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Blog/ Peter King Exposed: 2018 Midterm Elections Could Be a Time for Change


Peter King favored continuing torture which was declared illegal by our Department of Justice. Even the newly appointed head of the CIA, Gina Haskell, who Donald Trump has called “tough” attests to this fact.

It has been reported just now that Chicago has had 15 consecutive months of declining gun violence, but Donald Trump spoke about Chicago last week in Nashville, Tennessee the way he did in 2016. You would think that Peter King would have the knowledge and the patriotic fervor to tell Trump that he is wrong. Patriots do not hide behind falsifications.

Even a child who has grown up in the United States knows the truth. There are two kings in this article. The character of Humpty Dumpty has been portrayed as an egg in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass (1872).

Ireland, the Holocaust, African-American history and communities, and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico are all connected by poor responses by others.
A must read is Jewish Business News Trump’s Speech in Nashville Reveals American Stupidity: Lacking in Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

Humpty Trump-ty sat on a wall

Humpty Trump-ty had a great fall

All the King’s horses

And all the King’s men

Couldn’t put Trump-ty

Together again

Please show this to your children!

Congressman Peter King knows Irish history, but he has not applied that history to other people. I have seen Peter King at community meetings and now that he represents people in communities that I have worked hard to help (and he represents me), this is the perfect time to criticize him and appeal to people in the Massapequa area of Long Island that he has represented for a long time. I wonder just what great benefits he brings to the people that he has represented for decades. Keep in mind that the desperation, human desperation, was experienced by the Irish, the Jews, the African-Americans, and the Puerto Ricans again recently because of Hurricane Maria.

Those residents who are now in my district and I am in their district must require transparency by all. Democrats told everyone that the middle class should have had a lower tax rate and their representatives did not listen to them, anywhere. New York got hit extremely hard in the “Trump tax reform” through deductions that were useful that now do not exist. That is why repeal is needed by New Yorkers. The fight must continue, just as other fights have been fought by Republicans (Obama Care and Immigration Reform). Peter King voted against the tax bill, but he must be much more vocal and convincing.

People who voted for him in the past should know by now that they were the ones who paid heavily for George W. Bush’s War in Iraq as corporations stockpiled their money overseas and the wealthy found offshore tax havens. And then due to Trump, essentially the same thing happened with the huge tax deduction that the wealthy received.

I have written about the perception of people regarding the Irish and the African-American and both peoples had their lives and futures basically ruined by the English plantation. Landlords came into Ireland from England and mistreated the people. Religion played a role in that in Ireland and skin color played a role in it in America. Around the time of the potato famine in Ireland, the Irish and the Negro were basically considered equal in the eyes of people and that hurt the opportunities of the Irish as they fled Ireland, in desperation, to survive. Peter King could have taught this lesson to people in his district all these years.

The “Great Liberator” of Ireland, Daniel O’Connell, befriended Frederic Douglas during those years and I’m trying to think of someone in the African-American community that King has befriended. Did he befriend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? There are more African-Americans who now live in his congressional district and King recently compared the N.F.L.’s protest by African-Americans who kneel during the playing of the national anthem to the Nazi salute. What a comparison! What planet did that come from?

Then we get to our nation’s Muslim communities that have been in the United States for centuries and had to have played a role in Making America Great since Peter King’s great friend in the White House insists on Making America Great Again. In an article in the National Review (a well known conservative periodical) King was concerned about the foreign money that was coming into the United States to support radical activities in the Mosques. Today we know about Trump and the money coming into the United States (Russian gangster money) through Trump’s properties in New Jersey (the Taj Mahal), Trump Tower, and Trump’s property in Sunny Isle, Florida where no questions would be asked by his sales team. I would like Massapequa to know about that.
Our democracy is at stake today due to Donald Trump’s ideas and actions. Peter King incorrectly spoke about Muslim leaders not doing anything to do something about the developing terrorism in their mosques and communities. Around that time, he also said that there were too many mosques in this country, but he later repaired that comment; however, in the scheme of things it would be much better to have someone in office who would not say those things about Muslims. Substitute the word Jewish or Christian in the previous sentence and reflect on that.

Peter King attended the community meeting in the Knights of Columbus building on Carleton Avenue in Central Islip where Police Commissioner Tim Sini told the audience that he knew that there was someone in the room who knew who the killers of Lisa Mickens and Kayla Cuevas were (both killed by MS-13) and there were other Republicans who attended who probably have not mentioned this fact as Donald Trump takes the credit for doing more to fight MS-13. This statement by the police commissioner was made before the first appearance of Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Long Island.

Then at a recent community meeting in support of our immigrants where Peter King spoke along with Congressman Tom Suozzi, King only seemed to think that the TPS or Temporary Protected Status would be easiest to achieve, because those people who were protected were invited into the country. I know that people from various nations have been deported including Irish. A comparison of the illegal Irish when Peter King was fighting for the Irish organizations around the IRA against Ireland should be made with the illegals today who are being deported.

I have not even noticed on one occasion where Peter King has been horrified by the statements made by Donald Trump during the 2016 Presidential Campaign about the mass deportations that clearly remind other Jews and me about Hitler and other fascists. This statement should not be interpreted to mean that I am writing about all Jews for there are people in Congress (Lee Zeldin) and in other Jewish communities that do not care. And making matters much worse, Donald Trump has fought, he claims, for DACA and denied protection to the parents of those youth who would benefit from becoming legalized. Separating parents from children also took place in the Holocaust which is anathema to many of us.

And with no comment describing all of the rights that those “illegal” immigrants have under law, Peter King falls very far short of performing his duties to the best of his ability. There have even been “illegal” immigrants that have been deported and returned to the United States and the cost was picked up by the United States government, because of rulings where it has been declared that the persons should not have been deported.
There are others like Peter King in other communities who should not hold important positions in government. Lou Barletta of Pennsylvania is one of them. People must recognize everywhere that having men like King and Barletta in power do produce cheers from Americans and victories that bring us back to periods of history where people were oppressed, including Native-Americans and Japanese-Americans. It is sad that our history gets repeated in different forms.

Massapequa and other towns in the area and across America must ask people about all of this. Even if eighty percent of Massapequa are against the immigrants, I feel that leadership counts and leadership is not about supporting people or movements that take us in the wrong direction, a direction that reduces our humanity. At this time we see that Trump dictated the letter to his son so that his son could divert attention from his father’s activities. We see that there is talk about Trump pardoning himself which could and should lead to impeachment. It could lead to much worse as our nation’s future is already on the line. We should ask Donald Trump to take a lie detector test for the people of this nation and the world to determine what he has done so we could clear out the air in the swamp that he has made.

The Republicans have unfortunately made Donald Trump, a man who has kept workers from getting raises and apparently made it easier to fire federal workers, but even the latter may run into roadblocks. I do not think that the people of Massapequa wish to run over Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans after Trump’s claim that FEMA did a great job. Whether it is the South Shore of Long Island after Hurricane Sandy or Hurricane Maria where we were led to believe that there were 16 fatalities in Puerto Rico by Donald Trump himself and now it is being revealed that the death toll is close to 5,000 people, this is an administration that can rarely be believed and I do not think our people, both Republicans and Democrats, should accept such false claims. How can we really look our neighbors in the face by accepting all of this?

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