Published On: Tue, Oct 24th, 2017

Government company officials including the CEO detained for questioning on alleged bribes


The police detained for questioning five suspects of a governmental company on Tuesday morning, including the CEO and the company’s marketing manager, as well as third-party suppliers, on suspicion of promoting bribery and appointments and tenders within the company in exchange for bribes.

The investigators at Lahav 433 were delayed this morning, following a covert investigation, working at the government company and raiding their homes and offices in order to seize documents and computers related to the suspicions attributed to them.

It is possible that during the day the police will ask to extend their remand in the Magistrate’s Court in Rishon Letzion.

Investigators from the police’s National Financial Investigations Unit detained the suspects after concluding a covert investigation and searched their homes and offices in order to seize documents and computers linking them to the alleged offenses.

“The Israel Police is honing in on financial crimes and corruption in governmental companies and will bring offenders to justice,” a police statement said.

“The police will continue to investigate and expose illicit processes such as promoting tenders and appointments for cronies in exchange for bribes and will continue to strike at the heart of corruption wherever it appears in governmental companies, finally clearing them of any wrongdoing accruing great expense for the law-abiding taxpayer,” the statement concluded.


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