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Blog/ Trump and Hillary Clinton: Credit Card Breach Never Discussed

The biggest fear of the American people is having your credit card information hacked and having your computer or smartphone hacked and information stolen


Credit card breach is a big fear of the American people.

But do not let us suddenly minimize the importance of highly dangerous things that are affecting Americans right now. The battle for gun control is my own kind of fight. So stay tuned to what is going on in relation to changes taking place that protect us and that do not end the Second Amendment rights at all.

The Jewish Business News reported in October of 2014 some of the greatest fears of Americans. Having a school age child attacked at school was surely one of them (ranking at 31 percent). What that also shows is the relative security that the others must feel. Among the other things polled in that survey include: being a victim of terrorism (ranked slightly lower at 28 percent), being sexually assaulted (where the polling was at 18 percent), having your home burglarized when you are not there (polled at 45 percent), being attacked while your home is being burglarized (polled at 30 percent), getting murdered (polled at 18 percent), having your car stolen or broken into (polled at 42 percent), and being attacked while driving your car (polled at 18 percent), and getting assaulted (polled at 18 percent.

I did leave two things out. One is having your computer or smartphone hacked and information stolen (polled at 62 percent). And the biggest one of all is having your credit card information hacked (polled at 69 percent).

It has not been explained just why those last two categories of information being hacked and stolen rang so high, but it must be obvious that hundreds of millions of people are being directly affected. My research showed me that historically there were breaches at TJ Maxx and Target over a decade ago that were big news. Today there seems to be no end to those breaches as Equifax is in the news, but some of your favorite eateries, hotel companies, medical insurance providers, and more have been in the news for breaches of credit card information. And we know that huge numbers of people do not even know about the breaches, even though it is all over the news.

With all the debate and mudslinging that took place in the Presidential Campaign of 2016, there was something rather important that was never brought up. The Foundations were brought up and misuse of monies. True? There was so a lot of talk about crooks and “lock her up” that appealed to large crowds of people. I sat there writing that either one or both candidates are expected to be arrested in a book that I wrote. But given the nature of the importance of the breach of credit card information, which would assume is a growing fear among Americans, there was something that failed to surface during the debates just mentioned.

Trump International Hotels Corporation agreed to pay a $50,000 fine to New York State for credit card breach and in this case, which is not the biggest one and far from the biggest one, about 70,000 credit card holders were affected. Trump Hotels violated the law by not providing information to its customers and waiting four months to do the right thing. The Attorney General Eric Schneiderman also required the Trump Hotels to beef up its security. While this was going on and during the Presidential Campaign and after that as president, the American people were being told that Trump hires the best people and he had produced the most intelligent cabinet ever. It was apparent to me that we were not in good hands and lots of things were just being made up.

It should be obvious to all of us that we have a continuation of many things on the abovementioned list. There is the massacre at Douglas High School. There are the sex scandals of Hollywood and White House and lots more if you read enough. There have been “terrorist” attacks in the United States. Some things seem to fade in the distance as Trump speaks out about using the military to protect our border right now. But just imagine how things might have been different if Hillary Clinton had spoken out about how credit card holders were not protected by Trump’s best people. And Trump never released his income taxes as well. Clinton failed due to people around her who could not help her win those red states and maintain swing states that had been won in 2012.

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