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We Are Not the Lucky Ones Now: Trump Hurts US

Senator Joseph McCarthy

The Robert Bowers story tells us a lot about America today. It’s a wake-up call reverberating across our nation.

In We Were the Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter, we are reminded that V-E Day is May 8, 1946 when Germany surrendered. Soon after that we learn that Jews were in trouble in Poland and that members of the Kurc family decided to emigrate to America. Where did they go? To Stuttgart, Germany to stay in a DP Camp or Displaced Persons Camp. There is a Jewish soccer league there that competes against Germans. What happens? Insults are spoken, including dirty Jews, conniving thieves, pigs, and you deserve what you got. And those Jews decided to let the Germans win.

These were also the days when the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society was established to help refugees and got the attention of Robert Bowers of Pittsburgh.

Also this was the beginning of learning about what was taking place in different ways. When I contacted a Jewish group in Alabama over a year ago, this was told to me within five seconds.

When the Nazis came for the communists,

I remained silent;

I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,

I remained silent;

I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,

I did not speak out;

I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,

I remained silent;

I wasn’t a Jew.

When they came for me,

there was no one left to speak out.

There truly are lots of people all over our nation that need to be educated. They are in lots of Jewish families.

I just learned that my late-mother’s name was on sponsorship papers for a family member. Perhaps my mother told me about it. This was an amazing discovery to me. I had never made the connection with that sponsorship and the Holocaust. Over sixty years later, I have a much better picture of those events. Are Jews around the world safe and in need of help right now? It would appear so. We know that about a dozen Israelis have attempted to cross the Mexican-American border in a year. That could be due to jobs that are sometimes scarce in Israel.

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Recently in Florida, the news informed us that a man was holding a sign that Jews rape children. The F.B.I may be aware of that red flag, but the F.B.I. like most agencies is under staffed. Recently I reported in Jewish Business News that the F.B.I. was out investigating a case related to Judy Garland’s shoes in the Wizard of Oz. Where are the priorities?

In Florida where one of my friends has a running argument with “conservative Jewish” friends, there is obvious concern as the elections take place on Tuesday. It would be great if some or most of them would be much better informed, instead of supporting Trump and his dangerous rhetoric.

I have called for a Million Man March and I am actively seeking communication with people in Pittsburgh and I know that my articles are being read there. What will be the result? I have also written that the Christian world should be spending one day each week throughout the year teaching about anti-Semitism. What will be the result? I keep repeating that nobody listens to me.

On March 29, 1945 250 German police armed with U.S. Army rifles entered the Stuttgart Displacement Center where Samuel Danziger, from Radom, Poland, was murdered. Then the United States policy became more “liberal” and opened its door to Jewish refugees. Tell that to your conservative friends.

Jews were able to go to Bremerhaven to come to the United States. We grandmother told me how she and her family took the train to Bremerhaven and arrived in New York in 1911. Let’s us never forget those things.

There was a Passover celebration in Brazil that you can read about in the book. And a survivor of the Holocaust found the afikomen. She was rewarded with cruzeiros, Brazilian money. And she kissed her dziadek on the cheek. Grandpa, too, survived the Holocaust. It is time to be more liberal. And Trump right now is cracking down on asylum seekers. There is a lot going on in this country that is not kosher.

Breaking news and breaking news about Trump.

Trump in his first crack down remarks about the caravan moving across Mexico, indicated that throwing rocks would be met with force. Then he toned down his remarks. Those Central Americans are not Stanley Danziger, but they have a right to life and to express themselves without the fear of troops firing on them, especially troops that Trump has placed there in a very antagonistic environment. How many people would have to be throwing rocks for our president to order to shoot to kill? We know that Trump was just being his erratic self, without communicating with the Pentagon.

Trump has stirred up his base again and who knows where that will lead to? He appears to have put on his brakes, but he cannot be trusted any longer.



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