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Trump Plans a New Tax Cuts for the Rich

Trump Plans a New Tax Cut for the Rich: $100 Billion Cut Means No Taxation (Reform) Without Representation?

Trump Plans a New Tax Cuts for the Rich: $100 Billion Cut Means No Taxation (Reform) Without Representation?

Tell Trump as the George H.W. Bush Administration said that the United States Treasury does not have this kind of authority. This was not a dictatorship then nor is it now. So start letting your congressional candidates who oppose it and give them the support that is needed now as the midterm elections are coming up. And I urge all members of Congress who care about this important issue that the middle class could have and should have had greater tax benefits from the recent Income Tax reform and that those Americans could invest in our economy and reap the benefits that the wealthier or wealthy do. Everyone should be told that we should not be dependent on the rich as we read in the media all of the time.

At a recent rally in Nashville, Trump spoke and said that those who were there to support him must be contractors. He plainly said he could tell a contractor when he saw one. That was on his mind as he spoke. Where were the workers that are the vast majority of the people involved in business?
Michael Bloomberg when he was mayor of New York City told a radio audience that he had money offshore and due to that savings he was able to be more charitable. And that was at a time when law enforcement needed more tax money, public schools needed more money, and other emergency services needed more money to make the city better. Multiply this a thousand times across the United States in suburban and rural America and you would conclude that for our safety and protection it would have been better if Bloomberg and the wealthy would just have paid their taxes instead of donating.

The new spending defense bill was just passed in the Senate and it will signed by Trump. The vote was 87-10 and you can see that most Democrats voted to keep the United States military strong in the future. This NDAA was named for Senator John McCain who is fighting brain cancer right now. Trump says that McCain was no hero and this act of Congress honors a great American.

Trump plans to give this tax cuts to the rich with or without congressional approval. Would the American colonists who fought to give us this nation sign on to that? The rich have already gotten huge tax cuts in the Trump tax reform and now this? Yes my fellow Americans. We let him get away with the first one and now the second one may be easier. The middle class has been left out again.

You can read on the internet about how Steven Mnuchin is looking at ways to lower the capital gains of the wealthy, even though this was brought up in 1992 and the George H.W. Bush Administration determined that doing such a thing was unconstitutional. This aggressive idea was discussed by Mnuchin in Argentina at a meeting of G-2 finance ministers. The overall impact is clearly a robber baron attempt to clear the treasury of $100 billion dollars that could pay off federal debt or make the federal government more effective. Look at what the recent lack of money caused as the Trump Administration missed a court deadline to bring separated children and their parents together.

That tax benefit would add almost ten percent more money to the portfolio of the wealthy. I cannot say how much the cost of living calculation would put in your pockets if your income is $30,000, $40,000, or $50,000 or more, but if the Cost of Living Adjustment were similar the calculation that I came up with for each of those three groups would be $1,980, $2,640, and $3,300 annually. And the higher the salary goes, the higher the cost of living would be. Ask someone in your neighborhood if you do not trust this math. I would also accept the calculation of economists who know how far behind Americans are in their wages due to inflation and the low minimum wage that exists in many places today. Thank goodness that people have fought for the higher minimum wage across the country.

So let’s make a deal with the only person that has occupied the White House who is known for his deal making. He has made great deals with China, Canada, and Mexico. Oh he hasn’t done that? And the rest of the world has not made a deal with him and keep in mind that his first hundred days in office passed well over a year ago. I guess that there ain’t going to be no deal as people across the country would say.

The Washington Post pointed out this week that if capital gains on an investment normally would require a tax bill of $238,000 under this new plan that could be passed even without congressional representation by the Trump-Mnuchin team would only be $119,000 giving that person a windfall of $119,000 and you get nothing. Tax cuts for the rich in Kansas failed to help and tax cuts for the rich are not really helping us right now. Trump and his people have broken the promise and I would suggest taking action to stop this now, because Wrong Taxation With or Without Representation is bad for democracy, especially if Trump even attempts to do it without your consent. Again if I am wrong about the percentage in my explanation, the numbers given in the Washington Post article reveal the redistribution of wealth to the rich.

I’m from New York, but I have a reputation of looking out for people across the United States. The flood victims in Texas, Alabama, Florida, and Puerto Rico should have been given greater tax relief so they could make ends meet better today and for years to come. Has the Trump Administration looked out for Americans the way that I have just suggested? We looked out for Americans who rushed to help out after the 9-11 attack and the same logic should have been applied to others.

And Trump is about to create a financial crash for government workers who receive cost of living benefits when they retire. And any attack on social security from this administration will jeopardize tens of millions of people. I am telling your that this kind of Jeopardy is no game.

And notice that I have not even mentioned the word impeachment. Rudy Giuliani keeps making ignorant statements about impeachment and the midterm elections. I say we should not be distracted by anyone in the White House who cannot see the truth before their eyes. Do you think that Giuliani would support my idea about Wrong Taxation With or With or Without Representation and go against Trump?

It has been said that Trump is showing his “True Colors” on this issue. There are two sides. Trump is red, white, and blue and Trump is green. Even Donald Trump, Jr. has said in the last year and a half that the only color that his father knows is “green.”

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