The U.S Army Veterans Organization buys wheelchair wheels from Israeli Startup SoftWheel

Softwheel has reinvented the wheel with patented wheels with built-in suspension system. The Wheelchair wheels absorb energy and soften the ride.

The Army Veterans Association signed a deal to purchase wheels for wheelchairs from SoftWheel.  The Israel-based startup will initially supply 2,000 wheels for $ 4.5 million.

Softwheel has reinvented the wheel. The company develops patented wheels with built-in suspension system. The center of the wheel to which the wheelchair is connected is not fixed in the center but is connected by flexible rods that absorbs energy and softens the ride.

The wheel enables a comfortable stair descent, independence and comfortable riding on uneven roads along a different terrain, such as dirt, grass, gravel, interlocking paving stone, etc.

The company’s patent also addresses back and neck pain caused by prolonged exposure to vibration. The shock braking system reduces the level of vibration that is transferred to the rider’s chair and may, therefore, contribute to reducing the pain.

In addition, the wheel can be easily disassembled, allowing the user to load the wheelchair parts in a private vehicle without the need for assistance.

Anyone who has served in the US security forces and is sitting in a wheelchair will be eligible to receive the SoftWeel wheels on a personal request.

The wheels are adjusted to the user’s weight in order to make the suspension effective and improve the driving experience.

Each wheel weighs 1.8 pounds and costs between $ 2,200 and $ 2,500 depending on the model needed.

Israeli technology: SoftWheel reinvents the wheel to vanquish flat tires forever

Daniel Barel, CEO, and founder of SoftWeel said, “The braking technology we have developed is integrated into the wheel and enters into action only when the wheel encounters an obstacle such as a step-down or a bump on the way. Each wheel includes three identical arms, 2 of which are active at any moment, and a locking mechanism that locks and opens according to the conditions of the road. ”

SoftWeel has an ambitious vision – to replace all wheels in the world.

The company’s technology is currently being tested by a number of international car manufacturers with the aim of integrating it into the global automotive industry.

Another branch that has already been integrated into the new wheel is the bicycle market, the wheels do not need air inflating and therefore solve the problem of the ceilings and significantly reduce the cost of running a municipal bicycle system. When combined with electric bicycles, 16.5% of the energy required for propulsion can be saved.

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