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The Lie About The FBI: Bad Leadership Must End

I know that F.B.I. standards require that the intent be revealed about a lie, but the American people use the term loosely and I am using it here.

President Trump. Americans have been told a big “lie” about the F.B.I. and that is dangerous.
I can just imagine that someone in the White House was eating fast food in bed while watching Fox News present that huge crowd in Paris, imagining that the people adored him and were shouting Vivre Trump instead of Vivre la France for winning the World Cup.

The seeds of totalitarianism have been sown in the United States.

Americans have been told a big “lie” about the F.B.I. and that is dangerous. I know that F.B.I. standards require that the intent be revealed about a lie, but the American people use the term loosely and I am using it here.

What Americans think has to be filtered out always. Take a closer look at the aggression in Europe in the 1930s. Joseph P. Kennedy, the father of John F. Kennedy, was ambassador to England in those days. The news from France at that time was that things were bad with the German’s quickly defeating France. Kennedy was for appeasement instead of fighting the Nazis. Kennedy tried to arrange a meeting with Hitler, which he did not have orders for from the president. His comments about “Democracy is finished in England” and that he was expecting a “slaughter” and his behavior led to his resignation. He did not want the United States to arm England.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was also concerned about the mid-west isolationists when Churchill was fighting for his country and he would not move because of the fear of losing the “Election of 1940.” There is an important election coming up.

Joseph Kennedy was more concerned about the way Kristallnacht would be interpreted (bad publicity for Hitler) in the Western world than about helping Jews. He also said “It is true that I have a low opinion of some Jews in public office and in private life.” A young Joseph Kennedy might remind some people of a young Donald Trump and the similarity appears to be greater than that when we think of the rapists and criminals statement that pretty much opened “Make America Great Again.” And just like Donald Trump, Kennedy’s businesses were very scrutinized. Indeed!

Kennedy was okay with individual Jews, but the rest “stink” he said. His associates believed that the Jews brought Kristallnacht on themselves. And Kennedy wanted all talk about the persecution of Jews eliminated like it was “fake news.” Kaput! End it! Trump wants the NFL protests eliminated. Kaput!

Kennedy thought that he was the only one who could straighten things out and today Trump believes that he is the man.

How Americans View Relations With Russia

Back in the 1950s there was a company called R.K.O. in the movie theaters which I just learned more about. That was Radio- Keith-Orpheum, Kennedy merged his film companies FBO and KAO into R.K.O. These were film companies run by a man who seemed to master insider trading and market manipulation. And those “liaisons dangereuses” or dangerous liaisons that he lived. Whether it is Kennedy and Hitler (things were not right) or Trump and Putin, things just are not going right. If I had only known about R.K.O., I would have preferred Loewe’s Theaters.

This is what Kennedy told President Roosevelt. “To fight totalitarianism, we would have to adapt to totalitarian methods” or in other words a different form of Fascism. Learn from our history. Roosevelt thought that Joe Kennedy as president of the United States would give us a Fascist government and today we see key things going on with Trump in power.

At that time it was a war to save democracy. Others to downplay it made it sound like it was only a war to save England. It was England First not America First that helped save the world. I know that are soldiers are constantly reminded that our soldiers have fought protect the freedoms we have (save democracy). There are those who would deceive you which is what is going on right now.

Now we turn to the F.B.I. statement by Trump about the decline in confidence at the F.B.I. because of James Comey. The New York Times was being soft on this issue by stating that either Trump misread the report or mischaracterized it.” F.B.I. Director Wray’s marks in an internal survey of the F.B.I,’s headquarters staff and field staff are lower than his predecessor and both Wray and Comey had the very same approach to working with staff.

The larger decline is with the field reps of the F.B.I. Trump’s version cannot be backed up by the facts and this is dangerous. The men and women at the F.B.I. have less confidence in the new leadership. One would think that Comey should be offered his job back?

Short of a bombing of Washington, D.C. by Russia and the interference in our election in 2016 and the vast laundering of money, what could we point to in the Trump repertoire of unpresidential acts. There are the attacks on the press and the lie about the F.B.I. Lots of people recall this, you can keep your doctor under the Affordable Care Act.

One would think that Comey should be offered his job back? This is a great injustice and people with a fascist mindset will not even think about it. There was no disarray at the F.B.I. Trump, as you know, will not even apologize. It is time to change the sheets at the White House of the sauce, lettuce, cheese, and tomato and put a real leader into power who believes in standing up for us.

That island nation that could not defeat Germany and should have made peace without fighting is under attack today by Trump. That nation with no nuclear power did this to the German Air Force. We are talking about the Bombing of London. The Germans crossed the English Channel in only six minutes. One attack, seen in the air, was twenty miles wide and forty miles deep of German aircraft, 348 bombers and 617 fighters.
Winston Churchill was neither Roosevelt nor Trump (who claimed he knew more than the generals). Churchill had been in charge of the British Navy previously and studied military and military combat to the point that he was literate and fit for the position of prime minister.

All military buffs and personnel can learn from this. Things were so bad during the attacks that initially 30 percent of Londoners reported having no sleep and two months later that figure slid down to 0 as the attacks continued. The British, it turned out, lost 1,547 planes and the Germans lost 1,887. The British were turning out more planes each day as production proceeded quickly. They met the challenge and dealt a significant blow to a foe. T

here was no surrender and the British on the ground were a great asset in turning the tide, acting as analytical computers and integrating things that they had to be more efficient.

Here in the United States, we too are in a big battle. The national anthem will not help us at this moment. We can turn for guidance to America the Beautiful and the Pledge of Allegiance. “And crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea” and “one nation…with liberty and justice for all” adhered to by all Americans could turn things around right now, but our leadership is divisive to an extreme (he may be the president and commander-in-chief but). Can you imagine Trump in Roosevelt’s shoes in 1940?

Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate for president in 2012, warned about Russia being a foe and Democrats did not buy it. In 2016 Russia interfered in our election and Democrats bought it, but Trump lagged behind like a race horse that runs out of gas. That is until today. Trump’s base has remained secure until now and the best answer related to Russia has to be that Trump won the election. His base has flip-flopped from 2012 to 2016. It is time to change.

Senator Ted Cruz slammed Trump in early 2016 for his relationship with Putin. Apparently Kasich For America paid for an add about the Trump-Putin team with the slogan “Make tyranny great again.” That was in 2015. See The Hill for the information. In 2015 Carly Fiorina said that Trump and Putin “have a lot in common.” We are in trouble because of Trump. And today Trump agrees that Russia meddled in the Election of 2016. He was just in Helsinki with Putin and says that he misspoke and no comment to Putin at all. I wonder if anyone believes that. Since he misspoke, has he reached out to Putin to express his anger, supporting the United States. And if he eventually does that, what does it really mean at this point?

Thomas E. Ricks in his book Churchill and Orwell tells us how FDR invited Joseph Kennedy to join him and Eleanor at Hyde Park, New York. After a ten-minute conversation with Kennedy, he told his wife “I never want to see that son of a bitch again as long as I live.” Instead of lunch or a weekend with the president, Roosevelt ordered that she give Kennedy a sandwich and put him on the train back to New York City. As soon as Kennedy got back to New York City, he was meeting with Charles Lindbergh. The attempt to sell out England continued. Roosevelt wanted to defeat Hitler.

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