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Enough American Propaganda: Veterans and Others Unite Against Trump

As the basketball season approaches in the United States here are the big 8 lies out of a list of 101. Trump is the premier propaganda artist of our time.


Two “loopholes” (using Trump’s own way of explaining things) have put him into power and kept him there this far. The first thing is the Electoral College that should have been removed after the Civil War by Republicans who had power. The second thing is that lying has not caused Trump’s removal or “recall” from office. When I say recall this does not mean impeach. The recall is the democratic removal of someone by the people, not by their representatives. The 18 states allowing for recall are as follows: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington and Wisconsin.

The White House has just apologized for the mistake that it made in Black unemployment figures. Has anyone seen the Trump Tweet on this? In addition, the truth is that Black unemployment had already started to go up. Black unemployment jumped in May (5.9 percent) to July (6.6 percent).
There are very troubling things going on and one is the moving of a company out of Chicago where 150 people will be laid off. The company is moving to Mexico and where is Trump and his bold plan of action to keep companies from moving. The saving of Carrier in Indiana fell apart at the seams as well and the saving of Carrier back in 2016 was hot news for Trump. Trump continues to be “fake news” for Americans. The company Alpha Guardian that is closing those locations in Illinois says that Trump is to blame.

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The White House says that the president has made it clear…. We keep hearing that from the White House spokesperson amid calls in this heated confrontation that Donald Trump make it clear what he means by “Make America Great Again.” Governor Andrew Cuomo blasted Donald Trump, but his spokesperson quickly cleared up Cuomo’s message by adding that the governor feels that America is great. This debate is still about the voters and what they think. There are indicators that Trump has lost some support since 2016, but the confrontation should be much more intense than it is now. Make America Great Again is not a fact.


It is opinion that Trump and his supporters have a right to, but it surely does fall under the category of “alternative facts” later put out by White House staff members that could not work for me. Among the lies that were “alternative facts” were Stormy Daniels and her relationship with Trump (the story just broke that Michael Cohen went full steam ahead into the matter after the Access Hollywood video broke the news about Trump’s groping of women) and knowledge of Trump, Jr.’s meeting in Trump Tower with the Russians. Those lies are becoming increasingly important and we all suspect that there will be other lies which is a form of propaganda.


As I was growing up in the 1950s people told me about discrimination in the business world against Jews. From time to time that message would be repeated by people who moved in mixed circles in New York City. There really were all kinds of discrimination against Jews and other minorities. I remember when you could hear police say “I’m going to shoot first and ask questions later.” There was intense, pervasive discrimination.
Any act that challenges our elected officials that is honest is worthy of our respect. On the Lower East Side a group of Hispanics in J.H.S. 22 were plotting against Jews in the school district and a Sephardic Jew (withholding his true identity) who was with them quickly denounced all of them which led to their being fired. We hope that Omarosa Manigault-Newman and others are being honest and that they should keep on providing good work and evidence against Donald Trump.



This week’s news also reports another great scandal in the Catholic Church as thousands of children were abused by hundreds to priests over the years. This reporting brought to mind something that I learned about the rabbi who tutored me in my haftorah lessons. My mother used Yiddish slang to tell me that the rabbi was gay, but fortunately there was nothing going on except an inappropriate touching of my neck on one occasion happened. I say “inappropriate” but in those days there were hardly any societal protections. I also wonder just how much molestation is going on among religious leaders (evangelicals and Jews as well).

The Go-Fund Me page for F.B.I. Veteran agent Peter Strozk is close to reaching its goal which will pay legal costs and provide Strozk with some income since he was fired. Strozk’s lawyer (Aidan Goelman of Zuckerman Spaeder) pointed out that previously the F.B.I. decided that Strozk should receive a sixty-day suspension and a demotion which are consistent with the policies and procedures of the F.B.I. This important information was hard to find in a Google search and it must be evident why.


Remember that Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied about meeting with the Russians and later recused himself and he was not fired. Law enforcement in our nation work on the same guiding principal and that is police will decide internally what punishment will be received except when there are formal charges against officers. Fox News and other news media are keeping this kind of information from a public that needs to know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

As the basketball season approaches in the United States here are the Big Eight lies of Donald Trump. I picked these lies out of a list of 101 lies. Trump is the premier propaganda artist of our time.

Veterans including former veterans should know the lies told by Trump about his feelings about the Iraq War. Trump lied on the stage during the campaign when he said that he was the only one who warned that we should not go into Iraq. Trump was even talking about the possibility of the United Nations to do something (an organization that he denigrated during the campaign. Trump did not declare the war to be a mistake even after it started. That liar is your commander-in-chief.


In 2016 Donald Trump had hired only 17 Americans out of 300 applicants for jobs in Mar-A-Lago. I wrote in 2016 that he could have hired veterans to fill positions, but he chose to go outside the country to find those workers. It would be nice to know more about those people and which countries they came from as well. Even after the election Trump continued to fill jobs through the visa system which he spoke about ending during the campaign.
Trump said you “don’t see made in America anymore” but actually there were $4.4 trillion of exports that were made in the United States at that time.
Trump claimed he lost hundreds of friends on 9-11, which a Port Authority police officer disputed and Trump could not elaborate on the friends he lost.

Trump claimed that we could save $300 billion on Medicare Part D payments for prescriptions, but there were only $78 billion spent in 2014 on prescription drugs.

Trump said that 61 percent of our bridges are in bad shape, but actually 10 percent are in bad shape. Maybe that is why he has not gotten an infrastructure bill passed at this time.

Trump said that 81 percent of murdered White people are killed by Black people. Wrong, 84 percent of murdered White people are killed by White people.


When there were 32 sanctuary cities and counties, Trump blamed some on Jeb Bush and Florida, but there were none in Florida.
Finally the breaking news today is that retired Navy Admiral William Mc Raven who commanded the operation that killed Osama Bin-Laden in 2011 is very critical of Donald Trump over the revoking of security clearance for John Brennan, former C.I.A. director. Veterans should be appalled by the decision and before you know it Trump will probably take credit himself for leading that famous operation. And Trump’s military parade has just been postponed to 2019. See my article in Jewish Business News Trump’s Parade: Let the War Games Begin.

Isn’t it the right time for all of us to demand from the White House to come clean about all the lies that it has told? We deserve better. When you hear Donald Trump use the term amazing about something, you must look into more deeply. When he tells you the historical magnitude of his accomplishments, a quick check will convince you that is the kind of propaganda that will surely hurt our nation and benefit him.



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