Published On: Thu, Dec 14th, 2017

Mystery in Russia: Thousands of ice balls drifted ashore

Experts disagree on the cause of the phenomenon. One of the options for the ice balls creation is an oil leakage


Russia has been wondering in recent days how thousands of strange ice balls have been swept into the shores of the Finnish Gulf, which lies in northwestern Russia.

Yuri Shachov took the balls drifting to the seashore, and environmental experts disagreed about their cause.

Ecologist Ilya Lochin explained to the local media that an oil leak could have caused the formation of ice balls. Another possibility raised by experts is that these stones were covered with ice.

What is amazing is that the shape of the ice blocks is a perfect ball shape. They are about 17 cm in diameter.

In 2014, ice balls were also swept to the shores of Lake Michigan in the United States, and then they were formed by breaking ice sheets in the lake.


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