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Mexico’s Lopez-Obrador: No Fear

Bob Woodward's book Fear: Trump in the White House and Mexico’s Lopez-Obrador

Mexico’s Lopez-Obrador: No Fear

But there is FEAR, the new book by Bob Woodward about the White House.  And there will be pertinent information later.
Here are some quotes of Andrés Manuel López-Obrador from his book A New Hope for Mexico. “There is no cause for concern at the U. S. election results.” “We have nothing to fear.” “Fellowship, without walls or borders, is the best approach.” López-Obrador is critical of just about all the recent presidents of Mexico: Zedillo, Fox, Calderón, and Peña-Nieto. Donald Trump recently blasted all the presidents since Reagan: Clinton, Bush, and Obama.

López-Obrador is against privatization of industries that once belonged to the Mexican people. Trump is for it and now there is talk to privatize the war in Afghanistan by the brother of Betsy DeVos.

López-Obrador calls the opposition a “gang of thugs” and Trump seems to have mostly thugs around him that are there to profit from being with Trump.

López-Obrador writes about how the wealthy have depleted the Mexican treasury through tax deductions just at the moment that we are finding out about the tax scams of Donald Trump to enrich himself with tax deductions.
The president-elect of Mexico writes about Franklin D. Roosevelt and how the 32nd president expressed four fundamental human rights 1) freedom of expression 2) freedom of worship 3) freedom from want 4) freedom from fear. Trump has given us 1) freedom for Trump to express himself as he denigrates just about everyone else 2) freedom of worship except for maybe Muslims who pray for their loved ones to join them in America 3) freedom to cut the programs of the poor 4) freedom to invoke fear anytime he wishes, particularly in the blue states, sanctuary cities (his case was just overturned on funding to sanctuary cities) and more.

López-Obrador is determined to fight for the rights of his people in America and to change public opinion here. He knows very well that Trump is doing to Mexicans what Hitler did to Jews. The plan includes fighting in international courts and forums, converting Mexican consulates in the United States into migrant defense offices, developing a plan to combat Trump’s tariffs, creating new jobs (in the book you will find out that Mexico’s unemployment in 2016 was 3.9 percent which was lower than our unemployment), paying Mexican workers a living wage, reaching out to all countries for the means to grow the Mexican economy, and fighting corruption at home including reducing the high level of pay and benefits of high ranking officials. Keep in mind that the Mexican government just signed a new trade agreement with the United States and Canada and probably Mexican jobs have been lost already.

I share this information with you as this article came out about severe human rights violations under the current Mexican government of Peña-Nieto published in the LA Times. See The Militarization of Public Security. Of course, objections have been raised to the use of the National Guard in the United States by Trump in Chicago and elsewhere, because of our memories of Kent State. And if that isn’t bad enough, we should reflect on the fiascos in the Las Vegas mass shooting and the horrible attack at Parkland High School, but not limit ourselves just to these incidents that show how vulnerable we all are. Never mind that Trump will tell you how safe he is making us. We know that the police could have responded not only quicker but also in the interests of the people being attacked (deputies did not enter the school grounds). Responding quickly and effectively are things to takes seriously and that takes us to Fear, the book by Bob Woodard. There is danger in Mexico as the article shows and there danger that I trumpet right now in the United States.

I had to pick up cat food for my feral cats and noticed Woodward’s book in the store. I grabbed it and all of you should do the same. I completed the first chapter which details how Trump was setting up our security to fail just as we have learned what failures took place in other incidents. But first, allow me to preface my comments with a question. Would you want the fire department to respond to a fire in your house in seconds or in several minutes? This matter pertains to North Korea which was called by Secretary of Defense Mattis our nation’s biggest danger. What happened is that Trump wanted to have a much better balance of trade with South Korea and was obsessing over it. The cost of defending South Korea was more than $1 billion. For all of you who were affected by my prefacing this part about the time it takes (to get help), the South Korean system in place to detect antiballistic missiles is different from the system in Alaska. The South Korean system detects the missiles in seven seconds…seven seconds and the Alaska system takes fifteen minutes…fifteen minutes. That is Trump in a nutshell. Did I say nutshell? People all around him kept him from signing the letter to withdraw the United States from the agreement and it was Jared Kushner who Trump dictated the letter to. Read it for yourself right here. FEAR.

$18 billion deficit trade with South Korea

$3.5 billion in defense costs for South Korea

Keep in mind that White House employees have been required to sign a non-disclosure agreement in which they cannot speak about Trump and the White House at all. That was September 2017 and the letter was hidden from Trump by Gary Cohn who resigned in March of this year. This reminds me of how James Comey prevented George W. Bush from reinstating torture. These are profiles in courage. In just about any other job in the United States, Trump would have been terminated for the way that he was handling those difficult matters in the White House. I can be just as creative as Trump in suggesting that Russia is paying for all those people who attend his rallies across America and that the Trump-Putin Accord is a way to shape a new world order that the Illuminati has had no role in. This is all Trump for Trump and not We The People. Lines are forming and there should be two lines for impeachment: Kavanaugh and Trump.

Pablo Villavicencio, the Ecuadorian pizza deliveryman, just won his case to stay in the United States and move forward with the change in his legal status. We wish the same for Mexican immigrants and all other immigrants. It is also time for ICE to the right thing and not the wrong thing to people to keep us safe. And there will be more about López-Obrador and Mexico coming soon. I have not retired my pen.

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