Published On: Sun, Jan 28th, 2018

LISTEN to Sara Netanyahu’s rage: ‘I’m an Educated Woman, a Psy-cho-lo-gist!!!’

In a recording released today, Prime Minister's wife Sara is heard yelling at a senior adviser over a gossip column failed to mention she was a psychologist

Sara Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife, Sara, was recorded in November 2009 losing her temper and yelling at a senior family aide, according to Walla News.

Netanyahu assault her personal aid over a gossip column that did not mentioned the fact she is a psychologist. The recordings of a phone call between the two released Sunday.

The columnist wrote: “The title ‘the prime minister’s wife’ obligates one to perform public activity, and this time Sara Netanyahu decided to pitch in and give her sponsorship to a fundraiser to be held in the beginning of December. The event’s goal is to give disadvantaged university and school students the opportunity to study at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. Yes, the same academy sons Yair and Avner attended.”



Netanyahu, however, was unhappy “We must help the refugees from Darfur,” she screamed at her aide. “I’m doing it! As an edu-cated woman!” Netanyahu can be heard yelling at him while emphasizing each syllable: “Psy-cho-lo-gist, B-A, M-A. That’s it.

“Is (the editor) going to get a reprimand call from you?” she asked with anger.

The aide responds, saying that “it says in the first sentence you are a psychologist.”

But she also was angry of the way the item began, “Also, the wording. ‘The title “prime minister’s wife” obligates one to perform public activity.’ Why?! Why?! This prime minister’s wife is doing public work every day! In her profession!”

Sara Netanyahu is known to the Israeli public over abuse allegations by employees at the PM residence. She has been sued in civil damages cases for underpayment of overtime hours and other offenses. Two employees won against her in 2016.

The latest case filed a complaint in October 2017. The employee, a cleaning lady, accuses Netanyahu of alleged abuse.


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