Published On: Tue, Jan 31st, 2017

President Trump is waging a religious war

Op-ed: Had Harry Truman sat in his White House office, hastily signing executive orders and not allowing Jewish refugees from death and concentration camps into his country, there would be no US Jewry today.
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Is President Trump is waging a religious war?

If you thought of sending US President Donald Trump a gift, Harry Truman’s biography would be an excellent choice.

Had Truman sat in his office at the White House, hastily signing executive orders like Trump and not allowing Jewish refugees from death camps and concentration camps into his country, there would be no US Jewry today. The survivors arrived at the continent’s shores with nothing, frightened, hungry, hopeless—and America opened its gates to them, wide open.

Several decades later, Truman’s seat is occupied by a president who has decided to “label” the Muslims: He has banned the entry of refugees to the United States. Christians yes, Muslims no.

The world is anxiously—although also indifferently—following the massacre committed by Syrian President Bashar Assad against his people. In a supremely humane gesture, former US President Barack Obama decided to take in refugees from Syria just like European countries did, mainly Germany. With the wave of a pen, Trump shut the door in their face. And not just in the face of Syrian refugees—those who have fled the horrors of the regime in Yemen and in Iraq, in Iran and in Somalia, have been banned entry too. Muslims, go home.

What Trump is doing right now is waging a religious war. There is apparently no one around him who understands the consequences, but the US Jews should understand. Just like they rushed to help the black people in their struggle for rights during the days of Martin Luther King Jr., they should stand up and use their money, power and influence to break through the door that has been arrogantly and insensitively shut by Trump.

Not to mention the fact that a war on Islam, like the one being waged by Trump, will only intensify terrorism. All studies have shown that the failure to close the notorious Guantanamo Bay detention camp served the terror organizations’ propaganda system very well, as did the torture methods that Trump has now reinstated.

Trump may succeed in building a wall, but the enlightened world should come together to stop him from placing the steel lock on the door.

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