Published On: Sun, Apr 1st, 2018

Israeli Stealth Jets Flew Undetected Over Iran, Report

Two stealth fighters reportedly flew undetected over Iran, crossing Syria and Lebanon on the way, to conduct surveillance missions on sites believed to be connected to the Iranian nuclear project.

The F-35 Lightning II Adir- Martin Photo Caulun belcher images)

Two Israeli Air Force (IAF) F-35 Adir stealth fighter jets entered Iranian airspace last month and returned without anyone noticing, Kuwaiti daily newspaper Al-Jarida reported Thursday.

It is believed that Al-Jarida used as an outlet for Israeli messages to the Arab world. The newspaper has previously published some security affairs related to Israel, and there were claims it receives the information from no other than the prime minister’s office.

According to Kuwaiti daily, citing unnamed sources, the Jets conducted excursion flights undetected, crossing Syrian and Iraqi airspace on their way to the Islamic republic. The Adir jets, which are considered to be among the most advanced in the world, can fly from Israel to Iran twice a day without stopping.

The timing of the report may be more related to growing strain in the region, both over Iran’s action in Syria and the possibility that President Trump may exit the nuclear deal, as he threatened to do.

The report said the flyby was intended in consolidation for a possible joint Israeli-American attack in Syria, specifically on Iranian outposts.

However, the report did not confirm whether the operation was undertaken in coordination with the US army.

The report noting that the jets flew at a high altitude over sites suspected to be connected to the Iranian nuclear project. They were not detected at any of the radar systems in any of the countries they flew over, including Russian radar systems stationed in Syria.

Since the report comes in the wake of Israel’s official admission last week that it was responsible for the attack on the Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007 – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may want to show off his accomplishments.

Iran has not announced that it spotted such action.


Israel Confirms Attacking Syrian Nuclear Reactor in 2007


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