The College of Law and Business in Israel is seeking top high school students

The College of Law and Business (CLB) in Israel is ranked by Forbes Magazine as one Israel’s most prestigious law schools and is known for being one of the country’s most outspoken institutions as pertains to legal activism for Israel, social responsibility, and equal opportunity for all. CLB is seeking the planet’s brightest minds with an affinity to Israel, no matter their background or financial capacity, to take advantage of CLB’s merit-based scholarship for English speakers and come study law, business, or both, at CLB. Scholarships cover up to 50% of tuition.  

The College of Law and Business in Israel is seeking top high school students

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The College of Law and Business, a forerunner in legal and business higher-education in Israel, is a staunch and active supporter of altruistic goals, such as social mobility and bettering Israel’s international status. The College has launched merit-based scholarship program that offers the smartest applicants for the October 2018 class to waive anywhere from 20% – 50% of their tuition, based on their academic record.


Who is the College of Law and Business?

The self-called ‘boutique college’, CLB is a highly respected and distinguished institution in all of the circles where it takes an active role.  For example, CLB’s Law & Ethics of Human Rights publication placed 4th in the prestigious Washington and Lee University law journal rankings, together with Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and Boston College.  During their studies, students compete in international mediation and arbitration competitions, such as the prestigious International Chamber of Commerce mediation competition in Paris where the students won first place.


The College’s strong social and ethical principles are coupled with student-centric learning and international focus, as evident in the faculty members from the best academic institutions worldwide, and offering law students to intern with Immigration and Refugee clinics at Harvard and the University of Pittsburgh and business students to participate in an Eco-Hub startup incubator in Israel in their final year.


The Scholarship Program

The programs which qualify for the merit-based scholarships are:

  • Law students may pursue a degree program taught in English and Hebrew, which grants eligibility for the New York State Bar exam and offers the option for a fast-track LL.M. in Yeshiva University’s Cardozo Law school or at Chicago’s Kent College.
  • Business degree applicants can study all classes in English and earn a BA in Entrepreneurship and Sustainability, where students participate in an Eco-Hub startup incubator in their final year.
  • Students may also pursue a dual-track degree in both law and business.


Exam-based scholarships are awarded according to the following table:

% of Tuition USA ISRAEL  % of scores
Covered by scholarship  (SAT exam) (psychometric exam)
20% New: 1200 and higher 600 top 25% of scores
Old: 1720 or higher
30% New: 1320 and higher 650 top 11% of scores
Old: 1920 or higher
50% New: 1430 and higher 700 top 3% of scores
Old: 2130 or higher


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Additional scholarships may be awarded based on grade point average (GPA) over 3.5 and class ranking.

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