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Enemies of the People? Trump or His Base

The danger is that people accept HATE contemptuous ideas. On the political side, these ideas are designed to insure the success of the Republicans who are losing now and may continue to lose as democracy passes them by.

Hate People
This was stated by Hans Schemm, the newly appointed Bavarian minister of culture to professors in Munich in Hitler’s days. “From now on, it is not up to you to decide whether something is true, but whether it is in the interests of the National Socialist Revolution.”

Germans went from reciting the Golden Rule to thinking whether something strengthened Germany. Germany First was bad and America First is bad.
Hitler did not allow his obsession with the Jews to permeate German politics right away, but Trump has been against the immigrants since the campaign and with less than two years in the White House he is pouring fuel on a fire (even against resident aliens) to keep his base actively engaged against immigrants.

Trump is to blame for much that is going wrong in the United States. As Hitler chose the Jews to blame for Germany’s losing World War I Trump is blaming the press as the enemy within the United States. Even though he has lied and has been caught red handed in those lies, he continues to get support. Hitler’s chief target was the Jew, Peter Hayes in his book Why? Explaining the Holocaust writes Jew in the singular (der Jude, das Judentum) because all Jews were the same in Hitler’s eyes. The “fake news” of Trump should no longer be believed by anyone. These are dangerous times for our nation.

Peter Hayes tells us that there wasn’t that much anti-Semitism among Germans as we would believe, but as time went by people changed. We talk today about Trump’s base largely because of its votes without taking into account the diverse groupings that surely include both anti-Semites and even Jews.

Love People

Particularly abhorrent among the anti-immigrant ideas of Donald Trump right at this moment is his desire to create policy that would make it difficult for immigrants who have benefited from tax payer programs including food stamps and health care to become citizens. Hitler did the same sort of things to the Jews (taking away their citizenship). This is done to convince people that they have no future in America. DACA, for example, must be fully restored as ordered by a federal judge. So Trump has seized on something else to generate positive attention among his supporters.

The SNAP program (a federal program) permits both a no waiting period and a waiting period for immigrants to obtain food stamps and there are over a dozen categories of people that have received this benefit. One important category to take notice of Is that members of Hmong or Highland Laotian tribes that helped the U.S. military during the Vietnam era, and who are legally living in the U.S., and their spouses or surviving spouses and unmarried dependent children are eligible for SNAP. This particular category shows that Trump is unpatriotic for even thinking that these people could be denied citizenship (see below). LPR or Legal Permanent Residents are eligible for SNAP after 40 quarters of work or five years.

The Trump Administration in my opinion will be blocked from achieving its stated goals and the purpose of it at this time is to generate support even though there is no legal basis for it. It should be unacceptable to the people when an individual keeps taking our nation on fake political journeys that waste our time and resources. Imagine the police constantly knocking on the wrong doors and shooting people or doing other harm to them. Donald Trump is not the kind of person that anyone would ever buy a used car from.

In Germany the Orthodox and the Zionists expected the Nazi hostility so the former prayed harder and the latter would even work with the Nazis to achieve emigration of Jews. A large number of German Jews considered Germany their home and were loyal Germans. Our immigrants often feel the same about the United States being their home.

People are ENEMY

The danger is that people accept these contemptuous ideas. On the political side, these ideas are designed to insure the success of the Republicans who are losing now and may continue to lose as democracy passes them by.

There are things that are going on around our nation that need to be addressed much more carefully. The rule of law is being violated by Donald Trump, part of his base, and others, making it a mess for our democracy.

There was just an incident in a nail salon in Brooklyn, New York where fighting broke out and then protests took place. There were some very disturbing things reported about people that probably had a totally legitimate complaint about a $5 eyebrow job that went wrong.

These are the two things. Someone or some people in the crowd called out “Get ICE” which was a way to threaten the Asian immigrants that worked in a nail salon that was not part of the initial complaint. Whether it is “Get ICE” or “Get the Gestapo” there is hate and intimidation that goes along with the quotes. In addition demonstrators blocked people from leaving that salon which is not a lawful act (unless those people committed an unlawful act). The African-Americans that were involved displayed their own version of racial profiling, assuming that those Asians did something illegal. Which they didn’t. Are those African-Americans now going to take their place alongside Trump and his anti-immigrant supporters?

There have been killings again In Chicago (about 12 and 70 people shot) and someone that I know stated that it is time to bring in the National Guard. I posted a link for the 100 most criminal cities in the nation and it happens that Chicago is listed at 55. That means that most or all of the nation would need the protection of the national guard and that is not going to happen. People there constantly express opinions that are not based on important facts.

Then there is the issue of collusion and what Trump’s legal staff keeps on saying about it which is that collusion is not a crime.
Senator Chris Coons recently shared this information in a video on his Twitter page about collusion. It shall be unlawful for a foreign national, directly or indirectly, to make a contribution or donation of money or other thing of value in connection to a federal, state, or local election. Or for a person to solicit, accept, or receive a contribution or donation described above from a foreign national.

People will begin to recognize that if collusion exists or not, Trump’s son may have violated the legal code and only the conclusion of the Mueller investigation will reveal that. We can have our opinions, but we must go by the facts of the case. Why would Trump even want his supporters to think about that? No he had to create something else to redirect attention.

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