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The Silence of Ivanka Trump and Gudrun Burwitz: Daughters of Strong Leaders

L-R Gudrun Burwitz daughter of Heinrich Himmler, and Ivanka Trump and papa Donald Trump

Burwitz trained as a dressmaker and Ivanka is a designer of dresses.

Donald Trump loves strong leaders and his daughter loves Donald.

A beautiful looking child that could be any parent’s child including Donald Trump.  Burwitz was no Jewish child as she derived her name by marrying Wulf-Dieter Burwitz who was a writer and who became an official in a right-wing group.  She had children just like Ivanka.

Gudrun’s father loved having his daughter by his side (even on official business) and Gudrun stood by her father even after his death.  What good daughters do! And good sons too.  I stood by my mother and father and my brother who spent more time with my father told me this year that he learned “ethics” from our father.  That was great to know.  Gudrun was growing up during a major time of instability, just as Ivanka Trump is maturing during this unstable period.  Ivanka Trump should consider this.  Gudrun wrote about being with her father one day on a trip.   “We saw everything we could.  We saw the gardening work.  We saw the pear trees.  We saw all the pictures painted by the prisoners.  Marvelous.  And afterward we had a lot to eat.  It was very nice,” she wrote.  I could see Ivanka Trump writing the same sort of thing if she were not Jewish by marriage and saying that is my right to free thought and free speech.

Gudrun Burwitz spent four years in Italy, France, and Germany with her mother.  That period was not so nice, because Gudrun and her mother were held in detention camps.  Her father had been held by the Russians briefly, but he committed suicide.  How unfortunate?
Gudrun later settled with her mother in Germany and in 1961 she worked for the German intelligence service, but she was dismissed from that job in 1963.

Gudrun Burwitz just died at the age of 88.  Her father committed suicide by biting on a cyanide capsule that he had concealed from the British who got him from the Russians. Gudrun like Ivanka was very supportive of her cruel father.  Donald Trump may not be a Nazi, but he is cruel to lots of people and appears to have taken pages out of the history of the Nazis just as those Nazis learned much from United States history and politics.  At this time, Ivanka Trump is considered an American princess by many, just as Gudrun was a Nazi princess.  The concentration camps were the work of Gudrun’s father and the detention camps or centers for the children taken away from their parents is the work of Ivanka’s father, something that would have been impossible to do if he had stayed out of politics.

I have visited the place that Gudrun wrote about when she was twelve years old.  It is called Dachau.  That “marvelous” place!  It really is time for Ivanka Trump to criticize her father or even divorce him.  Michael Cohen seems on the way to flipping on Donald Trump.  Melania must be worried, because the truth was revealed that she did not work legally in the United States when she first came here.  I am not an immigration lawyer and I may be wrong, but she could be the first First Lady deported in the near future.

Ivanka’s father is Donald Trump, of course. Gudrun Burwitz’s father was Heimrich Himmler.  For those of you who do not know his work, he did not create the Heimlich maneuver. He was the leader of the SS which was a paramilitary corps of the Nazis.  Dachau was known for the scientific experiments done by the Nazis on humans.  Tens of thousands of people were executed there.

Although Ivanka Trump says she disagrees with things that her father is doing, we do not hear her voice and that is harmful in a democracy.  Gudrun was, until her death, loyal to her father and she was a Holocaust denier.  Just as Ivanka supports members of the Republican Party responsible for this current administration, Gudrun supported ex-Nazis throughout her life, providing money and support to those convicted of their crimes.  And the organization she worked with to distribute the aid and comfort was called, naturally, Stille Hilfe (“Silent Aid”).  Peter Finkelgrun, a German-Jewish investigative reporter learned that Gudrun supported a war criminal who allegedly kicked his father to death in Theresienstadt in 1943.  She helped a Nazi who was complicit in the deaths of 437,000 people in Belzec.  She did things for Klaus Barbie, Eric Priebke, and Anton Malloth.  I guess that Gudrun felt that there were good people on both sides.

As I was writing I noticed that Donald Trump refuses even to tell just how many immigrant children are being detained.  This response could not possibly in the interests of national security.  So what is his problem?  Would you expect Hitler to tell you how many Jews he killed?



  1. Daniel

    July 3, 2018 at 7:17 pm

    Disgusting comparison. The author of this piece of sh.. deserves not to write anymore at any Jewish newspaper or other periodicals whatsoever.

  2. Jeff Zucker

    July 4, 2018 at 5:57 am

    Denenberg, this is one of the most vile and political hate articles that I have evr read. I understand the publication n which this appears belongs to the far left. However, to attack a loving daughter who on occasion has even disagreed with her father in such a simile is abhorent. You are obviously a skilled writer. Put your talent to better use.

  3. Frank Jones

    September 16, 2019 at 11:29 am

    I’m not a fan of Trump in any way, on the contrary, but to compare him to Heinrich Himmler and Ivanka to his Himmler’s Nazi helping holocaust denying daughter is inexcusable. You should be ashamed of yourself. Writing nonsense like this is not the right way to change things, it’s just a way to show the world you’re a nutjob. Get help.

  4. Alex

    November 19, 2019 at 7:16 pm

    This is ridiculous. So many unfounded statements. To think someone went to journalism school to write such a hack job article.

  5. Emily Anne Stapleford

    April 27, 2020 at 6:02 am

    Jeff Zucker…. you missed the point of this article, cause you probably are a neo-sympathizer. Pleas just go away… maybe live in Iran, North Korea, etc

  6. jefferson

    September 4, 2020 at 5:06 am

    There is nothing wrong with holding complicit children somewhat accountable for the disgusting behavior of their parents. This is not a ‘hate article’, but it is an article about hate; learn to tell the difference.

  7. Reuven

    November 9, 2020 at 11:26 pm

    The article looks as though it were written by a not-too-bright teenager and uses childish logic. Perhaps it could be resubmitted to “My Weekly Reader”.

  8. Don Jones

    July 13, 2021 at 1:03 am

    Emily Anne Stapleford , learn to understand this is America not 1940’s Nazi Germany just because you disagree with someone there is no need to prove to the world ” YOUR COMPLETE IGNORANCE ”

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