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Make Their Countries Great Again at the UN: Who is Trump kidding now?

I am calling for an Economic Summit of at least 25 of the top economists of our nation and/or the world to explain to all of us what this new Trump economic plan is.

What has Trump really been able to accomplish on his own in relation to the world’s problems mentioned at the United Nations. He keeps talking, but his accomplishments are not there. He can cut out money for this nation or that, but otherwise he has shown us nothing and now he wants the help of the t United Nations to accomplish things. He is a bad fit for the United Nations.
A monster hurricane may hit the American economy as a result of Trump’s ideas.

Latin America and other countries only have to follow the great lead of the great conspirator-in-chief to achieve greatness. Trump now wants to Keep America Great, a nation that is divided where the market is up and the Trump base appears to be losing in the area of jobs gained. The economic engine that creates more jobs is not in the “red” states. Which Latin American nations can achieve in a year and a half what the United States has achieved this man who possesses such great furor. Is that word spelled correctly? And his honor the fuehrer creates that furor for the few and not for the furious majority. Even African-Americans realize that millions of jobs have not been created for them in the last year a

The one penny idea that Trump spoke about was given to him by Fox News’ Sean Hannity. Hear it for yourself right here. Hannity was telling the lie about 90 million people being out of the workforce on Fox News in Fayetteville, North Carolina. This was done to discredit the Democrats.

Is that what Latin America has to do to make things great? I know what to research because I heard the lies in 2016. This is not about Obama or the Clintons. Has a few million jobs really made America Great Again considering these de-tales (details). Trump is giving us tales.

Even in South Carolina where UN Ambassador Nikki Haley was the governor, the unemployment rate has fluctuated between 3.9 and 3.4 percent with seven months above 3.9 percent. Don’t you think that after being governor for years, she should tell Trump that the unemployment rate in her state was nothing like he and Sean Hannity told the voters in 2016. Also there are no more than 100,000 men and women in need of jobs in South Carolina so it would be critical for Sean Hannity to tell us what numbers he has in his possession and in the last year about 35,000 jobs have been added there. Does this sound like millions to you?
And shouldn’t the representatives at the UN be told?

Laughter is the best medicine and Trump can find ways to make them laugh harder in mockery. And Trump claimed that our nation’s military had been “depleted” and he used the same military to intimidate countries like North Korea and Syria with the “Obama” military.

Trump keeps touting the allies that our nation has and besides Israel and maybe the Philippines I do not see any to talk about. You decide for yourself if the world was laughing at Trump and don’t let me persuade you.

A while back in Jewish Business News (Donald B.C.Trump) I called for Donald Trump to wear a body camera at all times and we have learned that people are saying that Rod Rosenstein wanted to secretly record Trump. The is the Mueller Investigation going on and Trump wants all kinds of investigations as well. So do I. I want 100 of our tops economists to come together and tell us what Trump’s economic order is that he presented at the United Nations.

Blog/ Donald “B.C.” Trump vs. Jon “D.C.” Tester: The Great Debate

It seems almost totally isolationist where we Americans would basically buy and sell things to each other, which can result in more industrial development. Of course we won’t have the range of choices that we have had including lower prices so we can survive. Republicans often claim that they are for choice and competition, but those two things will be eliminated except for American made things. I think the Russians went through something similar for decades and finally succumbed to a free market economy and during those decades we criticized the quality of their goods. So it seems that we are on course to compete with each other much more and put each other out of business. And that is something that goes on already and hurts employees most of all. Walgreen’s just took over Rite Aide where I live and some people have been given jobs in other local Walgreen’s, but it would be great to know the losses as downsizing takes place as well.

Are we going to Make America Great Again by going back to 2008-2009 when jobs dried up as our nation’s businesses lose their international accounts and fight (if they can fight) for domestic accounts? Will we have a serious recession or is all this talk from Trump another big hoax just like his wall. The first person that I heard talk about the development of a middle class in Mexico was George W. Bush and the condition of Mexico in 2008-2009 must have been horrendous. In 2002 I learned that when the United States gets a cold, Latin America get pneumonia. Latin America will be hurt a lot and this may precipitate more people from those poor countries trying to come here and they will. Trump only has one move at that point and that is more policing which would make it even more dangerous. Any gains in controlling violence across our nation would be lost with an economy that is not performing well and then Trump would have to wait for the moment to announce the lowest unemployment and Black unemployment since Trump.

Save my life, please! I just listened to Trump’s entire speech at the U.N. If you have ever seen Fact Finding on the internet in relation to Trump’s speeches, here we go again. Here are keys things to worry about. How can a man who disrespects almost everyone talk about R-E-S-P-E-C-T at the United Nations in front of a world-wide audience. Trump has been disrespecting people since the ice age.

Newspapers articles are trying to explain to readers that just getting a job does not end poverty for people and I am told about women (not just men) working three jobs.

Socialism, Trump claims, has been faithfully implemented in Cuba and Venezuela with horrible results because capitalism is superior.

The middle class has been left behind due to the theft of 401 (k) programs during my lifetime and low wages paid to them. This is called the erosion of wages since the 1970s.

This so called “unfair immigration” that Trump talks about does not reduce pressure to create reform. There is much less chance of reform when people do not immigrate to other countries. When people leave their country and send money home (a huge industry comparable to oil), they support people who often can advance their own lives through education, business, etc. Normally it is the immigrant living here that is doing the suffering, just as millions of immigrants suffered for many decades in the United States.

From the 1890s to the 1950s huge numbers of people lived in poverty in America. Puerto Ricans came at a better time in history, but their poverty continues even today. Wages and benefits are kept low or worse. Sweatshops! Before Hitler’s arrival in Germany, Jews were doing much better than in prior decades due to less competition among other Jews who came to America. If we send all the undocumented immigrants back to Latin America or anywhere else, poverty will increase in those countries putting more pressure on our borders. With all the talk about low income people getting hurt because of immigration, business failed to create jobs and we faced a huge recession that took years to correct. Trump’s triumph right now is part of a continuum of help given to the American people.

Trump wants to dump immigrants in other parts of the world close to where their place of birth is instead of sending them to the United States. With that kind of thinking where would Jews have had to go if a deal were cut to remove them (us)? To the Ukraine from Poland? To Lithuania? Trump’s plan is to throw people from the frying pan into the fire. When Jews went to Paris and tens of thousands of immigrants had recently moved into the Marais district, those Jews and their friends felt safe being in a country with a tradition of valuing the rights of man. So France was different and far away and worth going to. Muslims will be killed, discriminated, and even enslaved in some countries so no rosy picture should be painted at the United Nations or anywhere else. The world will not accept Trump’s handshake and give him the deal that he desires.

Trump’s plan is the 10 Percent Plan to reduce migrations. It’s about spending less money and keeping his political base. Each person would cost only ten cents on the dollar to place somewhere. He can save money, but he won’t save the people with his plan. But he measures success in ways that we don’t.

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