Published On: Fri, Mar 3rd, 2017

US Muslims offer to guard Jewish cemeteries and synagogues

Tayyib Rashid, left, who goes by the moniker 'The Muslim Marine', has pledged to protect Jewish sites CREDIT- TAYYIB RASHID - FACEBOOK

US Muslims have decided to offer their help following the wave of bomb threats against the Jewish community across the country, and the desecration of graves at cemeteries.

Tayyib Rashid was first to offer to protect Jewish religious sites. In a tweet, the former US Muslims marine, pledged: “If your synagogue or Jewish cemetery needs someone to stand guard, count me in. Islam requires it.”

After Rashid had wept likes and shares, many from excited Jewish users who have replied to his tweets, with one inviting him round for Passover Seder.

In a Periscope video Rashid added: “I’ve seen a tremendous outpouring of love and support from all Americans, from US Muslims, from my fellow Jewish Americans, from Christians, from atheists, from everyone”.

Many US Muslims joined Rashid to support Jewish people, including Emmy Award-winning TV broadcaster Momin Bhatti, military servicemen, lawyers and more.

He said: “I’m a US Muslim in #Harrisburg. If your synagogue or community center needs someone 2 stand guard, I will stand guard 4 you. Islam requires it.”


Two weeks ago US Muslims led crowdfunding campaign to help repair a vandalized Jewish cemetery raised more than $150,000. The crowdfunding campaign said it was set up to show “solidarity with the Jewish-American community”, and aimed to help”rebuild this sacred space”.

A member of the Islamic Society of New Tampa, Adeel Karim, mentioned in his Facebook post that he was realizing that many of the donors to the campaign were Jewish.

“I couldn’t understand why people were donating in what seemed like weird amounts to the cause. There are sums of 18, 36, 72 dollars etc. then I figured out after clicking on the names Avi, Cohen, Goldstein, Rubin, Fisher….

The JCC Association of North America, a Jewish network of cultural centers, reported more than 100 bomb threats against Jewish centers in January-February of 2017.

In one day this week another 31 threats were made including a gunshot fired through a Hebrew school window at an Indiana synagogue.


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