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Michael Cohen Meets Trump’s Enemy: Sharpton the Messenger

Sharpton came away from the breakfast meeting feeling that Cohen was expressing regret for Trump’s attacks on the media. And that Cohen said he would do the honorable thing for our nation.

Al Sharpton: breakfast meeting with Michael Cohen / (Flickr2Commons )
If you research either Trump or Rudy Giuliani, you will understand that Trump and Sharpton are pollical enemies.

An unexpected meeting took place in a restaurant, a public place in full view of diners in New York. Attorney Michael Cohen, formerly Donald Trump’s lawyer, who has known the Reverend Al Sharpton for many years as Trump has met with Sharpton in the past to try to find common ground with the reverend and the community that he has a lot of influence on.

Trump has a very bad relationship with the African-American community and just missed the 2018 Convention of the N.A.A.C.P. Convention in San Antonio last week. I say he missed it, but I will also say that he missed purposely, willfully, intentionally, and un-Americanly as we are all Americans.
Sharpton had positive things to say about Michael Cohen from all the previous meetings with Trump when Trump was a Democrat. Sharpton called Cohen a “straight honest person” based on their meetings over 20 years.

Sharpton came away from the breakfast meeting feeling that Cohen was expressing regret for Trump’s attacks on the media. And repeating what we have learned that Cohen has been telling people that his family comes first and that Cohen would do the honorable thing for our nation. Sharpton answered the question about Cohen asking for Sharpton’s blessing and Sharpton could not be certain about this as Cohen mentioned that the country is divided and he regrets that as well.

A lot of crazy things have happened throughout history. Both former Nazis and Jews settled in the United States after the Holocaust, after Jews were kept out for decades under immigration laws. Governor George Wallace who was one of the top racist elected officials in our nation later in life apologized for being a racist. Nations that were threatened by communism joined forces with Joseph Stalin and now this.

But this is not Trump going to Sharpton for help. I love sharing stories and this was a good one about the influence of people.

Back in the 1970s a dentist (a Jewish one) on the Lower East Side shared a story with me about how people use knowledge effectively. The dentist was told by a man in the community that he knew pretty well that the man’s son made a prestigious college.

The dentist was asked to guess which school. The dentist told me that the man who asked the question had been a member of the Mafia (Jewish) back in the 1940s or 1950s (approximately). Although the man had only gone to the third grade in elementary school, the dentist said that the man knew his math well enough to conduct business (illegal) business effectively. Based on that fact the influence that the man surely had acquired over the year, he came to this decision. The answer about the school was West Point and the ex-Mafia member said “doc you got it.”

Sharpton is only the messenger. It is true that Cohen has been sending Trump messages that have been made public for weeks. Michael Cohen could use some good publicity to defuse the bomb that sits under him. His lawyer is contributing to that strategy in the way that lawyers tell their clients to cut their hair, shave and put on a white shirt and tie and jacket in court to appear clean before the jury. Influence! In my own opinion and I am neither a lawyer nor have I been in law enforcement (never an assistant to a special counsel), I feel that the message is intended for Obama, for Obama, for Obama.

Cohen either has cut a deal with Robert Mueller or will cut a deal, but people who know the importance of influence know how to maximize that influence.

Sharpton is to Obama as Trump is to Putin and a list of others that I have written about in the Jewish Business News. Michael Cohen is playing the Obama card by reaching out to Sharpton. Obama and Holder and others are part of that Washington, D.C. establishment that could be helpful to Cohen, because it appears that no pardon will be granted by Trump. Pardon me for saying so. And Cohen’s meeting with Sharpton will only anger Trump’s base.



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