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John McCain: A Kind, Important Letter From Senator McCain

John McCain
Senator John McCain in 2004 had the best favorable to unfavorable rating in the entire Congress (55 percent to 19 percent). But read on to see my own point of view.

John McCain was behind Rudy Giuliani in polls in 2007 for the Republican nomination. Thank goodness he overcame Giuliani. Have you seen Giuliani’s work lately?

I attended a breakfast with Congressman Charles Rangel where he said that the Congress was going to fix Obama Care. I knew that it would not be fixed so read on. John McCain saved Obama Care from repeal and that was good. Trump is still working on a health plan that should have been ready almost two years ago (repeal and replace on the same day, remember?).
John McCain voted against the Dream Act after supporting it. And he picked Sarah Palin as his running mate.

We thank Mc Cain for passing the Steele Dossier onto James Comey for further, more critical evaluation and investigation.
John McCain recognized that a border wall most likely would not keep immigrants out. See my proof in Jewish Business News that the wall can be scaled easily and anywhere in the Doug Jones article. Think of the Macy’s Day Parade and the floats and then think of a children’s inflated staircase. I would ask for a meeting of Republican senators at the wall where they could climb the inflatable steps and enter Mexico. Would Fox News cover that story? Then we could watch Donald Trump climb the steps to the other side where he could have a sandwich that appears on tee-shirts sold in Mexico. WHITE bread full of baloney with RUSSIAN dressing and a SMALL PICKLE. Maybe Trump will even wear the tee-shirt at the border?

Doug Jones

Even Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the newly elected president of Mexico, in his book “A New Hope For Mexico” does not seem to understand that this wall can become nothing but a $23 billion playground for people to get over the wall. He writes that he has come to New York to the United Nations to fight against the “order issued by Trump to begin construction of a border wall….” Also think of all the pro-Trump articles that will continue to deceive you. Nobody listens to me.

How about a Splish Splash theme park for the wall? I do not wish to profit, to receive royalties or commissions, nor partner with anyone in sharing these important thoughts. When word really gets out there will be tweets that I am a traitor giving ideas to the enemy. The enemy? Mexico is a neighbor. I just want to save our nation’s people billions of dollars, because the money will come from working class people. The wealthy could have put up the money already if they really wanted a wall. They want Wall Street and not a wall.

John McCain is gone. Donald Trump is finished! I say finished as a Constitutional right to make “fake news” just as Donald Trump has. Make America Great Again has been replaced by Keep America Great. I point out to you that an alleged member of MS-13 is in the news in New York City as the main suspect in the rape of an 11 years old girl. How can it be that this could happen only days after Trump’s fraudulent campaign slogan? Isn’t he the man who said that we are locking up MS-13 members by the thousands? Who believes any of that National Socialist propaganda and what are his supporters really about?

Donald Trump is now lashing out at Bob Woodward who gave Americans so much in reporting which led to the resignation of Richard Nixon over Watergate and the movie All the President’s Men. For years I have been wishing and hoping for the news media to give us another Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. Now we have Woodward back over forty years since Watergate.
Back in 1976 at the Democratic National Convention in New York City, I got to meet and talk to some elected officials at that time. The best exchange I had with Mayor Richard Daley and his family. The fond memories continue today.

Also, there were Birch Bayh of Indiana, John Tunney of California (the son of boxing champion Gene Tunney who knocked out Jack Dempsey, and John Glenn without his astronaut uniform. John Glenn was from Ohio, but he was also a citizen of the universe. I had never met people like Robert Wagner and John Lindsay when they were mayors of New York City. I had never met anyone, but my parents shared protection from the rain in Puerto Rico with Hubert Humphrey. In rain or shine we met Democrats.

I had never met a Republican until well after my retirement from teaching and that was at a book signing in Huntington, New York. Mariano Rivera had a book signing in Huntington and by the time I got there he had gone. I got to speak to Newt Gingrich at his book signing. I didn’t buy the book and the meeting was unforgettable and not because of politics. Gingrich had an expression of exhaustion in his eyes and meeting him turned out to be a large waste of my time. And I have met Peter King and written about him in Jewish Business News.

Blog/ Peter King Exposed: 2018 Midterm Elections Could Be a Time for Change

There were people that I met, talked to, and corresponded with. Here is a letter that I received from Senator John McCain. This is part of what provoked Senator John McCain’s letter to me. I have been in touch with hundreds of offices in the US Senate, Congress, and local and state governments. This also tell you about the failure of John McCain and others across our nation. This is what Mc Cain read and there was more about the community effort that is still badly needed, but, unfortunately, those community efforts address just part of the entire package of things that are needed.

