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Doug Jones

Doug Jones’ Historic Victory in Alabama and Roy Moore’s Recent Claim of Equality in Alabama.

Doug Jones’ Historic Victory in Alabama and Roy Moore’s Recent Claim of Equality in Alabama.

You will read more about Donald Trump later, but in breaking news from the federal courts Donald Trump has to fully restore DACA. He owes all of the affected children and their parents and family members an apology. And with more and more reports circulating that Trump has become unhinged lately, lately must mean during the Campaign of 2016 and after. Neither Trump nor his Congress controlled by Republicans can bail him out of this situation.

This is a very important lesson as the United States approaches the mid-term elections of 2018. Donald Trump has made his bed and he must lie in it. The Democratic victory in 2017 was historic since Republicans have had the advantage in Alabama for decades. Will the Trump base continue to accept his lies and distortions before the Mueller Investigation runs its course? Will that 40 percent or more of people who support the lies continue to do so in other states?

The reference to Roy Moore is already in one of my articles in which I mention Baron Sasha Cohen’s (I thank Cohen) interview for Who is America?

Moore incorrectly spoke that Alabama has always been for equality. You will soon see the vote in the election that took place and we have to ask ourselves if so many people who voted for him agreed with his historical perspective or was that statement what the White House has called “alternative facts.” Moore’s wife publicly stated that their attorney is Jewish (not quite). He was Jewish, but he became a Christian in his 30s. This was clearly another falsehood intended to mislead the public. Moore who was endorsed by Donald Trump has indicated recently that Jews (George Soros and I guess all of us) are headed for hell or the place for people who do not “accept his (Jesus) salvation.”

Trump’s Very Dangerous GPS: Why Hitler (Mein Kampf)? Why Trump (Mein Trumpf)?

Doug Jones is now a United States Senator representing a life long dream to serve Alabama in that capacity. He told his audience on Dec. 12, 2017 that Alabamans have taken the right road, claiming the best GPS system contrary to things that I wrote about in Jewish Business News in Trump’s Very Dangerous GPS.

Dignity and respect.

The rule of law.

Every zip code is going to get a fair shake in life.

Doug Jones raised his voice for the support given by African-Americans, Latinos, and Jews. The crowd roared as Doug Jones wished the Jewish community Happy Hanukah. True the thoughts were not about Israel being a great ally (which is important), Jews was mentioned. As I read the Jewish Business News today, there was an article by Uri Avnery in which he told Ariel Sharon that he (Uri) is Israeli and then Jews. Sharon said that he is Jew and then Israeli. I am an American and a Jew, but I tell people that I am a Jew first for reasons that probably were not on Ariel Sharon’s mind.

Uri Avnery: Who the Hell Are We?

You can detect my Jewish state of mind in my writing and I take those roots into communities that I visit. I know my American history (both good and bad) and I guess Jewish people must be on the alert everywhere, including the good ole USA.

Voting by race Whites for Jones 30% for Moore 68%
Black votes for Jones 96% for Moore 4%.
8% of Republicans voted for Jones and 2% of Democrats voted for Moore.
5% of Independents voted for Jones and 43% voted for Moore.
57% of women voted for Jones and 41% for Moore.
60% of young voters voted for Jones and 38% voted for Moore.

The two parties held ground in opposing Moore or supporting him in this contest where there were sexual allegations against Moore.

The racial divide clearly is important, but it should be noted that Democrats easily win reelection in New York City and many other places because African-Americans make up a very high percentage of Democratic votes.

Alabama had slavery, Jim Crow, lynchings, church burnings, marches for freedom, racism, segregation, disenfranchisement, and a whole lot more. And people still live in fear there. Just before the election there was an article in the Forward newspaper about Jews in Alabama. The writer, Liz Brody, wrote that Jews hang out together in Birmingham, Alabama and that they are pretty liberal. And that evangelicals are divided between those who support Jewish prophecy and those who support a good ally of the United States. The Trump embassy move to Jerusalem was not well received. I have mentioned that before in my articles in Jewish Business News. There are fewer than 10,000 Jews residing in Alabama.

There were lots of Jews in the South before the Civil War and Judah Benjamin was the Secretary of State of the Confederacy. He worked to get Britain and France to recognize the Confederacy. Benjamin faced arrest for his involvement in bringing about and fighting the war. He was suspected in the plot that led to the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth. He fled the United States, knowing that he could only have a toxic future in the post-Civil War period.

There have been Jewish mayors in Alabama throughout the years as well.

Moore and Trump are like two peas in the pod since Moore offered no apology to the Jewish community for his statement about Soros. Trump does not apologize and I think that there are many apologies required by him. See The National Anthem and Trump’s Throne in Jewish Business News for the apology that is owed by the United States to Anne Frank.

DACA recipients came here with their parents and were rightfully given legal status including the right to work. It made sense to do those things. No wall stopped them and no wall can stop people.

This is a very explosive statement that I am making. There is technology today that makes a wall obsolete, but Trump doesn’t seem to have the capacity to recognize that. His presidency would shake, rattle, and roll and fall if he admitted that. I am not going to reveal the technology here right now, but ask yourself how you can walk up and down to the second floor of your homes or apartment buildings and you will have a common sense way of understanding the lunacy of all those people who support the wall across our southern border. Spending $25 billion on nonsense is just what his base has been against. That $25 billion could be used next year for much better things for our nation.

I’ve been to Chichen Itza in Mexico. Have you? You walk up and you walk down. End of discussion!

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