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Trump’s Parade: Let the War Games Begin

Russian Army Parade 2013
No Soviet type parade for America.

The United States is an “axis” power.

Russian and China threaten US. Forces after Trump’s sellout at Helsinki.

I’ve believed since 9-11 that the military parade that would unite US would be the parade honoring the people that wiped out world terrorism, protecting us all.

Roosevelt was to Stalin as Trump is to Putin.

In the days of our grandparents who served and for many generations for many years after that there was an important message about the United States. Our youth should know about it. See the tribute to the Yanks who went to fight in Europe.

We would have to go back to that universally known quote of Donald Trump to start absorbing the path that he and his cohorts have placed America on. Trump, I recall, said that “someone at the border” told him about those people crossing the border and that Mexico was not sending people their best people. Why would Mexico want to send only their best people? And who are the “best people?” Things went downhill from there, as things continue to go down hill (not all things, but). Undoubtedly there is much hostility to Hispanics who are often assumed to be Mexicans, just as people see Korean, Japanese, and others and think that they are Chinese. Even some South American people look Chinese and there is the term in Spanish “ojos achinados” or (slanted eyes).

The parade, when it was announced, was criticized by Congressman John Kennedy (Republican from Louisiana who said that “there’s no need to broadcast it” because the United States has the strongest military in the world and others like Senator Lindsay Graham spoke and said that he does not want to have a “Soviet” type parade with hardware on display. For Graham a parade is about the people and families that have sacrificed. Trump’s kind of “patriotism” surely is under the microscope here and we see fatal flaws in the laboratory. Trump’s patriotism is clearly about showmanship in the P.T. Barnum (Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus which was recently terminated). But there could be some value even in Trump’s kind of parade.

Over there, over there,

Send the word, send the word over there –

That the Yanks are coming,

The Yanks are coming,

The drums rum-tumming


So prepare, say a prayer,

Send the word, send the word to beware.

We’ll be over, we’re coming over,

And we won’t come back till it’s over

Over there.

These words were given to us by George M. Cohan, an Irish-American and we loved James Cagney as Cohan in Yankee Doodle Dandy. Trump, on the other hand, could never ever compete with that (even as president). That song was dedicated to America’s entry (however late it was) into World War I in 1917. After lots of talk, there finally was action as America came to the aid of the “allies” including France and England.

There has been a shift in the allies and “axis” powers since World War II. Today’s “axis” powers to people who follow the news (“fake news”) appear to include the United States, Russia, and China in opposition to what less than two years ago were our allies in Europe in NATO (see Rasputin Vladputin Donputin: RAT-O to replace NATO). And thinking back to James Cagney, have heard that famous line “You dirty rat (yellow bellied rat in the movie)?”

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I hope that Donald Trump receives news of the following idea. Let’s invite Russia, China, and North Korea, Donald, to participate in the parade. Russia could send its best troops in the opposite direction along Pennsylvania Avenue. China and North Korea can approach both armies from other directions along Pennsylvania Avenue. Since Russia controls China and China seems to control many of the moves of North Korea, the “axis” nations should be represented with America’s finest. That is unless something happens resulting from the various investigations of Trump’s people, including Donald Trump, Jr. Let the war games begin and if Trump’s team is successful, we can name a national holiday for him (the same day as the parade each year and don’t let it rain on Trump’s parade).

Today’s headlines read “Russia China to Act Against US Defenses in Asia.” Invite your friend Vladputin here to enjoy the parade. And Donald please keep Russian interference in the 2018 mid-term elections for yourself. The Democrats do not want Russia’s help and has not asked for that help, which is something Trump asked for during the 2016 debates. RAT-O is plaguing almost all of Europe thanks to Donald Trump.

In the book about Churchill and Orwell that I have mentioned before in the Jewish Business News, we learn that Churchill and Orwell were not the same as health issues contributed to their decline at the end of World War II. Churchill had a stroke that impacted his health and he knew that his country was in decline. Orwell had been seriously wounded in the Spanish Civil War fighting fascism and he was dying from tuberculosis. Franklin D. Roosevelt, too, was in declining health and died before the end of World War II. Churchill was upset as the American president gave up Eastern Europe to the Russian leader (Soviet Union) Stalin, bringing on the Cold War and the Iron Curtain.

The Lie About The FBI: Bad Leadership Must End

Roosevelt conceded the reincorporation of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania into the Soviet Union based on elections that would take place, but Roosevelt declined to address the future of Poland as he expected that matter would have serious consequences at the polls among American-Polish voters in 1944. Then other nation’s fell into Soviet hands as its military took over those countries. What’s Trump’s problem? He is in good physical health, but what about his mental fitness? Or is there more to come out soon in Washington, D.C.?

Now we see Trump giving up and bringing on a new Cold War and Iron Curtain with his good friend Vladputin. Unless all of this is just real “fake news” we won’t have to worry about a thing. Maybe we will be safe with or without Trump. The options that I see are these: lock him up, impeachment, give him a corporate buyout, or grant him a passport to live in Russia where others like Steve Segal and Gerard Depardieu, who are good friends of Putin, have chosen to live because they don’t have to pay any taxes. Trump would be a very good fit for that!

Orwell’s influence far surpassed the influence of Churchill. Students in school do not read Churchill and Orwell has affected people everywhere. Now should be a time in history to wake up to the fact that Russia intends to take back everything that it lost after the breakup of the Soviet Union. This breathes new life into Churchill who warned US in the 1940s. Churchill saved Great Britain and helped save democracy in Europe and he knew that he needed the United States to do that. We need the United States again to save us from those former communist giants that have partnered with the oligarchs in their countries, Russia being the principal one.

Smoke a cigar, have a bottle of wine and then some whiskey, eat a lot and think Churchillian. And shed some tears for what Trump has done to this nation as Churchill shed tears (usually) in his fight to save England. It is ironic that Churchill knew what was going to become of the world while he attended the Teheran Conference (Iran) with Stalin and Roosevelt.

Benjamin Netanyahu has been credited with a Churchillian approach to Iran, warning US and keeping on top of that situation, but ignoring Russia and what it has done to US. What’s going on with Netanyahu and Russia? And Trump?



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