By reducing gang activity through education across our nation, we can ease up the personnel in the F.B.I. and the police to do a much better job of fighting terrorism so that we do not lose more lives. The police are already actively protecting gay and lesbian communities and that means that everyone else will be protected much less, except if the F.B.I. and police immediately increase their staff by hiring tens of thousands more people across our nation. Education is the key to this effort.

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and even President Barack Obama have to be vetted much more. We are fighting terrorism (9-11, Boston, San Bernardino, Orlando, and other incidents). We are also fighting gangs and violence across America, even rapes and murders all over our nation. If we look carefully at the remarks of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, and others, we can compare just the way you would compare items in the marketplace. Their comments are on the shelves for all to see.

When I retired in 2000, I first contacted the Republican National Committee because I wanted to make a difference in communities across the United States and I was in touch with the George W. Bush White House. Before that I would spend lots of time on tennis courts and golf courses throughout my life instead of working hard for the people of the United States and the world. I still hit lots of golf balls which is one of my passions.

I think the first well known person that I met during my retirement was Michael Bloomberg. It was nice meeting him in his campaign office and shaking hands with him. I met Chuck Schumer which was rather insignificant. I would see Charlie Rangel at various events and talk to him and that almost worked out well. I sat in a van with Steve Levy in Suffolk County and gave him advice, but nobody listens to me. I was at various events with Tom Suozzi then Nassau County Executive. He was okay. Then I met Steve Bellone who succeeded Steve Levy.

Letter to Martin Danenberg from John MacCain



I became known to just about everyone of the City Council of New York and my favorite elected official of all time was Robert Jackson who listened to me quite a bit, but I still say that nobody listens to me. Our Save the GED Rally video outside City Hall in New York is a must see for all elected officials except fascists, wanna be fascists, and those more interested in themselves than in the future of the people of this nation.

In 2004 after returning home from the Democratic National Convention in Boston, I called the room of Barack Obama and he answered the phone. So we talked for about 30 seconds or less as I respected the position that he was put in at the convention. My research on Obama revealed that his office had made a $5,000 payment to help people with the G.E.D. and that was really nice to know about him.

People in the White House were instantly open to me when Obama became president. At that time, I waited to Adolfo Carrión to return to Washington, D.C. when he was the head of the office of Urban Affairs for Obama, but we did not hook up. Carrión and I walked the halls of the state capitol together and he later gave me the Rotunda of the Bronx Supreme Court Building for a G.E.D. event that I did there.

I also did G.E.D. events in the A.F.L.-C.I.O. Building and the Congress of the United States. I later met Congressman Ruben Hinojosa at the swearing in of Supreme Court Justice Elena Sotomayor.

Years later I met Cory Booker on the street in Newark, New Jersey during a Dominican Day Parade. I passed a goat on the street and after being in touch with Booker’s staff for months, I realized that I should have stayed with the goat. I met the current mayor of Newark and the mayor of Newark after Booker left to become senator. I also met the mayor of Hartford, Connecticut at a Dominican festival and there was no goat there, but I told Mayor Segarra that I knew someone that was well known in Hartford and Segarra told me that he had bought his house from the man. Small world? Just about anywhere that I went to help people where I met elected officials nobody listened to me. And I do not want to propose that we elect goats instead of people. Goat definitions include a lecherous man, womanizer and of course there is the scapegoat that dominates our political culture right now.

I met Mayor de Blasio at a labor breakfast and the assemblyman who invited me soon went to jail. De Blasio agreed with what I said and then did not get the job done.

And I met Ed Koch at the retirement party of a New York judge. He was considerate and kind to talk to.

If Hillary Clinton had received enough electoral votes in 2016 we now know that Donald Trump might have sued the media for billions, maybe trillions. We would then know that much of the economic growth that probably would have taken place would be related to the Clinton Years. The economy was going nowhere for years and it could have gone up, particularly as new technology developed just as it developed in the Reagan years.

Judy Garland’s slippers worn in the Wizard of Oz have just been found in an F.B.I. sting. I soon learned that the sting was about extortion fraud (related to the Markel Corp. the new owner of the shoes) and I thought that Trump had the F.B.I. working on the most violent criminal cases.

I have met and talked to Antonio Villaraigosa, the former mayor of Los Angeles and countless others and I am not impressed. Not impressed!

I am not impressed by our elected officials (and their staff members). I was in an auditorium in Washington, D.C. where John McCain and Barack Obama were speaking to a huge audience that was invited by the National Council of La Raza. I was not impressed.

Trump has his back against the wall! Bring on the baloney sandwich!

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