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Trump Blamed After Charlottesville and Pittsburgh: What Next?

We need a Million Man March and new alliances to protect us all.

The French really know how to talk about anti-Semitism as you will see later. Here in America, Trump is playing election politics, along with his family.

Trump was just as bad about Pittsburgh as he was about Charlottesville. See the “small demonstration” that Trump has referred to, a demonstration that took place as he made his way into Pittsburgh.

With Florida in the balance for Republicans and where medical insurance is vital to everyone including people heading south for the winter, Trump has not replaced Obama Care as promised and he has no national health plan in place after calling for repeal and replacement on the same day. See the interview here. And in Florida, I overheard people say that Trump is doing “good.”

It has been told to me that Jews are well armed in Florida and after the Pittsburgh Massacre more Jews are taking gun training, influenced by events and perhaps former members of the Israeli Defense Forces here at home. I say that Jews have to be protected better and the at the end of the full version of the of the Leslie Stahl interview with president-elect Trump Leslie Stahl asked Trump to speak out against people who were taking things into their own hands against ethnic minorities. Trump spoke and weakly said “Stop it.” He had no chance to rehearse or anticipate the request and therein lies a major part of the problem with Trump whose rhetoric and actions have hurt Blacks, Muslims, Jews, Puerto Ricans, and undocumented immigrants. He was weak and he continues to be plagued by weakness.

Take a close look at the values that Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn represented before his death. Those values are the antithesis of Trumpism. This is no time for “civility” as some Jewish leaders profess (especially those with a partisan twist). This is time to fight back with superior force. Jews are not the problem when it comes to anti-Semitism. Others are the problem. I have called for action from Christian churches in Jewish Business News. Rabbi Schneersohn’s values align pretty well with values that almost all Jews believe in and we got a president that was out to help his friends and do very little for the average person.

Started schools and programs including drug rehabilitation and Talmud classes for women

Believed in transforming the folly of materialism to holiness

Was interested in world peace, solar energy with government funding, foreign aid to developing countries, and nuclear disarmament

Taught that the US should not rely on totalitarian regimes with great national differences

His education plan for society included the promotion of fundamental human rights and the obligation of justice and morality

A call for non-involvement in politics

He was opposed to land for peace in Israel so people would not lose their lives

And the victims of Chernobyl who arrived in Israel received housing, education, and medical care

In France when there was an attack on Jews, Minister Valls was appalled that the support of Jews was not that great and my appeal to have a Million Man March would be a strong message to the White House. It could turn out to be the greatest of recent Million Man Marches, even if Minister Louis Farrakhan does not show up. See See Minister Manuel Valls here here and compare him to Trump. France is apologetic for lots of terrible things that have taken place there and in America the Electoral College voted for a man who does not believe in apologizing.

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