Published On: Mon, Feb 20th, 2017

Zuckerberg decided to support globalization


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Co-founder and Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg called the main task of the social network and the company in the current situation of social infrastructure development to give people the opportunity to create a global community that will work for the common good. He published a manifesto on his page on the social network. According to him, the further globalization is inevitable, and everyone, including government officials, NGOs and corporations to help engage in this process a maximum of people.

The main areas in which the social network could help, he considers the creation of communities in support of the weakening traditional institutions, actions for the prevention, combating and elimination of consequences of crises and security, to inform people in a situation where everyone has a voice, increase civic engagement of people, including the elections, the creation of an inclusive community, which would have taken the common values and humanity, and would raise them at the global level.

People are losing faith in the success of integration, but I can make a bet that the future in the union, said the head of Facebook in his manifest.

According to Zuckerberg, at the moment humanity has global opportunities – for example, the spread of freedom and prosperity, the promotion of peace and mutual understanding, the fight against poverty, the promotion of accelerating the development of science. Also, people has global problems such as climate change, pandemics and terrorism. The last couple of decades, according to Zuckerberg, people began to abandon the idea that if the world is globalized, all eventually get better, and it worried him. He believes that Facebook can help create a global community that would work for all, give people the information, hope and urge on their activity. He quoted Abraham Lincoln, who during the Civil War in the United States said that is success is possible only if we act together, and that in the new circumstances is necessary to find new ideas and act in new ways.

Fake news bubbles prevent reach mutual understanding, he said in a BBC interview and acknowledged that the social network with the preference for short and aggressive statements become part of the problem. He recalled the great importance of accurate information. On Facebook there are disinformation and outright forgeries, he admitted he has assured that there are already some success in the fight against counterfeiting by information, which is, as previously initiated the fight against spam. Act is necessary cautiously, because you can not always clearly distinguish fake, satire and personal opinion, he said. Social Network will try not only to block the misinformation to provide additional data and sides of the issue, as well as enable fact-checker.

Studies have shown that the best discussions are born where people know each other from different sides, and not just judge a man by his opinion,” – he said.

BBC reminds that Zuckerberg did not go for a meeting of top managers of technology companies with the current US President Donald Trump. When asked how he thinks, whether Trump would agree with the need to bring people together and make the world more integrated for further progress, Zuckerberg declined to answer directly and advised to check those statements that the president has already made, or to ask Trump directly.

Asked whether Zuckerberg wants to meet with Trump, he replied that he would not want it to become the subject of the interview, he was a little something to say on this subject, and he did not want to be distracted from the main – Facebook problem. Asked whether Zuckerberg wants to enter politics, he said that now it’s not about that, his plan is not connected with it. “The only thing I really care about – it’s efforts to establish links in the world.”

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