Published On: Mon, Jul 23rd, 2018

3 Smart Ways for Businesses to Engage with Digital Audiences

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Technology often hogs the spotlight in regard to business innovation. Indeed, hardly a week goes by without the release of some software or gadget that promises to “revolutionize the way you do business.” However, more often than not, a change in attitude or strategy can lead to greater success than any new tech toy ever could. Specifically, companies can boost their online profile and sales numbers by focusing more on customer engagement. Here then are three ways every business can improve the way they interact with their customers online:

Blog Better

If you’ve been in business for more than a few months, chances are you already maintain a professional blog. And while any blog is better than none at all, too many business owners neglect the potential a business blog has to connect with their consumer base. Ditch the generic industry model and give your blog some TLC. Specifically, consider how to improve your blog as a resource for your customers. When you start to think about your blog as a way to have a conversation with your digital audience –– and not merely as a way to beef up your website –– you’ll soon see an uptick in customer engagement as a result.

Humans and Visuals

The majority of consumer-business interactions occur online through social media posts, blogs, written advertisements, and automated emails. Lots of companies adopt an online strategy that encompasses most, if not all, of those methods. So what’s the problem, then? The issue with a cookie-cutter marketing plan is, unsurprisingly, a lack of personal touch. A potential lead can only handle so many automated emails before they unsubscribe to your newsletter or blog. However, it only takes one short, personalized message to win a customer for life. The truth is, in this digital age customers value the human touch more now than ever. Plus, adding videos into your digital repertoire will also help you attract and keep the attention of interested buyers.

Make Good on Your Promises

This is a broad piece of advice, but it covers a variety of areas. For one, companies need to be able to deliver the products they promote. And if you’ve struggled with this in the past, it may be time to consult a third-party logistics company. Additionally, making good on your promises applies to how you structure and promote your content. By this, we mean synchronizing your promotional efforts (ads, social media posts) with your longer on-site pieces (blogs, landing pages, eBooks, etc.) The last thing you want to do is disappoint a lead with a content offer that doesn’t provide them with useful information.

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