Iranian FM warns of ‘unfavorable measures’ if US pulls out of nuke deal

Zarif criticizes Europeans for not pressuring Trump to abide by US commitments regarding the nuke-deal

Iran foreign minister Zarif Photo Bundesministerium für Europa,   Integration und Äusseres  Flickr

Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif warned on Friday that US will suffer consequences that would be “very unfavorable for the Americans” if it will pull out from the international nuclear agreement.

The Iranian diplomatic chief said that in all events, Tehran would make no “concessions,” and that any suggestion to renegotiate the deal would “not get a positive answer” from the Islamic Republic.

The Islamic Republic FM’s comments followed a warning Thursday by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani that Iran would immediately restart nuclear efforts if Washington walks away from the deal signed between Tehran and world powers in 2015.

Zarif made the remarks upon his arrival in New York for a six-day trip that will include attending the UN’s Meeting on Peace-building and Sustaining Peace Meeting, start on Tuesday.

According to Iranian Mehr News Agency Zarif said “This meeting will give us the opportunity to present the stances of the Islamic Republic of Iran especially in regards to the proposals for establishing dialogue and sustainable security in the Persian Gulf region and in our neighborhood, and also the concept proposed by President Rouhani to set up security, serenity, and stability in the region, at the General Assembly of the United Nations and to consult with other members of the UNGA.”


President Donald Trump, however, has called it the “worst deal ever”. He has threatened to tear up the agreement or “fix it” by May 12 unless new restrictions are imposed on Iran’s ballistic missile program and other military activities.

Press TV quoted Zarif  “If the European countries want to preserve the deal, they have to make it sustainable for Iran,” he was quoted as saying. “They need to impose pressure on the United States in order to compel the US, encourage the US to implement what it undertook under the deal. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been doing that.”


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