Application for $100 million class action lawsuit against eBay: The shipment increases after the order


An Israeli customer has filed today (Wednesday) a $101 million application for a class-action lawsuit against global trading giant eBay. The lawsuit filed in the Central District Court in Lod, Israel.

Plaintiff accountant Matan Greenblatt claims that unexplained gaps of up to 90% were found between the price of the shipment displayed before the order and the price of the shipment price after the order was made.

Calcalist reports that in the lawsuit submitted by attorneys Shahar Ben Meir and Yitzhak Aviram, the plaintiff estimates the volume of Israelis purchases in eBay at $460 million a year, according to which the amount of the claim is a conservative estimated.

eBay is one of the three popular shopping sites for Israelis alongside Alibaba and Amazon.

Greenblatt claims that he has been ordering products from eBay for 12 years. At the beginning of February, he was searching for Bosch’s diamond disc cutter. At first, the price was NIS 60.6 and the price of the shipment was NIS 78.2.

According to Greenblatt, after the purchase was made, he learned, by means of a notice from the credit company, that he had paid NIS 62.4 for the product and NIS 106.3 for the shipment.

He claims that there was no reason to change the price of his shipment within a few seconds time gap.

Greenblatt expanded his investigation and examined dozens of products ordered by several users. “eBay has made systematic and substantial price deflections and says that it has dozens of examples of such bias, at rates between 90% -5%”.



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