Published On: Fri, Jun 23rd, 2017

Stephen Hawking Warns: ‘humanity needs to get off of Earth as soon as possible’

Hawking warns: Our planet is about to be destroyed by population explosion and climate change. We’ll need a new place to live as soon as 100 years from now.


The world’s most famous astrophysicist, Professor Stephen Hawking warns that the human race must start leaving the planet to avoid its destruction due to population explosion and climate change.

In a lecture delivered at a scientific conference in Norway, the scientist expressed his assessment that the Earth would probably survive for another 100-200 years when it would destroy by population explosion and climate change

The solution, according to Hawking, is to begin settling in other places in our solar system, such as the Moon and Mars: “Expansion into space will change the future of humanity, in fact, it will determine whether humanity will have a future.”

“It is not an option to be indifferent to the subject, the threats are too large and too many,” he warned. “We convinced that humans should leave the Earth, the ball becomes too small for us, our physical resources are gradually emptying, we gave our planet the destructive gift of climate change, temperatures that are rising, reducing polar icebergs, deforestation and destruction of whole species of Animals.”

He used a simple historical turning point to illustrate his words: “When we came to similar crises in the past, there was always another place to sit. Columbus did this in 1492 when he discovered the New World, but now we have no new world. Utopia is around the corner, we have run out of space, and we can only go to other worlds – it’s not science fiction – the rules of physics guarantee it, and the probability of staying here is to destroy. ”

Hawking also admits that settling other objects in space is not a simple task: “Wherever we go, we will have to build civilization, and human will have to take practical measures to establish a whole new environment ecosystem to live in, which we currently know very little about. These are at least a few thousand people, animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, and insects. ”

According to Hawking, we must also ensure that within 30 years a base will be established in the moon, and within 50 years, on Mars.

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