Published On: Tue, Apr 10th, 2018

Facebook pays $365 million to BladeRoom Settles Trade Secrets Case Mid-Trial

Facebook has signed Monday a mid-trial settlement with BladeRoom group. Facebook told a California federal judge it will pay the British company $365 million data center trade secrets suit.

Facebook settled the trade secrets suit before the fourth day of a trial against it and co-defendant Emerson Electric, prompting Emerson to unsuccessfully seek a mistrial on grounds that Facebook’s ongoing Cambridge Analytica scandal will bias jurors against it.

Facebook is engaged in modular construction that has stolen trade secrets that have allowed it to build a server farm and a data center in the city of Loop, Sweden.

With more than 27,000 square meters, the Data Center and the server farm Facebook established in Sweden, is considered the forefront of technology in its field and uses eco-friendly (green) to operate the monstrous server system in the farm. This is Facebook’s first server farm outside the United States, established to serve 70% of Facebook users outside of the United States and Canada.

In 2015, BladeRoom sued Facebook in court in the United States, claiming that Facebook had stolen from it, among other things, the design plans for the establishment of the center in Sweden, and then released the design programs as if they were part of a public project.

Facebook has signed a secret agreement with the British company, according to which it was permitted to publish that it would pay $365 million.

Details of the agreement except for the sum remain confidential. The announcement was sent to the court by e-mail.

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