lucky Lindbergh (the German-American who gave us America First first and the German-American who gave us America First second unless this is fake news again), although not directed against Jews until Pittsburgh.

Yes, we know about those anti-Semitic incidents perpetrated by a Jewish youth living in Israel and the African-American who was upset at a Jewish girlfriend. Here is another, new incident where an African-American got into the Union Temple in Brooklyn. Some anti-Semitism by African-Americans as well as Hispanics is expected, but our major focus is on the right and we will not tolerate any acts or incidents of others. Here is a video of what happened. Notice that the temple was not protected right after the Massacre in Pittsburgh. Watch and learn!

In NY Daily News article, a hard life and an addiction to crystal meth are cited as possible reasons for the man acting out and his politics seemed to be in a transition from liberal to other as he blasted his own people when he wrote “N—— have no soul or conscious. They’ll eat they’re own family before they do any kinda work. (the American breed).” But his anti-Semitic graffiti also mentioned “Free PR” with a drawing of the Puerto Rican flag. That could be a protest against Donald Trump and his treatment of Puerto Rico as a result of Hurricane Maria. We will find out as the police investigate the matter.

Luciano, by the way, was finally brought up on charges of prostitution (which was a minor part of his operation since he united gangs across the United States by eliminating people including Dutch Schultz). People that worked for him “sang” to Thomas Dewey, the tough New York prosecutor. Lindbergh, of course, was a great anti-Semite and supporter of Hitler.

The pastor of the Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church just united for hours with the rabbi of the Tree of Life in Pittsburgh. In December 2017, a member of that church united with the parents of Sean Bell, Chris Mancini and the former wife of Muhammad Ali, and others in this important free conference call about Racism and Hate in America. The more than an hour long conference call has resulted in very little productive change. Nobody listens to me. Start at minute two.

As the caravan makes its way toward the border, Trump has prepared the troops with barbed wire to create a barrier. This is not only just a political ploy, but also an act of desperation of a man in power who has permitted tens of thousands to cross the border and will not tell you the truth himself. Even the investigation into the Mexican immigrant Luis Brancamontes (arrested for killing a cop) turned up Trump fake news. The man did not enter the United States under Obama. He entered under George W. Bush.

Now we can get to my community and learn just how Trump is manipulating lots of information about MS-13 and the undocumented immigrants that deserve much better. They are an integral part of this community and businesses owe their growth to them. First of all, thirty alleged members of MS-13 that were arrested won their cases and were released. Justice matters!

There is a great divide between the Justice Department and Donald Trump that is going on and that does not give us great confidence in him for what he has been doing. Among the categories where Suffolk Police are lacking are Continued delivery of bias-free policing, traffic stop data, training, Spanish language access to SCPD website, consultation with Latino community, community survey, maintaining community relations, and community outreach. This is not Germany, this is America.

Trump has categorically supported the Suffolk County Police Department and that police department has only recently met two of those benchmarks in the last month (when that should have been achieved over two years ago). So there have been disturbing patterns and Trump acted as though everything was hunky dory or fine.

The Suffolk County Police Department was hostile in 2013 to the Hispanic community and the community mistrust of the police is still there. There is the belief that Trump has driven a wedge between police and the community. The effectiveness of police was called into question even much earlier and you’d never know it listening to Trump. There was misconduct found also in the Internal Affairs investigations at SCPD.

Of 134 complaints made about biased policing, not even one complaint could be substantiated by Internal Affairs. And there is fear among community people, think how much fear has been added by Trump and his rhetoric. The Cuevas- Mickens murders were in 2016, but the four bodies found by a park that I drive by almost every day were found in 2017 after Trump took office. And there were many more descriptions of bad police enforcement given in the article by Sandra Peddie in New York Newsday.

Here is breaking news from my mind. This economic boom that we are experiencing should be investigated more. I believe that our nation’s banks hold the answer. Why? They provide most of the loans for construction. I have written about this before, but how would you feel knowing that the vast majority of the construction projects that we see across our nation were started before January 20, 2017? Maybe this is what has been going on? An audit could get to the truth.

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