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King James Is Smarter Than King Trump: Lebron James Should Unite With Parkland Parents Now

alyssa lost her life in Parkland shooting / Photo source- lori alhadeff's personal album

Turn that 8 sideways and remember Alyssa forever.

Get in touch with Alyssa’s mom Lori Alhadeff now.

King James still needs to make the right moves to slam dunk Trump in politics, bearing in mind that Trump’s court is rigged and weak. Even yesterday and today we are reading that Trump’s own committee says that there was no widespread fraud in the Election of 2016.

Lebron James could really do amazing things for the United States, but for now he must learn this. This is not a time for Lebron to get into a Twitter War with Trump. We have to win in spite of Trump!

A room is not a house and a house is not a home.

A player is not a team.

And finally, a class is not a school.

Even Melania Trump has now offered to visit Lebron’s “school” to give her support.

I do not care if a class is set up as a school by a charter school or my own union, it is wrong.

Lebron’s “school” will succeed largely because of Lebron and his influence and it reminds me of a meeting that I had pending with the father of Robinson Canó in the Dominican Republic. That was when Robinson Canó, number 24 or 42 backwards (for Jackie Robinson), was the king of swing and was on his way it appeared to bring on more dynastic times for the New York Yankees. Robinson was working out with the youth and the report that I received will reveal what will take place in class. The youth were working hard to please Canó and the hard work stopped when Canó left and his father replaced him. End of story.

I would not expect an immediate change from King James and a total turnaround of strategy, but some important adaptations should take place to correct the situation.

Look at my article about Lebron James in Jewish Business News. I pushed aside Oprah to endorse James for president of the United States and for good reasons.

Lebron James For POTUS:  The People’s Choice for President of the United States

Students who care can share this article across the United States. The article that I just mentioned was about how Lebron James was helping people who had dropped out of school. When DACA came out 300,000 of those youth had already dropped out. So this is totally about caring for your friends and finding the best solutions that will make everyone stronger and safer.

Melania Trump’s outstretched hand does indicate that she understands some of that, but what happens after the photo op? Where’s the beef was the question (it went viral) asked in corporate America.

There ain’t no beef if you do not understand. There is no Make America Great Again. We can only Make America Great and that should be our focus.

My friends in Hip-Hop told me years ago that Hip Hop was going to save the world. Hip Hop is international, but it has done very little to save the world. Students in audiences listen to guest speakers talk and they love some speakers and ask others to stop the talk and start the action. I ask the students to look at themselves and act on behalf of their brothers, sisters, and friends who are being led astray. See my article about King Trump and the National Anthem and his throne.

Not far from where I live, a group of high school students stopped, bullied, and then one of the youth stabbed and killed Marcelo Lucero. As this news (bad news) went public around the world it rocked the United States. An immigrant had been killed on his way home from work. When the police interrogated the youth who did the stabbing, that youth asked if what had taken place was going to affect his wrestling season (I assume at school). The youth is in prison now. Share this with people that you know.

Guns, bullying, gangs, drugs, poor conduct, other weapons, poor school performance, lack of self-responsibility, poor parental or guardian performance, lack of respect, and not really caring are just some of the major problems facing us. Spend a few minutes thinking about things that you know about that have been left out. All of us must be part of the solution so we really have to communicate together. We must call upon people to assume that leadership role. The White House has failed us for the last year and a half and Melania Trump cannot turn that around. Around a decade ago we first heard of the Tea Party activists, but now we must have Committees of Correspondence and Action to save our people and nation.

All of this takes us into a discussion of Parkland and the shooting that took place there. Seventeen people were killed and Lebron James needs to join the team and share information with his fans. With a fan base of tens of millions, Lebron can make a big difference slam dunking the best information for close a hundred million people. He can start with a video with the Parkland community fighting to make a difference. Breaking news this week tells us that Nikolas Cruz, the Parkland shooter, was even thinking about going to a park that week to kill people. We have to counteract “the evil side” in others together.

The best solution right now is for Lori Alhadeff who lost her daughter Alyssa at Parkland to unite with Lebron James. Make everything go viral and speed up the process of helping America. America First is failing us. This is what Lori Alhadeff wants to share with Lebron James and others like him.

“Alyssa was a girl with spunk. It’s hard to put into words what the world lost. She was vibrant, uplifting, funny, witty, sarcastic, loyal, kind, compassionate, dedicated….the list is endless. She brought a lot of light into this world.

She was an outstanding soccer player. She played the 8 position and wore the number 8. When turned sideways is the infinity symbol which means forever. Alyssa will forever be in our hearts!”


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